If you are looking around for simple ways to make money online, consider playing online games with cash rewards. These are fun mobile games and apps that provide lucrative opportunities to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home. You can play and compete with online players or with your group of friends to win real money and monetary incentives.

Playing mobile games is a fun way to kill time and it gets more rewarding when you play games that help you earn cash. Turn your pastime into a profitable side hustle having to step out of your comfort zone.

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Top Cash Paying Games on The Internet

With millions of users around the globe investing their precious time on their smartphones and handheld devices, gaming applications have turned out to be a popular way to kill time. But do you know you can even earn money playing games and get real money deposits into your bank accounts? Keep on reading to find out more about games and apps that will pay you real money!

Our Picks for the Best Online Games That Pay Real Money

As there are tons of online games claiming to pay the user with real money, it sometimes gets daunting to find reliable apps that you can trust.

To make things simpler, here is a roundup of the best games that pay real money. Let’s get right to the details without any further delay.

  1. Bingo Clash

    With more than 73K ratings and an average accumulative rating of 4.5/5, Bingo Clash is a popular game that offers real-time cash prizes to the players. Developed by AviaGames, Bingo Clash is an easy-to-play online mobile game that you can install and play for free on Apple or Android device. If you are a Bingo enthusiast, you must be well-familiar with the features and gameplay.

    Find players to compete with and play fiercely to win and earn attractive cash rewards. As a player, you may also invest some cash to play tournaments on a larger scale to win even bigger cash rewards.

    You may download Bingo Clash on your smartphone to try your luck to win some extra cash online.

  2. Bingo Tour

    With a high ranking of 4.9/5 on the App Store, Bingo Tour is another exciting gaming application for Bingo lovers. This classic bingo game can be downloaded and played for free on both Android and Apple.

    To play, you must watch, listen being announced and tap the relevant number on your game card. You must collect as many bingos as you can within the specified time or else opt for a complete blackout.

    Attractive features embedded within the app allow players to amplify their earned points and become eligible for bigger rewards. You can compete and play with a group of players and the top three contestants will be awarded with cash. As you progress in the game, your rank will increase, and you will get the opportunity to earn more real money.

    You may download Bingo Tour to your device to see how it works and get a chance to make money from the comfort of your home

  3. 21 Cash

    21 Cash provides users with a virtual version of the ultimate blackjack card game offering an exciting opportunity to earn real money and cash rewards. Players must compete with each other to stack cards close to number 21 within a given time. The more combinations of 21 a player can make in a short time, the higher the points and the bigger the reward.

    As a player, you can play free games in solo mode or play tournaments with other players from around the world. There are no ads to disrupt the gameplay and daily rewards and gifts are offered to help players maximize their winnings.

    You can download 21 Cash and see if it works for you to earn real money.

  4. Bubble Cash

    Bubble Cash is available to download for free from Apple’s App Store. The game is all about matching a set of three bubbles of the same color. You must continue making the matches until you are left with no bubbles.

    While the game can be played for free, some tournaments and competitions require users to deposit some real cash to enter. However, there are few competitions that you can enter by paying in-app money or gems.

  5. Mistplay

    Mistplay is another free-to-play mobile game that pays you real money. Players can earn cash rewards and monetary gifts for playing and winning rounds of games. You can collect units that you may later redeem for gift cards from popular retail giants such as Amazon, VISA, and PlayStation.

    The app can be downloaded for free, and players can try on their favorite set of games to collect points. The more you play, the more the chance to accumulate more points. Collected points can be redeemed anytime for rewards and cash.

  6. 8 Ball Strike

    If you are an avid player of pool games and looking around for a new platform to enjoy your most loved game, consider playing 8-ball Strike. The game not only provides addictive gameplay but also offers a lucrative opportunity to earn some extra cash online.

    Play the classic game of billiards and compete with other skilled players to kill time. You can play against other online players from across the globe and collect diamonds to pay entrance fees for bigger tournaments that offer cash rewards.

    Beginners can enter 5 to 10-player matches to learn and polish their skills. Players who get a high rank get the chance to earn bigger cash prizes and monetary incentives.

  7. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is a unique online platform that rewards users for taking part in different activities like playing games, browsing the web, watching ads and videos, participating in surveys, and using coupons. Swagbucks offers a variety of money-making opportunities, so you are not just confined to playing games online.

  8. Rewarded Play

    Rewarded Play is another exciting Android app that provides gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart for playing several famous online mobile games.

    To start earning rewards, you may download the app, participate in games, and select your favorite reward.

    Once you have won rewards, you will be awarded gift cards within a period of 48 hours.

  9. Cash’em All

    Popular mobile app Cash’em All rewards its users with exciting monetary incentives and gift cards for playing different games on their Android smartphones and tabs. There is a wide selection of games that you can play to try your luck and earn money online. Each game has a unique coin payout scheme which you may later redeem as a reward of your choice.

    Users can earn some extra bonus rewards by referring to their friends and family on the platform. The app can be downloaded for free and is available only for Android users at present.

  10. Pool Payday

    Pool Payday is our next favorite pick for the list of best cash-paying games online. The app offers an exciting opportunity to earn money by competing with other players from around the globe. All players come together to play the classic game of pool and are required to collect Z tokens.

    These tokens can later be used to play in bigger tournaments that offer big cash rewards. Some tournaments can even pay you more than 10,000 USD if you play well and defeat skilled opponents in the game.

    To download and play, you must be over 17 years of age and must reside in the specified states to be eligible to claim cash prizes.

  11. AppStation

    The next of the best money-making games that you may consider playing online is AppStation. This Android app may let you take home some extra cash for every minute that you spend on the app playing games, taking part in polls, or making referrals.

    You may request a payout once you accumulate 10 USD in your virtual wallet. You may either get a cash deposit through PayPal or redeem your earnings for gift cards. This won’t make you rich overnight but maybe a fun way to collect money and generate a small income to support your earnings.

  12. InboxDollars

    InboxDollars provide its users with a wide array of options to earn cash and exciting monetary rewards. You can participate in various fun activities and stand the chance to win prizes and money. As a user, you can play arcade games, take surveys, watch videos, and fulfill other simple online tasks to make money.

    The platform features a plethora of online games where you can play and compete with other players to win cash prizes. Payouts are made through PayPal and the minimum amount required to request a cash out is fixed at USD 15.

    InboxDollars has paid more than 80 million USD in the form of rewards and cash to its members since its conception in the year 2000. It can be a good platform to play games and make money online as a side hustle.

  13. Fruit Frenzy

    Fruit Frenzy is yet another exciting game that you can play to earn money online. The game can be played online through the Pocket7Games app powered by AviaGames. It’s a nice app for mobile game enthusiasts who love playing matching games online. The goal is to match different fruit pieces together in the shortest time possible.

    Players are grouped together depending on their level of skill to match objects. You can participate in pools that range differently in terms of the cash prize. Players can win up to 1000 USD if they are skilled enough and have the expertise to beat opponents from around the world.

  14. Bubble Buzz

    Bubble Buzz allows players to earn real money for popping a group of bubbles similar in color or other characteristics. All you need to do is target the bubbles using a bubble launcher and hit bubbles who same in color. The more bubbles you shoot the higher the score.

    You can also look out for power-ups and double their points to earn more money. Players are grouped depending on their skill level where they compete to win the cash prize. However, to participate and get a chance to earn big rewards, players must pay a certain amount of fees.

    If you do not want to invest your money, you can play small games and earn gems that you may later redeem to get entry to bigger tournaments that pay significant cash prizes.

  15. Dominoes Gold

    Developed and published by Grey Square Games, Dominoes Gold allow players to take part in the fierce competition via the Skillz Platform. This unique app brings a twist to the popular dominoes game by making you compete against players from different corners of the world.

    You may take part in several rounds where you play against AI players to achieve the highest score. The score is then compared to that of a real player’s and the one with the highest score is declared as the winner.

    Each game round runs for a fixed time so you must make the right moves and achieve a good score in the shortest time possible to increase your odds of winning the game.

  16. Solitaire Cash

    There were days when people used to kill time playing the classic Solitaire game on Windows desktop computers. The new Solitaire Cash game is the advanced version of the good old Solitaire game and lets users earn money as they play.

    Powered by Papaya Gaming, Solitaire Cash is a free-to-download mobile game where you can take part in competitions and tournaments to win exciting cash rewards. You may also pay real money to enter tournaments if you aren’t dedicated enough to spend time completing the levels.

    There are a variety of solitaire games that you may play to stand the chance to win cash and gifts.

    Other Online Games That You Can Consider Playing to win Real Money include:

    • DraftKings Fantasy Football
    • Blackout Bingo
    • Block Blitz
    • Strike By Bowlero
    • Solitaire Cube
    • 21 Blitz
    • Big Buck Hunter
    • Dozer Mania
    • Bubble Flow
    • WordCash Search
    • Match n Flip
    • Blockolot

Final Word:

Always research well about the game or app you are thinking of playing to earn real money online. This is to check whether people are receiving their cash prizes on time or have issues with the payments. Some games are not reliable, and earnings are not guaranteed. You must not rely solely on these sources to make money. While there are legit games that pay real money, the cash earned may not be enough to support a monthly expenditure.


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