Ever heard of making money online with link shortener websites? Most blogs and websites generate money through stuff like selling off the ad space, affiliate marketing, or selling their merchandise and digital products.

Some methods of monetizing a website are somewhat passive while some require continuous work and effort. Website owners and bloggers can mix and match a combination of different monetization techniques and put them to use simultaneously as per their business goals. One has to test a specific combination of methods to see if it works well for website growth.

One unique and innovative technique to monetize your website or blog is incorporating paid shortened links into your digital content with the help of link shortener websites.

This article will focus on paid link shortener websites and how you can monetize your website with this technique to make money online. The significance of paid link shorteners is often passed over but the article will provide you with valuable details on how to use them to generate a steady income stream.

Read on to uncover another lucrative method to add to your existing set of strategize to generate income through your website.

What is a Link Shortener Website?

A link shortener is a kind of application that turns long URLs into shorter ones that redirect the traffic to the actual long URL.

The shorter version takes the visitor to the actual long link. These tiny URLs make it easy for bloggers and website owners to embed links into their online platforms. Link sharing gets simplified as the shorter URLs don’t take much space and the post looks attractive with sufficient room for other details and graphics to be added.

Using a link shortener is pretty easy. You just need to copy and paste a URL that you need to cut short and click on the button to get the job done.

How to Use Link-Shortening Service to Earn Money Online?

Now that you have a basic understanding of how link shortener websites work, let’s move on to further details to discuss how to use them for earning money online.

Bear in mind that not all link shorteners let you make money. Some paid link shorteners provide you with an option to cut short the links and make money by incorporating the shortened URLs into your website/blog.

How Paid Link Shortening Websites Work?

If you use short URLs for sharing content on your website, you may incorporate ads into the link and get paid every time someone clicks on the ad.

The advertisement layer is added to a shortened URL. When a visitor clicks on the link to visit the destination page, the ad pops up. The visitor clicks the ad to continue their journey toward the destination website and that is when the website owner gets paid.

Let’s break down the process into simple steps to help you understand better.

·      Sign up with a link-shortener website.

·      Copy and paste the URLs into the website to cut them short.

·      Share the shortened links to social media, websites, blogs, and emails.

·      A visitor to your website clicks on a shortened URL.

·      An ad pops up and you get paid.

·      The visitor is redirected from the ad page to the destination page (the actual long URL).

The shortened links can be used anywhere including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, personal blogs, YouTube, websites, and emails.

This process of making money online is an interesting technique for monetizing your blog. You get profit when visitors visit your page and you further get a chance to make money when they visit the pages you share on your platform. How good is that?

If you run a blog or own a website, you shouldn’t be missing out on such a lucrative opportunity to monetize your online presence.

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Best Link Shortener Websites to Make Money Online

here is a rundown of the best link shortener websites available online that you can sign up for to embed short URLs into your digital content to make money.

1.     Adf.ly

Adf.ly is a renowned website that lets you cut short your long URLs into shorter ones. The platform is no different than the big names in the niche including goo.gl and tinyurl.com. Adf.ly offers you a fixed cash amount for using their short links to drive traffic to destination pages.

Earn up to 5$ per 1000 visitors. In simpler words, if 1,000 people click on your short URL, you will be compensated with 5$.

2.     Shorte.st

Shorte.st is a relatively new name in the link-shortening niche offering $2 s a payout per 1000 visitors. You will be paid 2$ when 1000 visitors click on the shortened URL embedded into your content. The minimum payout is fixed at 5$. Payments are made via PayPal and Payoneer safely and securely.

3.     Cash Fly

Cash Fly is a free URL-shortening service that is getting quite popular among website owners these days. Every time a visitor clicks on your short link anywhere on the web, you get paid. You can sign up for an account to shorten your links and share them on multiple digital platforms.

You will also make money when anyone of your link is shared by visitors anywhere over the web.

It’s a link-sharing platform with a twist that doubles the opportunity to make money with short links.

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4.     Linkshrink.Net

Linkshrink.Net can pay 2$ to 10$ when your short links are visited by users on your website. The minimum payout rate is fixed at 5$. You can sign up for an account for free and make money by simply cutting short the URLs of the websites you want to share on your online platform.

The service not only lets you shorten the length of your preferred URLs but also aids in monetizing the traffic directed toward the link.

There is a performance dashboard to keep a check on how the links you shared have performed in generating income. You can earn up to 10$ per 1000 views of the links shrinked through the linkshrin.net platform.

5.     OUO.IO

OUO.IO is another rapidly growing link-shortening service with attractive features for website owners, bloggers, and social media influencers. The website can pay up to 5$ per 1000 views on your short links with a guaranteed payout rate of 1.50$ per 1000 visitors.

The minimum payout rate is fixed at 5$ and all payments are made through PayPal. Other flexible payment options are also available that you can choose at your convenience.

6.     CC.CC

The next one on our list of best link shortener websites is CC.CC. The unique platform allows users to shrink their long URLs and earn up to 9$ with a minimum payout of 5$. You can sign up for free and share short links on your blog or website to generate a reasonable amount of income.

7.     Gcash

Another profitable link-shortening platform that you can use for monetizing your website is Gcash. The rapidly growing network offers some nice features and attractive payout rates. You can make up to 10$ per 1,000 views on the links you share on your digital platform. The minimum payout is fixed at 5$ which you can withdraw via PayPal.

8.     P.pw

Cut your URLs short with P.pw and earn up to 3$ per 1000 views on your short links. P.pw is a popular link-shortener website offering a seamless platform for website owners and bloggers to monetize traffic on their pages.

The minimum payout rate they offer is 5$. You can register yourself on the website for free and shorten the URLs you wish to share on your page in a quick and hassle-free manner.

9.     adYou.me

adYou.me is a renowned link shortener website where you can make up to 5$ per 1000 visitors on the short links you made. Every time someone visits or views your links you will get paid. The platform is open to all and you can sign up for an account for free.

10.  Link-earn

This URL shortening service provider lets you earn up to 7$ per 1000 views on the links you created. You can sign up for an account to utilize the tools and features to cut short your desired URLs within a few seconds. Payments are made through PayPal with a minimum payout fixed at 5$.

11.  AI.ly

AI.ly is another lucrative link shortener website where you can earn up to 10$ per 1000 views on the links you created. The minimum payout rate is 1$ and you withdraw all your payments through PayPal. For every 1000 views on the links you created, you will be paid 10$ into your account.

12.  Linkbucks

Linkbucks can help you decrease your URLs in length and create tiny shareable links that you can put into your digital content on websites, emails, blogs, and social media channels. The website pays up to 7$ per 1000 views but the rate varies depending on where you are located.

The minimum payout is 10$ and all payments can be withdrawn through PayPal.

13.  Fas.li

The last best link shortener website that made it to our list is Fas.li. The fast-growing platform can be a profitable source of making money online without having to invest any revenue. The website can pay you up to 15$ per 1000 views depending on the country your website operates from.

The minimum payout rate is fixed at 5$ and payments are made via PayPal.



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