Amazon AE came to the market in 2017 and quickly became the most preferred online marketplace for consumers across the country. The fast-growing e-commerce website not only serves as one of the biggest online shopping platforms but has also opened a lot of ways to earn money from the comfort of home.

Those working as digital media marketers, affiliates, and influencers can make a great deal of income by joining hands with Amazon. You can maximize your earnings and make passive income as a side hustle by investing a little time and effort on the website.

However, to perform services online and indulge in buying and selling over Amazon, you need to get a License from the UAE Ministry of Labor. Carrying out online business in the country without proper documentation and permission is strictly prohibited and is subject to fines and punishment.

How to Make Money with Amazon?

Earning money in present times is much easier as compared to earlier times. You can learn a skill and sell your services online to make a good deal of money with Amazon as a part-time job. Amazon AE offers a simple and user-friendly platform to people in Dubai who want to make some extra money to survive financially in face of rising living costs.

If you have a product or service that can address the queries and needs of customers at an affordable price, there is no possible reason why you shouldn’t be utilizing it to make a profit. Here are some helpful ways to leverage the benefits of Amazon and make money online from home.

    1. Sell your Products Online

      If you have some unique products that you manufacture or import from other sources, you can put them up for sale on Amazon in quite a simple way. Set up a seller central account and you are good to go. There is no subscription fee or charges involved for signing up for an account as a seller on Amazon.

      The majority of the population orders household, personal, and electronic appliances from the website as it’s a trusted platform with millions of registered active users worldwide. Your brand will have a broader reach and you will be able to capture the desired market without having to spend a fortune.

      You can list your products in the Amazon marketplace so that customers can find the things you are selling and place their orders. After someone makes an order, you will be notified by Amazon AE to arrange shipment. You can either arrange delivery yourself or partner up with Amazon to hire their logistic services called FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). After the delivery, Amazon AE will deposit payment in your account after deducting its fees. Also, it’s important to learn about the rules on VAT and other customs duties involved before you start trading your products on Amazon.

    2. Sell Digital Content

      In the present era where everything has been digitalized, people prefer a life where things are available on the go. If you have a skill or talent that you think can earn you some good bucks, then why not turn it into a profitable business?

      You can create electronic books, digital courses, lectures, tutorials, lessons, e-stories for kids, t-shirt designs, logos, templates for greeting cards, software, digital art, and music and put them up for sale on Amazon. It can be a fun way to turn your passion into a steady source of income.

    3. Become a Wholesale Seller

      Selling things in bulk as a wholesale seller is a good way to make money with Amazon in UAE. Contrary to retail where you need to make an upfront investment, wholesale selling lets you purchase things in bulk at low costs from other manufacturers and then sell them to your customers to make profits.

      It can be effortful to sell things that are already being sold by other sellers but if you manage to do it well and capture the attention of the consumer, you can earn higher revenues. It may take some time to build the trust of the customers but the result could be a successful business.

    4. Become an Amazon Influencer

      Amazon influencers are people who have a huge following on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. These people influence their audience through creative content and persuade them to buy things from Amazon. You can join the Amazon Influencer Program to earn commissions every time a customer purchases something from the website on your recommendation.

      After applying to the influencer program, you will be assigned a unique URL to be used on your social media channel for recommending products to your audience. When a potential customer will click on that link and ultimately make a purchase, you will be rewarded with a referral fee.

    5. Become an Amazon Affiliate

      Another good way to make money with Amazon is to become an affiliate. Amazon AE is running one of the biggest affiliate programs in the market allowing you to earn a commission by linking Amazon products through your blog or website. You must have come across some amazon affiliate websites when browsing the web looking for product reviews and recommendations. These sites or blogs earn income by incorporating Amazon product links into their content. When a reader clicks on that specific URL and makes a purchase, the website or blog receives a commission.

      If you have a blog, website, or social media channel, you can make money with Amazon by becoming an affiliate and monetizing your traffic to earn sales commissions on products purchased through referrals. Apply to become a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program in UAE and make money from the comfort of your home.

    6. Publish your Book with Amazon AE

      If you are an aspiring author and have a unique piece of work, you can earn a good deal of money by publishing your book online with Amazon. Consider publishing your work through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) owned and managed by Amazon AE and get a share from the royalties. Set the price of your book yourself and earn up to 70% of the total royalties.

      Make sure the book you want to publish is written well with the authentic and grammatically correct content. Edit and recheck the work before publishing it through KDP.

    7. Sell Retail Arbitrage Products

      Amazon retail arbitrage is another profitable way of making money online. You can find products from other stores and items on Amazon AE that are being sold for less amount than other online stores. You can then buy these products and resell them at an increased rate to make profits.

      This method requires some effort on your part as you need to actively look for products that are available for sale at lower rates than the market. You would have to source the items, list them, and then ship them to the customer on your own. If you are willing to take the risk, retail arbitrage can be a great source of making money with Amazon.

    8. Sell your Designs via Merch on Amazon

      Creating and designing products on your own can be a good way to make money as a side hustle. You can design shirts, mugs, logos, posters, and templates and upload your work on Amazon AE to sell them to customers across the country. There is no upfront cost involved and the website will take care of the printing and delivery of the goods.

      To earn a handsome amount of money with this source, make sure you create unique and appealing designs to captivate the attention of a wider portion of the customer base. You can promote your exclusive design on social media channels, blogs, or websites to push people to purchase on Amazon.

    9. Work Online and offer your Services on Amazon Mechanical Turk

      If you are capable of completing small online tasks such as data entry, research, writing, transcription, and data organization, then you can most probably make some money with Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s a great platform for utilizing your skills to make money with Amazon from home.

      When you create an account as a worker on MTurk, you get the option of completing different tasks termed HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). These small tasks can be anything from editing a photo to transcribing an audio file. You may also be asked to enter data, work as a virtual assistant and write SEO-friendly articles. You won’t be paid with high amount as tasks are priced at quite low rates but if you manage to complete multiple tasks in a week, you can surely earn a decent amount per month.

    10. Sell your merchandise through Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

      If you own a small brand or starting up your career as an entrepreneur, Amazon AE can help you in scaling your business. You can make money by storing your goods at Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers. Their team will pick your products, pack them, and then ship them to the customer on your behalf.

      You won’t be dealing with the storage and shipment department as FBA will do the job for you while you focus on other more important aspects of your business. This will help you reach a broader market and maximize earnings in the best possible way.

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