With the rising cost of living in UAE managing monthly expenses gets quite strenuous. Saving money amid these tough recessive times is as hard as ever. Dining out seems like a luxury that only a few can afford. A single visit to an upscale eatery cost around 200-250 AED per person. At the end of the day, we all regret going to dinner or brunch in Dubai. However, if you spend wisely and manage expenses well, you can still be able to devour all those delectable food at your favorite restaurant without having to feel guilty.

Dubai Life is all about fun, food, and leisure and you would not want to miss out on those and should not have to. Here we have penned down some thrifty ways to help you cut down on your monthly costs and set aside money for leisure activities and dining out. Scroll down to learn more!

Grab Deals, Offers, and Discounts on Food

If you are disturbed by your exorbitantly high dining bills, then you must consider opting for discount apps and deals on foods and beverages. There are tons of offers on dining and brunching in Dubai where you can save a good deal of money.

Enjoy the buy 1 get 1 offer, meal discounts, hourly deals, and a lot more by keeping an eye on the latest promotions. Entertainer, Zomato, and Groupon are popular apps to get attractive discounts on your restaurant bills.

A lot of eateries have weekend promotions, business lunches, and set menu courses to help you save money and enjoy a lavish spread of food and drinks. Why pay in full when you can cut the cost to half? Discover, explore, and utilize the best options to enjoy eating out on a budget

Go for Lunch Deals

Dubai is known for its awe-inspiring eateries and budget deals specially curated for lunchtime meals. The city has a plethora of business lunch plans to help you gallop down your favorite meal without having to pay extra.

Have a mid-week break and enjoy munching on a range of snacks, soups, and savory delights on a budget. You can perhaps also go for a three-course set menu and still pay less. The lunchtime meals are value deals to help you dine out in the upscale eateries in the city for the best affordable rates.

For popular business lunch deals in Dubai click here.

Brunch Smart

It’s still possible to go brunching without having to spend a bit over the odds. You essentially do not need to shell out a lot of bucks to enjoy a delectable brunch in the emirate.

Most restaurants launch special promotions from time to time to help customers experience fine dining at its best. There are of course budget friendly brunch options and discounts available for all those money-savvy residents out there.

Opt for the soft package to save a little extra and reduce cost of the total bill. Brunch deals with house beverages usually cost a bit high. Avoid going for instantaneous dine-outs and plan ahead.

Plan wise for staycations

We all crave staycations once if not twice a year. Relaxing in a five-star facility with food and drinks just a call away is all you need to rewind and rejoice. Resorts and high-end hotels in and around Dubai are extortionate. The outrageously high costs often make all the plans come crashing down on the heads. However, planning a holiday well ahead of time does help in cutting down the total cost.

Avoid making a reservation during the peak holiday season. Also, charges during the weekday are comparatively lower than the total room cost on weekends.

Most hotels offer discounts on credit cards and memberships of certain loyalty programs.

Check out the U by Emaar Credit card discounts, cashback credit card offers, and Emirates Air Miles program to see if you can avail of any available deals for a staycation in Dubai.

Also, check if the hotel you are interested in offers complimentary breakfast, pool access, and other leisure activities.

Planning wisely will for sure help you thrash the cost down when planning a family holiday.

Shop on Budget

Whether it’s a weekly grocery run or hoarding supplies for a month, there are scores of thrifty ways to purchase household essentials in Dubai. The rule of thumb is to buy in bulk. Whenever there is a discount on a grocery item, hoard it. The Black Friday Sales, National Day offers, and Ramadan deals are the best times to stockpile household stuff.

Also, the myriad of discount shops in the country offers a suitable platform to buy everyday necessities on a budget. Whether it’s cleaning supplies, small furniture, skincare products, apparel, fragrances, shoes, or fresh greens, you can save a good amount of money by shopping from the right platform.

Carrefour, LULU, Namshi, and SIVVI are popular stores to grab fashion apparel, accessories, and groceries at budget-friendly rates.

Apply discount codes and coupons when shopping online to save more money.

Prefer using Public Transport

Instead of roaming around the town in Uber, Careem, or Taxi, prefer traveling by public transport. Metro, Tram, and buses can help you save some extra dirhams that are otherwise spent on high fares on private transport services. If you are a student you can enjoy additional discounts with an NOL card. To find more details on the student NOL card offer, click here.

Search for Resident Specific Deals

Residents in UAE are entitled to free activities and discounted deals at a variety of attractions and leisure spots. You can enjoy reduced rates at popular resorts, hotels, restaurants, and activities around Dubai and other emirates. Do check out the latest UAE resident offers to grab exclusive discounts for dining, shopping, and staycations.

Look out for Free Activities

There is a lot that you can experience in Dubai and that too for free. From parks to museums, lakes to landmarks, there is a myriad of things to do around the emirate without having to spend even a Dirham. Check out our list of free things to do in Dubai and get sorted for the weekends ahead.

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