Pursuing higher studies abroad is a big liability and requires a lot of financial investment. But despite being expensive, studying in the best international universities has its own perks and benefits. It not only helps in grooming the personality but also allows individuals to explore new cultures, learn new languages, and meet people from different ethnic backgrounds. Being exposed to different societies and cultures help people see the world from a new perspective and fosters tolerance.

Besides this, getting graduated from top institutions and schools pave the path toward better employment opportunities. If you are thinking to go abroad for higher studies but do not have sufficient resources to realize your dream, be glad that you can now study and earn free degrees from the best international colleges and universities around the globe. No, this isn’t a joke. Read on to uncover exciting details.

Free Degrees and Study Programs from Top Universities

Several international universities and institutions now offer free degrees for international students to help them learn new skills and expand their knowledge base. The goal is to facilitate capable students who do not have enough money to pay for full-term degrees. If you are looking for affordable study options in universities abroad, then you can consider registering in tuition-free institutions and colleges.

Tuition-Free Colleges and Top Universities

It’s a relatively new concept that you might not be quite familiar with. Tuition-free colleges and universities do not charge fees from students and allow them to enroll in different courses and degrees for free. You can access academic literature, books, and learning materials without having to pay any money. However, minimal charges for administrative purposes may be required depending on the policies of the institution.

Tuition fees in UAE schools and colleges increase every year. With inflation at its peak, parents and students get overwhelmed with elevated expenses. A lot of international colleges have now reduced their tuition fees and waived-off other charges to make education affordable for all. If you are struggling with your educational expenses, you can consider studying at tuition-free universities.

How does it work?

Most of the colleges and institutions offering free bachelor’s degrees or courses operate online. These distance learning programs feature online lectures, group discussions, and assessments to provide an enriching learning environment. You can attend online classes, get one-to-one assistance from teachers, and interact with other students over a video call as part of the learning program.

However, some institutions offer on-campus classes and alternate between online lectures providing a hybrid study approach.

Benefits of Studying for Free

Colleges and universities offering free degrees and courses posit a lot of benefits for students and families struggling with educational expenses.

  • Those who are trying to find a job and want to expand their expertise can enroll in a free master’s degree to improvise their CV. These learning prospects are cheaper and affordable means of furthering knowledge and learning new skills.
  • You wouldn’t need to take student loans to pay tuition fees. You can graduate and pursue high studies without stressing about debt.
  • Having graduated from top universities and colleges open the door to prospective job opportunities. You do not essentially have to pay hefty amounts to get your degree. Save the money and invest savings in profitable business for a better and secure future.

5 Best Free International Universities

Here is the list of 5 top international universities offering valuable courses and degrees for free. Explore and find the best possible option for affordable higher studies.

Stanford University

Stanford University is the leading international institute based in the US. Founded in the year 1891, Stanford has offered degrees to hundreds of prominent personalities from across the globe. The institution offers several free degrees and programs for students who cannot afford to pay for higher studies. Experience world-class education and learn skills from expert professors and teachers online for free.

Visit the website to learn more about their tuition-free programs and courses.

University of the People

The University of the People is an authorized educational institute offering free education to all its registered students. It’s a one of its kind university that does not charge even a dime for tuition fees. The online university is an accredited institution and offers a range of courses and programs including an MBA degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, and associated degrees in different subjects and learning paths.

Columbia University

Based in New York, Columbia University is a well-acknowledged institution that offers a variety of free degrees and programs for international students. You can enroll for free and study online at your own pace.

Prominent courses are available in robotics, finance, animation, and artificial intelligence. Students can receive a certificate at the end of the course by paying only a very little amount.

The Berea College

Berea College is a renowned American institute offering free degrees and study programs in various fields. All registered students can study without having to pay any tuition fees. However, you would be required to pay 50 USD as admission charges and a 2000 USD deposit fee to confirm your registration.

Located in Kentucky, the college allows students to either study on-campus or attend lectures online. You can enroll for a Bachelor of Science degree or Bachelor of Arts degree as per your choice in more than 33 available major subjects. There is also a wide selection of engineering programs and technical courses that you can sign up for free. Earn dual degrees, independent certificates, and study in professional programs from qualified teachers and experts in the field.

Alice Lloyd College

This prestigious institution has a plethora of tailored programs and free degrees to facilitate international students. All lectures and classes are supervised by trained professors and scholars. However, there is a set quota according to which a selected number of individuals will be allowed admission.

Browse through their website to explore more affordable options and free study programs to advance your knowledge and skill base.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there are a lot of other colleges and universities offering courses and degrees for free. You can always explore other options to find the best suitable institution for your academic preferences.

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