With an influx of expat residents in the country, the need to send money abroad is always high. UAE is the second biggest name in the Middle Eastern region where international cash remittances are concerned.
Banks, exchange centers, and online transfer services are well-developed and function seamlessly across the country. A lot of people prefer to transfer money back home using online banking while others prefer cash remittances. However, you must have sound knowledge of the current exchange rate, charges, schedule, and convenience involved in a particular method.

Most people are on the search to find the most affordable source for transferring money abroad and prefer other options instead of bank transfers to save money. There are various ways available via which you can send money abroad to family and loved ones without paying hefty fees. The majority of the residents want to send money using the cheapest ways available and this article addresses the issue right away. Here you will find comprehensive information so that you can choose the best possible method to transfer money abroad from UAE. Let’s dig into the topic without any further delay.

Best Ways for International Money Transfer from UAE


You can now send money to European countries from UAE using WISE services. It’s a legally authorized money institution managed by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), United Kingdom. Sign up for an account at WISE for free. Select the amount you wish to transfer. Add the details of the recipient including bank account and personal information. In case you want to send big amounts, get your ID verified by the company. Send money to any country using a bank transfer or credit or debit card. WISE will let you track the payment and will notify the recipient once the deposit is made.

Send money to over 70 countries in a safe, secure, and protected way. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees involved. Transfer fees vary depending on the currency and recipient destination. Generally, the transfer fees by sending money through WISE start from 0.41% of the total amount.


Transfer money overseas using CurrencyFair’s affordable services. Send money to more than 150 countries with a fair exchange rate and minimum charges. You can even enjoy same-day transfers for several prominent currencies. The seamless user interface helps in making the job done in minutes. Get instant estimates of the amount to be received at the other end and the fees that you would be charged. No hidden charges are involved. You can also stand eligible for an attractive bonus if you sign up using a referral link.
New users can enjoy free money transfer services for up to three months.

The website claims it provided an 8 times cheaper exchange rate than most of the banks in UAE. Enjoy quick, safe, and affordable international money transfers with CurrencyFair and sends money back home with great ease.


Send and receive money to and from UAE using simpler and safer transfer services offered by PayPal. It’s a universally acknowledged service dedicated to helping people who need to send and receive money in different parts of the world. With over 2 million active accounts, it’s one of the world’s largest online money transfer services.

Signing up for an account is free. You can use your PayPal account to shop and pay for services operating online. Send local and international payments in minutes thanks to its user-friendly interface. Add your credit or debit card to your PayPal account to make payments worldwide.
You can send payments to anyone in the world by adding the recipient’s email address. After putting in the email ID, add the amount you wish to send. Transfer the money with just a click and track the transactions by logging in to your account at any time.


Make international payments from UAE using your PaySend account and get the best exchange rate possible. You can send payments to more than 170 countries worldwide for as little as AED 9. The system is fast and seamless with 24/7 support available to help customers on the go. Download the app on your Apple or Android device and make transactions anywhere in the world safely and securely.

The system works with a fixed fee and provides you with an estimate of the total amount the recipient will receive along with the transfer fee and exchange rate for the amount to be sent. Send money using your bank card or mobile number and make transfers within seconds.

GC Partners

The popular financial service provider in UAE offers the residents of the country to send quick and secure remittances worldwide. You can send online payments or make cash remittances in person using the reliable and secure services provided by the platform. Sign up for an account at the GC Partners website. After successful registration, you will be provided with the available rates for different currencies. You can contact a customer representative to exchange dirhams for any desired currency. After receiving a suitable exchange rate, make the transaction and get the receipt.

GC Partners is a trusted platform operating in Dubai since the year 2006. It’s a well-acclaimed platform in UAE for sending cash remittances to different countries from around the globe.


Make global payments using your MoneyCorp account and make your life easier. It’s a reliable option for sending money abroad from UAE and involves no hidden charges or subscription fees. You can make international payments all day long with no time restrictions involved. Visit the website or download the app for quick and safe transactions.

Explore the daily updates on the current exchange market and stay informed on the latest currency exchange progress. Sign up for a free account, add the amount to be sent, select a payment method, and send payments on the go. Make one-off online transactions to more than 190 countries with around 33 currencies.

Send Money Abroad with Western Union

Being perhaps the most popular money transfer service around the globe, Western Union functions and operates seamlessly. Send direct bank payments or make transactions directed toward Western Union agents for quick and hassle-free cash pickups. It’s the most commonly used method for sending money to family and loved ones living abroad.Download the app and sign up. Pay either by bank transfer or using your credit or debit card. Get the estimate of the transaction fees and currency exchange rate. Make the payment and track all transactions easily by tapping into your account. You can also visit a Western Union service center in your area to make payments in person. Visit the website for more details.

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