Do you also fret when a dubai taxi meter ticks up on your way back from a ride around the town? If so, then you might not be alone. While taxis in Dubai offer a somewhat convenient solution for commuting across the Emirate, they sometimes take a toll on one’s budget.

But Dubai being Dubai always has something exciting for its residents. The city is joining hands with popular Buy Now Pay Later service provider, Tabby, to allow passengers to pay their Dubai Taxi fare in 4 interest-free installments.

This will be a revolutionary step that would help mediocre residents stretch their budgets and pay the taxi fare without putting a dent in their wallets.

Read on to find out how the system will work.

Pay Dubai Taxi Fare in Interest-Free Instalments with Tabby

If you are into online shopping, you must have come across Tabby when making payments on retail websites. The financial services application has made it easier for people to purchase things online and pay for them later, splitting the payment into four easy-to-pay interest-free installments.

The unique service lets you keep track of your payments and offers exclusive discounts. You can shop your heart out and pay without exhausting your monthly budget. There are no hidden fees or interest, which is why the service has become insanely popular across the UAE in a relatively short time

Tabby is now collaborating with Dubai Taxi Company to provide an interest-free installment plan for residents who are looking for economical taxi rides.

How Will It Work?

To be able to use Tabby to pay the Dubai Taxi fare, you would first need to download the app. After installation, you can create a profile and add all relevant details including your full name, valid contact number, and credit/debit card information.

Once done, you can choose the “Pay with Tabby” option when making the payment for the taxi fare through the DTC (Dubai Taxi Company) app. After selecting the Tabby option, you would need to pay the first installment upfront which is usually 25% of the total purchase amount.

The rest of the three installments will be charged automatically in three months from the registered credit/debit card or you can pay them earlier at your convenience. For instance, if your taxi ride costs you AED 100, you will pay AED 25 at the spot and then AED 25 once a month for three consecutive months.

Late Payment Penalties

If you are wondering what happens in case you miss a payment, then know that you will be paying extra. Customers are given the option to extend the payment date if they don’t have the financial means to make timely payments but there is a little fee to avail of that service. Late payments are also penalized with a fine, so make sure to clear your payments on time.

Customers will receive timely notifications through e-mail and SMS before any due payments. This would help people to make payments on time and avoid fines and penalties.

If you fail to clear all the pending dues, you will incur fines and won’t be able to use the application until you have cleared all the missing payments.

Which Dubai Taxi Company will Accept Tabby?

As of now, only Dubai Taxi Company is getting into the agreement with Tabby but the service will soon be extended to DTC VIP limousine service, bus services, last-mile delivery services, and more. But until then, you would only be able to split your taxi fare in interest-free installments when using DTX taxis in the city.

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