Looking around for scholarships in Dubai? Need funds to support your higher studies in the Emirate? Need not fret as they are multiple options that you choose from.

Being one of the most dynamic and happening cities around the world, Dubai is a hub for tourists and visitors. Besides serving as a vibrant holiday destination, the city is home to a versatilex-patat population who along with the locals study in world-class educational institutes located around the emirate. Over the years, Dubai has become a popular destination for international students who want to pursue higher education.

However, studying in the city can be quite overwhelming in terms of financial expenses. But there is a myriad of scholarship programs being offered by top colleges and universities in Dubai to help students and their families manage their educational finances and accomplish their academic goals in the best possible way.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best scholarships in Dubai that international students can avail of to get the financial burden off their shoulders. Do you want to peek into the details? Let’s dig in and find out some interesting information without any further delay.

Scholarship Programs for International Students in Dubai

The government of UAE has undertaken some valuable initiatives to uplift the standard of education in the country. This holds for Dubai as well as for other emirates. You may be able to spot the branches of some of the most renowned International Colleges and Universities around the city.

However, a huge majority of the expat community is still unable to afford the expense of higher education in the country. To combat such challenges and help international students, top educational institutes are now offering scholarships in Dubai to students who cannot seem to afford to study in colleges and universities in Dubai.

Such initiatives encourageex-patt students and their families to continue with their higher education within Dubai instead of moving abroad to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Best Scholarships in Dubai

Here is a list of some of the most popular scholarship programs being offered by top colleges and universities in the city. Students can pick out their preferred degree programs and take a sigh of relief as their academic expenses will be catered to in the best possible way.

    1. Canadian University Dubai

      Ranked among the best international universities operating in Dubai, The Canadian University of Dubai offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in a variety of disciplines including computer sciences, computer engineering, business studies, media and mass communication, architecture, humanities, health sciences, interior design, business administration, IT, and electoral engineering to name a few.

      At present, the University is offering 6 scholarship programs for existing students and prospective candidates.

      Undergraduate Scholarships in Dubai

      At the undergraduate level, the University is offering the following scholarship schemes for international students.

      • Sports Scholarship
      • Special Needs Scholarship
      • Special Talent Scholarship
      • Academic Excellence Scholarship
      • Financial Hardship Scholarship
      • Special Talent Scholarship
      • Study Scholarship

      Students who are awarded the Canadian University Dubai Scholarship can avail of up to a 50% discount on their tuition fees depending on their score and type of the scholarship granted. It can be a great option if you are looking into pursuing higher education in Dubai without having to take a toll on your financial expenses.

      You may log on to Canadian University Dubai for eligibility criteria and other significant details for applying.

    2. University of Birmingham Dubai

      With a glorious history spanned over almost one hundred years, The University of Birmingham is a symbol of world-class education and exceptional amenities for students from around the world. Its purpose-built campus in Dubai attracts students from all over the country and offers them the opportunity to study in a thriving academic environment. The University offers a range of different programs at the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels along with professional degrees in a wide selection of subject areas.

      Students who cannot afford to pay their educational expenses can request scholarships in Dubai and get up to 50% off their tuition fees.

      Available Scholarships for Dubai Students

      The scholarships for Dubai students available at the University of Birmingham include:

      • Stay in the UAE Scholarship Program
      • Advanced Award
      • GEMS Uni-connect Scholarship
      • Provost’s Academic Scholarship
      • Chancellor’s Academic Merit Scholarship
      • STEM Scholarship
      • Alumni Connections Scholarships
      • Refer a Friend Scholarship
      • Corporate Company Scholarship

      You may visit The University of Birmingham Dubai website for further information and details on eligibility criteria and other requirements to successfully apply for a scholarship program.

    3. Middlesex University Dubai

      Middlesex University is another notable British university operating in Dubai that offers expat students the opportunity to pursue higher studies without having to spend a bit over the odds. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and a variety of professional courses in Health, Education, Humanities, Art and Design, and Media Sciences. Law, Business, Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration.

      There are special scholarship programs for students in Dubai where they can avail of up to 100% off on their tuition fees.

      Available Scholarships for Students in Dubai

      • GEMS School Partnership Grant
      • International Study Grant
      • Academic Excellence Scholarship
      • Team Middlesex Sporting Excellence Scholarship
      • Corporate Study Grant
      • Schools Partnership Grant
      • APTECH Study Package
      • Professional Study Grant
      • Alumni Grant
      • Teacher Study Grant
      • Esaas
      • Postgraduate/Masters Study Grant

      As a student, you can apply for any of these scholarships and get a financial grant to continue with your desired degree program. Eligibility for a specific scholarship scheme is based on your credentials, CGPA, degree level, professional experience, and other important factors.

      For further details and information on the eligibility criterion, you may log on to Middlesex University Dubai.

    4. University of Dubai

      A subsidiary of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The University of Dubai is a renowned accredited educational institute in the emirate offering a wide range of local and international degree programs and professional courses.

      The University offers different scholarship programs for local (Emirati) students and special discounts and grants for ex-pat students in the field of Finance, Law, and Management Sciences.

      Students who have studied high school abroad can be granted partial scholarships in 4 specific coursed. Furthermore, there are merit-based scholarships, business partners’ discounts, and referral waive-offs that might be of great help to students who cannot seem to afford the cost of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

      You may log on to the University of Dubai’s official website for further details and inquiries.

    5. Curtin University Dubai

      Curtin University Dubai is another remarkable educational institute in Dubai offering financial air bursaries and scholarships to international students. The well-curated scholarship schemes are part of the University’s agenda of enabling students from versatile backgrounds to accomplish their higher academic goals.

      A leading University in Australia, Curtin University is also well-acknowledged among residents in Dubai. Their Dubai campus is offering a range of foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programs in Information Technology, Business Management, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, and Computer Sciences.

      Available Scholarships for Expat Students in Dubai

      Curtin University Dubai is offering the following scholarships to current and prospective students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

      • Academic Excellence Scholarship
      • Professional Excellence Scholarship for Postgraduate Applicants
      • Sports Excellence Scholarship
      • Pro-Vice Chancellors Scholarship for Undergraduate Applicants
      • SP Wahi Scholarship for Excellence for Undergraduate Applicants
      • Financial Aid Bursary
      • Women in Engineering Grant
      • Alumni Grant
      • Family Grant
      • Australian/UAE National Grant
      • Early Bird Offer
      • Gems Grant
      • Applications Evening and other grants

      You may log on to Curtin University Dubai to read further details on how to apply for any of the aforementioned scholarship programs.

    6. American University in Dubai

      American University in Dubai is a private and accredited educational institution operating in the region offering premium quality American education to both local and expat students. With a student-centric approach, the University works to promote cultural inclusivity and provides a favorable learning environment for all its international students from more than 100 countries across the globe.

      At present, there are over 2000 students registered in the University in various disciplines including engineering, business administration, arts and sciences, art and design, architecture, and education.

      To help students continue their higher studies with ease, the university offers a range of scholarship schemes to take the financial burden off their shoulders.

      Available Scholarships for Expat Students

      At present, The American University of Dubai is offering the following scholarship schemes and financial aid programs for students enrolled at the undergraduate degree level:

      • H. Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Undergraduate Study
      • The Gebran Tueni Media Scholarship
      • The Mohammad Bin Rashid School for Communication Scholarship
      • The William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at AUD
      • ICT Funds Scholarship for Undergraduate Admissions
      • The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Intilaq Scholarship
      • AUD School Partnership Initiative (ASPI)
      • AUD Senior Scholarship

      Graduate Scholarship

      At the graduate level, the AUD is offering the following scholarship programs to the current and prospective students

      • The AUD Alumni Tuition Waiver
      • The AUD School of Education Tuition Waiver

      For further details on any of the above financial aid and scholarships, you may log on to American University Dubai’s official website.

    7. Murdoch University

      Australian-based Murdoch University in Dubai is another renowned educational institute in the Emirate that offers the residents an attractive opportunity to study higher without burning a hole in their pocket. With a huge alumni community from around the world, the Australian university can be the best suitable solution for realizing your academic goals and interests.

      Murdoch University Dubai offers various degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a huge selection of professional courses and diplomas to facilitate a diverse student population.

      The institute is known widely for its generous financial aid and scholarships in Dubai for international students.

      Available Scholarship Programs:

      Currently, the Murdoch University Dubai campus is offering all current and prospective expatriate students the following scholarships and financial bursaries:

      • Academic Merit Scholarships
      • Pathway Programs Scholarships
      • Master of Information Technology Scholarship
      • Early Bird Discount
      • Partner School Bursary
      • Refer a Friend Discount
      • Alumni Bursary
      • Corporate Partnership Discount
      • High School Packages

      Securing a scholarship can help you grab up to 100% waive-offs on tuition fees making it a suitable option if you want to pursue higher studies without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

      For further details and inquiries, we advise you to visit Murdoch University Dubai’s official website.

    8. Heriot-Watt University

      The last one that made it to our list of best scholarships in Dubai forex-patt Students is Heriot-Watt University. The University offers an extensive collection of professional degrees in a wide variety of study fields. The Dubai campus has established a world-class reputation for its exceptional teaching and thriving learning environment.

      Several programs are being offered at degree entry, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. The university recognizes the financial burden the academic expenses can have on the students and thus offers a range of scholarship programs and special discounts to help students and their families to cope well with the cost of higher studies.

      Available Scholarship Programs:

      At present, Heriot-Watt University is offering the following scholarships at their Dubai campus to eligible students:

      • Heriot-Watt Future Made Scholarship
      • Edinburgh Business School – Shaping ‘Women Entrepreneurs’ Scholarship
      • Civil Engineering ICE Scholarship
      • Full Advance Fee Payment Discount
      • Corporate Companies Discount
      • Alumni Scholarship
      • Family Scholarship
      • Sports and Community Engagement Scholarship
      • DEP Merit Scholarship
      • Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
      • Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
      • Petroleum Engineering Scholarship
      • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

      You can apply for any of these scholarship programs depending on your credentials, CGPA, and study program. Applications for the scholarship can be online.

      For further information, details, and eligibility criterion, you may log on to Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s official website.

Final Word

Dubai is a multicultural destination and is home to a diverse expatriate population. To facilitate a huge global community oex-patsts, the city has established world-class universities and colleges providing premium quality American and British education. However, a large section of the ex-pa population seems to be struggling with academic costs.

To ease the financial burden on students and their families, colleges, and universities offer several different scholarships in Dubai along with special discounts and financial aid bursaries. As a student, you can sign up for a scholarship scheme depending on your past academic qualifications, future educational interests, and your financial background.

Here is a quick read on the best free courses and degrees available for students in Dubai that you may find helpful.


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