The holy Month of Ramadan 2024 is being observed in all its glory. Muslims from around the globe fast from dawn till sunset as an act of devotion and reflection. It’s a time of spiritual growth and community bonding. However, for a lot of low-income workers in Dubai, this otherwise jubilant time of the year can be a bit challenging.

But something special has been going on, all thanks to The Giving Family, a non-profit organization registered in UAE. They are handing over free iftar meals to blue-collar workers and laborers in various parts of Dubai.

The aim is to distribute more than half a million meal boxes this year. That sounds pretty resounding. Isnt it? Let’s check out behind the scenes and see what goes around in making that happen.

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Free Iftar in Dubai Up For Grabs- Courtesy The Giving Family

If you know someone around who is struggling financially and unable to arrange meals for iftars, then there’s good news.

The Giving Family, in a heart-warming gesture, has joined hands with thousands of volunteers across the country to help feed the underprivileged section of the society. The Founder says he was inspired by the 1 Billion Meals Campaign initiated by Sheikh Mohammed and is now following suit.

Individuals, restaurants, charitable organizations, and establishments are donating funds through the Beit Al Khair Society to provide for the meals.

Last year in 2023, The Giving Family handed off more than 200,000 meals to low-income workers in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan. The organization aspires to double the numbers this year and distribute half a million free iftar kits among blue-collar workers.

The meal which typically costs around AED 7 to fund includes one serving of chicken biryani, 1 packet of juice, and a few dates. Free Iftar in Dubai is distributed among the needy regardless of their religion, beliefs, and ethnic background.

A Lot of Similar Initiatives in Dubai are Being Run to Feed the Needy

Not only The Giving Family, but other hundreds of charitable organizations in Dubai and all over the UAE provide free meals to laborers and low-income workers every day.

A lot of similar initiatives are being running around during Ramadan where people are coming together to distribute free iftar in Dubai. You would see Iftar tents popping around in every nook and corner of Dubai, where the less fortunate are provided with nutritious packs of food and drinks.

Meal boxes are also often distributed at traffic signals where police officials and charity organizations hand over meal boxes to everybody. Many volunteers distribute small packs of food to people who are rushing to their homes to break the fast. This purpose is to deter residents from breaking the traffic rules.

Food worth millions of dirhams is distributed among people all over the city every day during Ramadan. Workers and laborers would otherwise have to spend AED 10 to 15 to buy a one-time meal to break their fast.

But because of this generous act, they can eat to their full without even spending a dirham. These underprivileged people can save up and send home some extra cash as they wouldn’t have to spend money on arranging the food.

What Goes in To Distribute Thousands of Free Iftar in Dubai

Approximately 70 volunteers from different walks of life show up at The Giving Family camp in Al Quoz, Dubai every day to help with free iftar distributions. Fadie Musallet, the founder of the organization, says they are working this only to bring a smile across the faces of laborers and workers and to acknowledge the hard work that they put into building a better city.

Since its conception in the year 2022, hundreds and thousands of volunteers have been registered to assist the organization in giving iftar kits to the needy. Today, around 5000 volunteers are working with The Giving Family to feed blue-collar workers in labor accommodations, specifically in Al Quoz 1, Dubai.

Some individuals donate 10 to 20 Iftar kits and some big organizations often sponsor hundreds of meal boxes. It all depends on your financial standing and if you do not have the means to contribute financially, then you can join the team at their camps to help them distribute free Iftar in Dubai to the needy. No act of kindness is big or small and even a small good deed can go a long way.

How Can Individuals Volunteer?

The Giving Family is legally licensed to distribute meals and anyone can volunteer with them to provide for the needy during Ramadan. All you need to do is follow their official Instagram channel, to stay updated on the location and timing of the distribution plan. You can then show up and lend a helping hand.

No Charity in Dubai without Permission

It’s customary for Muslims in Ramadan to engage in acts of charity, extending a helping hand to those in need through food donations and financial contributions. However, it’s important to note that distributing meals and doing charity as independent individuals requires permission from Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

If you too want to contribute and play a part in helping the needy in Ramadan, then we recommend visiting the official portal of The Giving Family or any other charitable organization to donate funds.

Make sure the organization you are collaborating with is properly licensed and is allowed to distribute food in the UAE. You can also spread the word among your family and friends to motivate more people to contribute and give away free iftar in Dubai and other emirates as an act of kindness. After all, the month of Ramadan is all about charity, generosity, and goodwill.


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