All you Apple lovers out there, it’s that time of the year again! On September 7th, the tech giant in its annual product launch event unveiled the face of the latest upgrade to its flagship smartphone. The latest iPhone 14 and iPhone Plus come packed with a sleek design, stellar camera upgrade, innovative safety competencies, expeditious performance, and powerful battery. 

All 4 models will be available for purchase in UAE later in September, with pre-bookings for the phones already started nationwide. While you will not be able to get your hands on the latest models until October, you can pre-book to make sure you get the device at the earliest. 

iPhone 14: How to Save Money while Shopping?

If you are drooling (like most of us) over the phone, you must have already seen the eye-popping price tag that all four models are flaunting. 

These are, of course, the latest smartphones the brand has launched, so there are not any discounts intrinsically. But there are certainly ways and tips to get the best deal in the market and save a good amount of money. You can trade in your old smartphone, subscribe to a network carrier installment plan, use your credit cards to qualify for cashback, and see if any of your rewards and discount app can be used to further slash the price down. 

However, we do advise you to use credit cards cautiously and make payments on time for a good credit score. Late payments and accumulated interest can result in increased financial burden so we recommend you resist the urge to spend more than you can affordably pay!

    1. Trade in your old iPhone:

      The simplest of all ways to get a decent deal is to trade in your old phone. If you are an existing iPhone user, you can trade in your existing phone to get a reasonable credit towards a new iPhone. 

      Depending on the condition and model of the device, you could save as much as AED 3,500 when making a new purchase. 

    2. 7.5% cashback on Emirates NBD U by Emaar Credit Card

      The Emirates NBD U by Emaar Visa credit card is offering all new and existing members a great opportunity to spend and earn instant cashback. Users can enjoy 1.5% cashback as U-Points on all spends and 5 times more cashback when they spend money using the card for shopping at Emaar retail centers. That means you can enjoy a whooping 7.5 cashback when you opt to buy iPhone 14 from the apple store in Dubai Mall. 

    3. Reward: 7.5% cashback

      iPhone 14: AED 3,399 = a cashback of AED 255 

      iPhone 14 Plus: AED 3,799 = a cashback of AED 285

      iPhone Pro: starting from AED 4,299 = a minimum of AED 322 cashback 

      iPhone Pro Max: starting from AED 4,699 = a minimum of AED 352 cashback

      All cashback is earned as U Points that you can spend at any of the designated Emaar retail centers. 

    4. 5% cashback with Noon Mashreq VIP Card

      All Noon Mashreq VIP Credit Card users can purchase iPhone 14 from Noon and get 5% instant cashback along with free delivery. If you do not have a card, you can sign up for one and get a welcome bonus of up to AED 1,000. Use the bonus to purchase your favorite phone from Noon and save a great deal of money. 

    5. Reward: 5% cashback

      iPhone 14: AED 3,399 = AED 170 as cashback

      iPhone 14 plus: AED 3,799 = AED 190 as cashback

      iPhone Pro: starting from AED 4,299 = minimum AED 215 as cashback

      iPhone Pro Max: starting from AED 4,699 = minimum AED 235 as cashback

    6. 5% Cashback with Dubai First Credit Card

      Another credible source to save money on purchase of your new iPhone 14 is the Dubai First Credit card. Users can avail of a 5% cashback on all online spending.

       If you buy Apple’s latest smartphone from online retailers like Sharaf DG, Jumbo, Amazon, Carrefour, or LULU you will get a reward of 5% cashback into your account. 

      Users can also enjoy a 1% cashback if they choose to buy the phone from a brick-and-mortar store anywhere in the UAE. 

    7. Shop at Dubai Mall and Earn Skywards Miles

      Here is another trick to save money when buying iPhone 14 in Dubai. Shop at Dubai Mall and earn rewards redeemable when flying with Emirates Airlines. 

      First things first. Download the Dubai Mall App. Create a profile. Link your Emirates Skywards account to the Mall app. Now scan and upload the receipts of your shopping under the “Add Receipt” tab. 

      To earn the rewards, you must upload the shopping receipt via App within fourteen days of the purchase. 

    8. Rewards: 50 skywards miles for every AED 50 spent in Dubai Mall

      iPhone 14: AED 3,399 = 3399 Skywards Miles

      iPhone 14 plus: AED 3,799 = 3799 Skywards Miles

      iPhone Pro: starting from AED 4,299 = 4299 Skywards Miles 

      iPhone Pro Max: starting from AED 4,699 = 4699 Skywards Miles 

    9. Sharaf DG Air Miles Reward Program

      The Air Miles Reward Program at Sharaf DG can help you save a decent amount of money on an iPhone 14 purchase. With the reward program, you can collect air miles every time you shop at Sharaf DG stores across UAE. You can earn 1 air mile for every 1.5 AED spent on purchasing electronics at their physical outlets or online store. 

      To avail of the offer, you must register for an Air Miles account and use the account number when shopping at any of the Sharaf DG outlets across the country. Members can also avail of the offer when shopping through their online store. 

      Earned rewards can be redeemed as shopping vouchers to be used only at Sharaf DG stores (not valid on the e-store). 

With the majority of the population already tackling the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and house rents, saving on money is getting strenuous. The public in UAE is pulling up its socks to invest in the latest iPhone 14 even though it’s a hefty purchase and definitely not a wise decision if you plan on saving money. However, if you do intend to get your hands on this powerhouse of a phone, consider the tips above to cut off some price of the original cost. 

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