No matter what your money goals for 2023 are, there are tons of personal finance podcasts to help you get sorted and achieve financial freedom. Podcasts have rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years, and the trend is likely to expand and grow. If you love listening to podcasts, you can use the medium to learn ways to save money, invest money, and make money for a better and more secure life.
Before we get into the details of the best personal finance podcasts you must listen to, let us clear some air on what financial podcasts are and how they can help in money management.

What Is A Personal Finance Podcast?

A financial or personal finance podcast is an online show focused on personal finance topics to help people make informed financial decisions. Common topics discussed in these shows include investment, debt, money management, saving for retirement, passive income ideas, and money-saving strategies. Financial management seems like an evergreen topic as most people are always seeking financial advice. See our picks for the best budgeting apps.

We have browsed a couple of popular personal finance podcasts and listened to several episodes to find the best picks for you. None of these would try to sell false dreams and would take you through practical steps and professional advice to bring financial discipline to your life.
Expect to listen to some firsthand practical knowledge, real-life experiences, and expert advice on sensitive topics that won’t sugarcoat the ground reality.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts to Achieve Financial Freedom

If you are looking for tips to save money and bring financial discipline into your life, here are some informative personal finance podcasts you must listen to. Consider listening to these valuable shows to enlighten yourself with trending topics and proven ways to increase wealth.
• The Ramsey Show
• The Clark Howard Podcast
• Women and Money
• The Money Guy Show
• So Money
• Bigger Pockets Money
• Optimal Finance Daily
• Planet Money
• Afford Anything
• Money For The Rest Of Us

  1. The Ramsey Show

    In his daily personal finance podcast episodes, Dave Ramsey sheds light on essential aspects of life and finance, helping the audience make better financial decisions. He responds to live queries from listeners seeking to clear off their debt and prepare for a better future.
    Ramsey offers tips and practical suggestions to sort things out and guides his audience to manage money in simple yet effective ways. What’s interesting about this podcast is that Ramsey provides workable plans that do not sound impractical and may work for anyone stuck in debt and loans.

    Show Timings: 5 days a week (weekdays only)
    Episode Duration: 30 to 40 minutes
    You may listen to the podcast here

  2. The Clark Howard Podcast

    Having served as a radio jockey and consumer reporter for TV news, Howard hosts the podcasts to educate and empower his audience to take authority over their expenses. He offers practical money-saving ideas, expert consumer advice, the best deals, and the latest financial news to help his listeners become financially independent.
    The Clark Howard Podcast is about sharing expert money-saving tips and suggestions to avoid bad financial decisions. The goal is to help listeners accomplish their life goals in the best possible way so that they can live a financially stable life.

    Show Timings: 5 days a week (weekdays only)
    Episode Duration: 30 to 40 minutes
    You may listen to the podcast here.

  3. Women and Money

    Host Suze Orman, in her famous podcast Women and Money, imparts valuable knowledge on common financial problems people face daily. Orman urges her listeners to take control of their finances and move in that direction.
    In light of her life experiences, she suggests taking life as a whole and believes that one must avoid focusing solely on the financial aspect of one’s life. She encourages people to live meaningfully and stop stressing over their finances.

    Show Timings: Every Sunday and Thursday
    Episode Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.
    You may listen to the podcast here.

  4. The Money Guy Show

    Another well-known show that made our list of best personal finance podcasts is The Money Guy Show, hosted by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson. They both engage in productive talks focused on personal finance topics, including tips for saving money, suggestions for lucrative investments, and money management tips.
    The show encourages the audience to take control of their finances and make wise decisions regarding essential life aspects.
    If you want an interactive yet productive platform to learn to manage your finances, this one can be your safest bet.

    Show Timings: Every Sunday
    Episode Duration: 60 minutes.
    You may listen to the podcast here

  5. So Money

    Hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is one of the most viewed personal finance podcasts. A well-known author, a famous TV celebrity, and an expert financial correspondent, Torabi hosts the podcasts in a very laid-back style.
    Her casual way of discussing sensitive topics and candid talks about financial budgeting makes the podcast an exciting platform to seek money management advice.
    She invites renowned business people, entrepreneurs, and financial influencers and holds productive talks to empower his audience with proven knowledge to manage their expenses.
    Torabi also takes live calls where she answers the listeners’ queries and helps them resolve common everyday problems related to money and finance.

    Show Timings: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    Episode Duration: 30 minutes per episode
    You may listen to the podcast here.

  6. Bigger Pockets Money

    The next on our list of best personal finance podcasts to listen to in 2023 is Bigger Pockets Money by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench. Financial experts talk and interview renowned entrepreneurs and businesspeople in their interactive show.
    The goal is to find expert tips and advice to help listeners organize their finances and spend money wisely.

    Show Timings: Every Monday and Friday
    Episode Duration: Around one hour
    You may listen to the podcast here

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  7. Optimal Finance Daily

    Deriving content from some of the most popular personal finance blogs, this innovative podcast provides its listeners with professional advice to manage their money.
    Hosted by Diana Merriam and Dan Weinberg, the podcast’s goal is to help distressed listeners seeking advice to optimize their finances and tackle difficult financial situations.
    The show empowers and educates the listeners about financial literacy, with most of its content focused on investment, budgeting, saving, forecasting, and other meaningful daily financial topics.

    Show Timings: Daily (7 days a week)
    Episode Duration: 10 minutes
    You may listen to the podcast here

  8. Planet Money

    Started in 2008, Planet Money is one of the oldest personal finance podcasts that aims to educate the masses about economics and financial literacy. The show started after the great financial crisis and created awareness among the commoners regarding critical personal finance topics.

    Show Timings: Every Wednesday and Friday
    Episode Duration: 15 to 30 minutes
    You may listen to the podcast here

  9. Afford Anything

    Hosted by Paula Pant, this show invites and interviews a diverse audience, including people in business, investors, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and retirees.
    The podcast aims to guide and assist the listeners in making informed financial choices. Host Pant discusses various ways to help people spend their money wisely and bring financial discipline into their lives.

    Show Timings: Twice a Week (days may change every week)
    Episode Duration: More than an hour
    You may listen to the podcast here

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  10. Money for the Rest of Us

    Another of the most-watched personal finance podcasts is Money for the Rest of Us, hosted by expert money manager and chief investment strategist J. David Stein.
    Stein discusses critical financial aspects of daily life and guides his listeners about making the correct investments, generating steady income sources, and living without stressing over money.
    Tips and suggestions shared by Stein are simple, practical, and easy to understand. This one is a must-watch show if you are serious about organizing your financial life in the most realistic ways.

    Show Timings: Every Wednesday
    Episode Duration: 30 minutes
    You may listen to the podcast here

    Personal Finance Podcasts: Are They Really Worth It?

    Personal Finance Podcasts are designed to empower and educate the listeners with critical personal finance topics. The goal is to help people plan and manage their finances to save money and spend wisely. These shows may guide you through money management and help you make better financial decisions.

    The podcasts don’t guarantee you will accumulate wealth in a given time. It would instead equip you with ways and strategies to manage debts, do budgeting, and save money for the future.
    If you are keen on learning money management and want to organize your finances in an improved and intelligent way, you may consider listening to these podcasts regularly. No one show or a single episode can turn things for you. Be a regular listener and implement the strategies you learn from experts to bring a positive change in your financial life.



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