Have you heard of the recently discovered Moon Lake in Dubai? If not then now is the right time to know all about this unique destination and plan a fun family holiday. The gorgeous lake has been creating waves since its discovery in year 2021 and tourists and residents have been flocking to the spot for a quick getaway to spend quality time and take gram-worthy pictures.

If you too feel intrigued to visit this one-of-its-kind lake in Dubai, then scroll down and find important details to plan a seamless trip.

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A Quick Overview of Moon Lake Dubai

Moon Lake was discovered by UAE-based photographer Mostafa. He has a public Instagram profile where he shared about his discovery in May 2021. Dubai’s latest oasis spring, aptly named for its crescent moon shape, has swiftly become a social media sensation.

Its distinctive form stands out dramatically against the warm, golden sands of the desert, capturing the attention and admiration of all who encounter its striking beauty. This can be a perfect spot to take Instagram-worthy pictures for your feed and impress your friends.

The vicinity of Moon Shaped Lake exudes a serene calmness, captivating visitors with the soothing beauty of nature. Embraced by the hushed stillness of the desert, you might encounter the local wildlife, including graceful Oryxes, calmly moving about the lake.

As the sun sets and rises, the panoramic views unfold, a genuine feast for the eyes, painting the sky with spectacular hues and creating unforgettable moments.

You can indulge in a delightful picnic, surrounded by the serene desert landscape. This picturesque oasis offers a perfect setting to watch birds and observe various wildlife species gracefully moving about the area.

Spend your day soaking in the breathtaking views away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moon Lake can be an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and nature-filled experience.

Location: How to get there?

The lake is located in the middle of a desert in Dubai and can be reached on a 4×4 vehicle. Moon Lake can be found near Love Lake in Al Qudra and is a hidden gem in the truest sense. Surrounded by orange-hued sand dunes, the lake is a vision to behold. This Instagram-worthy landmark is the latest addition to the picturesque lakes in Dubai and can be a family-friendly spot for a mini getaway.

If you plan on visiting Moon Lake, use these Google Map coordinates: 24.7874218, 55.3065662. But, be ready! You’ll need a tough 4×4 to cross the desert because there are no smooth roads. It’s crucial to be aware that the roads leading to Moon Lake are unpaved, necessitating a cautious and deliberate approach. Driving at a slow pace is recommended, and having a GPS or map on hand will help ensure you stay on course and avoid getting lost in the desert terrain.

Despite the rugged roads, the journey to Moon Lake is undoubtedly rewarding. Its breath-taking beauty and tranquil ambiance make it an ideal destination for a day trip or a weekend retreat

Best Time to Visit Moon Lake

For an optimal experience at Moon Lake in Dubai, plan your visit during the wee hours or sunset when the lighting gracefully enhances the scenery.

As the sun kisses the horizon, the lake reveals its charm in the most flattering glow. Also, visiting the destination during the early hours of the day increases your chances of spotting wild oryx and gazelles.

Given its desert location, it’s crucial to dress appropriately for the climate and bring an ample water supply to stay hydrated throughout your exploration.

Considering the desert’s warmth, visiting during the cooler months ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. So, pack accordingly and savor the beauty of Moon Lake in the best way possible.

Is Moon Lake Man-made or natural?

Moon Lake in Dubai, akin to its neighboring attractions like the renowned Love Lakes and Expo Lakes in Al Qudra, proudly stands as the latest addition to the city’s array of man-made wonders.

Crafted by the Dubai Municipality for recreational enjoyment, Moon Lake graced the desert landscape through meticulous excavation of sand, transforming the barren expanse into a captivating crescent-shaped oasis.

This picturesque waterhole adds to the allure of Al Qudra, offering yet another free destination to residents and tourists amidst the desert terrain.


Is swimming allowed in Moon Lake?

No, swimming is strictly prohibited in Moon Lake, prioritizing safety considerations and the preservation of the pristine natural environment.

Can visitors camp at Moon Lake in Dubai?

Camping is not permitted at the lake or any other sites within the Al Qudra Lakes. However, visitors are welcome to indulge in daytime activities like picnics, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the area.

Are there guidelines for visiting Moon Lake in Dubai?

Absolutely. Visitors are expected to adhere to specific rules and regulations when exploring the Lake. This includes refraining from littering, showing respect for the natural surroundings, and adhering to all posted signs and warnings within the vicinity.

Is Moon Lake free to visit?

Yes. You can visit Moon Lake for free. It’s a public recreational spot and does not require an entrance fee.

Are there amenities provided at Moon Lake in Dubai?

No, Moon Lake does not offer facilities like restrooms, water fountains, or food outlets on-site. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own provisions, including food and drinks, and use restroom facilities in nearby areas before reaching the lake.

Is it permissible to bring pets to Moon Lake in Dubai?

No, pets are not permitted at Moon Lake or any other locations within the Al Qudra Lakes. This regulation is in place for both safety and environmental considerations, ensuring a harmonious and secure experience for all visitors.

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