Are you a Netflix lover? If you are looking for ways to make money watching Netflix, you are in the right place. Most people in UAE are avid fans of Netflix series, documentaries, and movies. Gone are the days when you had to rush to the market to purchase or rent CDs or DVDs of your favorite films.

A huge population still goes out to cinemas and theatres to watch movies, but laying down on your couch and binge-watching Netflix for hours takes the cake.

With the technological advancements in place, you can now access all the latest series and movies right on your TV screen without having to spend scores of money for cinema tickets and DVDs.

Besides helping you to kill time and providing good entertainment, Netflix can also help you earn money as a side hustle. Intrigued to learn more?

Read on to find out some exciting details on the topic.

Make Money Watching Netflix

After providing the masses from across the globe with a budget-friendly platform to watch movies online, Netflix now lets its user make money out of it. Yes, that’s finally happening.

You can now make money watching Netflix and generate some extra cash to support your income. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You can just sit back and switch movies to fill up your account with money.

There is some serious work involved, and if you want to make money from things you love doing, then be ready to put some sweat into it.

Proven Ways to Earn Money through Netflix

Following are some proven and best ways to make money watching Netflix. You can also generate cash by watching movies on other platforms too. Let’s dive right in to find out exactly how.

    1. Get Paid To Tag Netflix Videos

      Netflix keeps announcing job openings for people who are experienced in tagging and editorial analysis. Have you ever noticed how easily you can search for content on Netflix based on the target audience, language, and genre?

      Netflix Taggers
      This has been made possible with the efforts and energies of taggers. Tagging makes it easier for the viewers to find the shows and movies they are looking for. This strategy also helps Netflix to send suggestions to its users about similar shows the users had been watching in the past.

      Here’s How It Works
      There is no rocket science involved. You do not need to have an advanced skillset to become a tagger. This position is often advertised as an editorial analyst or creative analyst. Both terms are just fancy descriptions of the role a tagger plays.

      The job is to tag the content with accurate and suitable terms so that the users can find them with ease.
      All you would need to do is watch movies, shows, and documentaries and put essential information including the name of the main cast, the name of the director, the name of the producer, and a brief analysis of the movie. You can even provide a rating based on your review.

      However, it is not very easy to secure a job as a Netflix Tagger. Job openings appear on rare occasions. And when Netflix opens the job, the seats are filled up in a blink. So if you need to work as a Netflix Tagger and make money watching Netflix, you need to pull up your socks and keep an eye on the job openings.

    2. Make Money with InboxDollars

      InboxDollars is a widely known global survey platform. It is not entirely about surveys but also pays people for watching content online. All you need to do is watch videos, share your reviews, and answer some general queries about the content shown in the video.

      Payments can be received in cash or can be deposited directly into your PayPal account. You can also receive payment in the form of Netflix gift cards and use them for renewing subscriptions for your account.

      However, you won’t be making as much money as you would if you work as a Netflix Tagger. But it surely is a good option if you love spending time watching videos and want to earn a good amount of money for it.

      All users who sign up for InboxDollars are paid 5 USD as a welcome bonus. So log on to InboxDollars and get set on your journey of making money online.

    3. Get Paid Through Swagbucks

      Just like Netflix and InboxDollars, Swagbucks can also pay you for completing small tasks like watching and reviewing videos. This platform works similarly to InboxDollars and all users are paid a welcome bonus of 5 USD upon sign-up.

      Payments can also be received in cash or the form of gift cards redeemable for online shopping.
      You won’t be getting direct payments. Payments will be made available in the form of Swagbucks that you can later convert to other suitable options as per your choice.

      There are tons of activities that you can join and make money online from the comfort of your home. Tasks you can take up online to earn money include watching videos, watching ads, watching documentaries, playing online games, and completing small jobs such as entering data and uploading content.
      Other online platforms where you can make money watching Netflix and other online videos include:

      • InstaGC
      • LifePoints
      • Rakuten
      • MyPoints
      • InboxPays

      • Try Edubirdie to Generate Some Extra Cash

      EduBirdie is a widely known academic platform that connects clients with potential freelance writers. While the platform is famous for providing essay writing services to online users, they also offer a Smart Watchers program where people get paid for watching movies.

      Here’s How It Work?
      EduBirdie keeps on rolling out job openings for its Smart Watchers Program. Those who get selected are awarded a 1 month of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix subscription. Most of the time they provide a list of movies, TV shows, and video content that the Smart Watchers will have to watch and review.
      All registered users will have to watch and review at least 3 episodes of a show or a full movie. They then need to fill out a questionnaire consisting of questions related to the video content.

      After completing the task, the user will be paid up to 1000 USD. The data from the previous year shows that tasks included watching popular binge-worthy Netflix videos including The Stranger Things, Ozark, and The Virgin River.

      This sounds too good to be true. Isn’t it? But unfortunately, the job openings don’t appear as often. If you are interested in the job and want to make money watching Netflix videos, you better keep an eye on the job posts. Apply as soon as the vacancies appear on their website.

      Watch Movies and Get Paid Through Media Rewards

      Media Rewards is a one of its kind application where you get paid for watching videos.

      Here’s How It Works?
      First things first. Download the Media Rewards app on your mobile device. Make sure you allow it to run in the background.
      The app will keep track of the content a user watches on Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, and on other linked accounts. The app also sends online surveys occasionally.
      Media Rewards earn money through advertisers who pay the platform for collecting data and information. This information is used for designing marketing and advertising campaigns.
      It then shares a portion of the revenue earned with the registered users who agree with the terms and conditions.
      If you are concerned about the app tracking your call records and other sensitive personal information, need not fret as they guarantee not to collect any sort of user data.
      Media Rewards also keeps on launching contests on its platform where you can win cash prizes up to USD 1,000.

    4. Set Up a Movie Review Blog

      Setting up a blog is a long-term commitment but it should not hold you back from doing so.

      If you are a beginner, you might like to read: 6 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast as a Blogger

      Review and Rate Movies
      Many people are always on the lookout for reviews or ratings on a movie before they sit down to watch it. And while the tagging system works quite well in helping people get an overview of the movie, not all the videos featured on Netflix are tagged properly.

      Monetize Your Movie Review Blog
      You can help Netflix users by writing detailed reviews on every video, movie, or documentary you watch. Over time you will be able to build a loyal community of followers. You can then monetize your blog through sponsorships from big brands and businesses and make money from the comfort of your home.
      After you build a strong online presence, you can even avail yourself of free movie screenings even before they are released to the general public.

      Ask For Donations
      You may also ask your audience to donate money through Ko-Fi or Patreon to earn some revenue for your future endeavours.
      Zero Investment Needed

      What makes this source of making money more interesting is the fact that you do not have to invest anything from your pocket. You can test your potential with the help of free blogging platforms like Instagram and YouTube before choosing to purchase a domain name and hosting.

      Netflix has discontinued its Affiliate Program otherwise it could have been a lucrative way to make money through your blog.

      Try Out Paid Reviews Websites
      But the good news is, there are many other platforms that you can use to promote videos and movies. Amazon Prime, Fandango, CBS, All Access, and Hulu are prime platforms that you can utilize to promote movies on your affiliate website.

      Intrigued to find out how you can set up an affiliate marketing website? Click here to explore some proven ways to create a lucrative affiliate website.

    5. Create a YouTube Channel

      In this fast-paced world where the majority of people are inclined towards video content, setting up a YouTube channel can be a suitable idea to make money from the time spent on watching Netflix content.

      Here’s how it works
      It’s very similar to blogging. You can create a channel for free and upload videos where you talk about documentaries, TV shows, movies, and Netflix series that you have personally watched.

      Create Simple, Engaging, and Meaningful Videos
      You need not use professional terms and jargon. Your reviews can be as simple as possible but must contain valuable information for the viewer. Make sure the content is engaging, funny, and meaningful.

      Make Reaction Videos
      Create a video where you tell your audience how you feel about a certain movie. And whether you would recommend it to other people. Reaction videos are specifically getting popular on YouTube. In these videos, a content creator shares his reviews while he/she is actually watching the movie.

      So if you love spending time watching Netflix shows, you can perhaps create a YouTube channel and share your reviews and reactions with your audience.

      You can later monetize the channel once it reaches a certain number of views and watch time.

      You might be interested to read: Ways to Make Money from YouTube Channel

      Be Consistent
      You won’t be getting thousands and millions of views at first. But slow and steady wins the race. Be consistent. Keep uploading new and fresh content to keep your audience engaged. Urge the viewers to share the videos with others in their circle to make your content go viral.

      You may also set up Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts where people can send monetary rewards in appreciation for the videos you create.

    6. Create Podcasts to Earn Money from Netflix

      Starting a podcast can be another lucrative method to make money watching Netflix.
      Instead of uploading videos on your YouTube channel, you can record a live video where you discuss a certain movie that you recently watched.

      You may invite some popular influencers or collaborate with other podcasters to host a live show. Listeners can participate in the show through live calls and video chats to voice their opinions regarding a certain Netflix show.

      Once you have a decent number of followers on board, you can start making money through brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or free screenings.

      Learn more on ways to monetize a podcast to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home.

    7. Write Paid Reviews to Make Money

      If creating a YouTube Channel, website, blog, or podcast isn’t your thing, then you may consider writing paid reviews to make money watching Netflix.

      To start off, you can join renowned trusted websites that pay their users to write reviews on Netflix shows, documentaries, and movies.

      Some of the popular websites that you may join to write paid reviews include

      • HubPages
      • Taste of Cinema
      • Cultured Vultures
      • Screen Rant

      • Get Paid for Translating and Captioning Videos
      Another profitable method of making money watching Netflix is to translate and caption videos. If you love watching movies, have great listening skills, and can type pretty fast, Netflix may have a job opportunity for you. The platform is currently available for use in over 190 countries but not all of them are English-speaking territories.
      On the other hand, there are hundreds and thousands of shows on Netflix that are in some language other than English. In such cases, translating and captioning videos becomes vital to facilitate the viewers.
      Netflix hires individuals to caption and translate movies and shows so that a larger audience can watch them from across the globe.
      To get a translator job on Netflix, you must have
      • Great transcription skills
      • High-speed typing
      • Good captioning skills
      • A high school diploma or a college degree is preferable

      However, Netflix does not hire translators directly but they rather use third-party platforms such as to hire skilled personnel for the job.
      You may also join popular media companies who translate and caption their movies and films before sharing them on Netflix.


      If you are keen to make money watching Netflix and love watching shows and documentaries, you can perhaps monetize your pastime to earn some extra bucks. No matter which method you choose, be mindful that you need to put your time and energy to earn a decent income.
      Explore all options. Make comparisons. Weigh the pros and cons. And opt for the method that best suits your personal interests and skills.


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