One of the biggest challenges that fresh graduates confront when stepping out into practical life is to find a job that aligns with the skills they possess. Most of the time people aren’t truly aware of what employers in the job market expect from the candidates. New trends in the labor market are emerging which means the skills you possess at the moment may not be very helpful in getting you a new job in the coming years.
For better job prospects and increased income opportunities, one has to tap into the ever-changing job market and adapt to the latest advancements taking place every year. The knowledge and skills you possess matter. Passing your baccalaureate exams with flying colors is still a praise-worthy achievement but what sets you apart from the crowd is the skillset you possess and not the name of the institute you graduated from.

There is no limit to the skills and capabilities that you can learn as the more skills you have at your back the more the potential of getting hired for a high-paying job.
Let’s look at some of the most in-demand skills of 2023 that can help you bag an attractive position and make you indispensable at your existing job.

List of Most In-Demand Job Skills in 2023

Aspiring to earn more than 20,000 AED a month? Well, you can accomplish such goals if you have skills that are high in demand in 2023. If you are pulling up your socks to build a career and aspire to be in-demand in the current job market, here are some of the highest-paying and most profitable skills that you can learn online or at a formal school to generate a steady income stream per month.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence tops the list of the most in-demand skills in 2023. Brands, organizations, and small businesses are always on the lookout for AI specialists to manage their core functions to save time and money. AI professionals help businesses automate and optimize their regular tasks and processes in a bid to save on resources and maximize efficiency and profits.
    AI and machine learning courses are a bit complex and require time and effort to be able to apply the concepts successfully in real-life settings.

  2. Web Development

    Web Development is still the most asked-for skill in the global marketplace. Almost all businesses and organizations require qualified personnel from the development field and the demand is increasing as more and more brands are going online to sell their goods to a broader audience.
    Both private sector and public sector employers look out for web developers to help them set up responsive websites for their businesses. As developers have the skill to work with the latest technology, almost all organizations and establishments are expanding their workforce to make room for these skilled professionals.
    The role of a Web Developer includes but may not be limited to:
    • Building a website from the scratch
    • Solving problems and rectifying errors in coding when a website fails to work in the right way.
    • Diagnosing a problem in the way a webpage function
    • Creating responsive sites and pages that adapt well to different devices
    • Utilizing databases to save important information and data about visitors on your site
    Learning web development may not be quite simple but you can strive to learn with practice and time. Web developers can work across different fields and may find a job sooner as compared to other skilled professionals.
    Average Salary:
    A web developer can earn around 250,000 dirhams per year on average.

  3. UX and UI Design

    UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design skills can be crucial for businesses that want to survive in the increasingly competitive world. Without the knowledge of these skills, brands won’t be able to attract new visitors, and keeping the existing ones contended and satisfied would also be quite hard.
    With UX/UI Skills, you can design and set up a user-friendly interface that will ultimately result in increased engagement on a website’s page.
    In simpler words, a better user experience makes customers happy and increases the likelihood of them making a purchase again.
    If you have a background in design or IT, you can take up short online courses, workshops, and tutorials to learn UX/UI at the basic and most advanced levels.

  4. Graphic Designing

    Graphic designing is all about creating designs and graphics that translate a brand’s motto. It’s a sort of visual communication that gives identity to a business and set it apart from the rest of the crowd.
    The designs and graphics are created to communicate brand goals, ideas, and messages to a target population in such a way that they comprehend the meaning seamlessly.
    Graphic designing skills can help shoot up your career and make you able enough to earn thousands of Dirhams a month.
    Graphic designers play a significant role in creating print, online, and web-based promotions and advertisements. As a graphic designer, you will be required to create designs, and layouts and present all sorts of visual resources in the form of brochures, catalogs, reports, books, and magazines.
    Graphic designers are also expected to create unique logos and corporate identity systems for brands and online businesses.
    It’s quite an innovative and creative field where you can demonstrate your skills and creativity with much freedom.

  5. Blockchain Development

    Blockchain development is one of the most talked about skills in the current tech market. With the launch of blockchain technology, a lot of businesses and organizations are now setting up ways to make use of this latest advancement to benefit their goals.
    It’s a skill that can be used and applied across different industries as it helps in solving problems and making a business more viable and productive.
    If you are interested in getting into the blockchain development niche, you must have know-how in computer programming to learn the skill effectively. It’s not just something that you can learn overnight, you would have to study and practice the knowledge learned to be able to master the skill.
    One major benefit of blockchain development is that it helps a business expand and increase its financial growth. Blockchain developers can design new applications and utilize their professional experience to create new systems that help drive sales making a business more profitable in the long run.

  6. Copywriting

    Copywriting is a process where a writer creates sales website content along with sales and marketing copies. Copywriting skills are also used in the digital marketing and graphic designing fields and are one of the top in-demand skills of 2023.
    Copywriting skills are used to write engaging and effective content that may help in selling goods and services online.

    A copywriter can:
    – Write sales emails with the intent to convert a reader into a potential customer by influencing them to visit the website.
    – Create blog posts with authentic, interesting, and relevant information on various topics in different niches to help people find solutions to their daily life problems.

    There is no shortcut to learning to Copywrite as it’s a skill that you can master over time with practice.
    Be creative, think of new and interesting topics, create content on trending news, and write in a way to keep the audience hooked.

  7. Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a bit different from conventional advertising. Usually, a digital platform is utilized for promoting a business, product, or service over the web. Digital marketing makes use of the latest technological advancements to reach a boarder audience on various digital channels including websites, mobile devices, and social media.
    Important Facts
    Digital marketing is one of the highest-paying skills in the present times with a market value that almost exceeds 400 billion dollars.
    On average, a digital marketer can earn up to 206,000 Dirhams per year.
    The simplest way to learn digital marketing is to learn from professionals and experts in the field. Practice the knowledge learned and apply the techniques in the real world to brush up on your skills.
    Online learning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera can be good mediums to learn the skill of online marketing to make a decent livelihood.
    Trends and technologies change every day. You need to stay updated on the latest techniques and advancements in the field to stay in demand for better job prospects.

  8. Sales and Marketing

    The ability to sell and the market is a crucial skill that every industry and business demands to reach out to a broader range of audience. Whether you are a small-scale business owner, a professional in your field, or a student, learning how to advertise and sell a product or service is a lucrative skill that can help you expand your business and make a significant amount of money.
    The meaning of sales varies depending on the goals and purpose of your business. For some people, sales are all about securing a deal while others feel that it’s related to setting up long-lasting customer relationships where the clients turn up again and again to make a purchase.
    No matter what it means, a salesperson is a valuable asset that helps companies and businesses in marketing their merchandise and increasing the revenue return.

  9. Product Management

    Product Management is all about managing and supervising a project, product, or service right from the day of its conception to the day when it’s delivered into the mainstream market.
    Product managers make sure that their organization’s services and products are in line with customer expectations and take steps to make a project workable at the commercial level.
    Product management skills are mainly used for managing, developing, and delivering a product into the market. This highly in-demand skillset includes:
    • To create a roadmap to explain the type of product, its uses, and how it will meet the user expectations
    • to list features and characteristics that will be made part of the project over the coming months or sometimes years and some features that will be discarded over time.
    • The ability to pen down the ways via which money will be generated by selling off the service or product and the expenses required to develop and deliver the project.
    • The ability to figure out whether the consumers use products that are similar to the one being created. Market research is a crucial skill that helps project managers understand the possible success of a product in the actual market.
    You can sign up for project management courses online and study at your own pace to learn and practice the skills for better employment opportunities in the future.

  10. Videography and Editing

    The demand for videography and editing is on the rise and it’s by far the most talked about skill in the digital marketing and social media niche.
    Recording and editing videos is a crucial skill that the majority of online businesses and brands require to market their products and services in a professional way to the audience.
    It may seem a bit tough in the beginning, but once you get a grip on the technicalities, there is no looking back.
    With videography and editing skills in your hand, you cannot only work for businesses but may also sell your content online to third-party websites to make money.
    Video editing is a process whereby you put together different raw video footage and combine them in a more wholesome way. To be able to learn the art of editing, you can start by practicing Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, or Photoshop.
    You must learn to apply filters, frames, sound effects, music composition, sound design, and transition to make a raw video more presentable.

Other skills that can help you land a reasonable job with a decent income include cybersecurity, cloud computing, app development, course creation, software development, information security, search engine optimization, content marketing, game development, algorithm designing, data analysis, and account management.

Final Word

In the present competitive job market, the key to survival is to have a skill stack that makes you indispensable. Getting a degree or passing your post-graduate exam won’t be enough to compete in this ever-evolving world. You need to have a couple of in-demand skills to progress within your organization and perform well in job interviews.
Employers look for candidates who are experts in the field and have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Being tech-savvy is a must and you should get yourself familiarize with the latest advancements in IT and learn skills and techniques that may help you accomplish your professional career goals.


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