Who does not like making some extra cash? We all do of course. In these tough recession times, nobody wants to let go of the opportunity to earn money by any chance. However, there are only a few legit ways to make money and earn cash rewards by putting in little or no effort.

You would be amused to know you can earn a good deal of money by referring your friends and family members to your bank. Bank referral programs in UAE are helping banks grow their consumer base and benefit customers by offering them exciting prizes and bonuses. Want to learn more? Read on to find out

Best Bank Referral Programs in UAE

A bank referral program encourages its existing customer base to recommend the bank to their friends and family members by offering exciting rewards, cashback, and monetary gifts.

When you refer a bank to your friend, and the friend signs up for a new account, you will be entitled to an incentive as a token of appreciation from the bank. Often, the referred friend also earns a bonus or discount when they open an account upon your referral. A win-win game for all!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best refer-a-friend programs available in UAE banks

      1. HSBC Bank

        HSBC bank is rewarding their customers for every customer who opens a new account upon their reference.

          Earn AED1000 by referring a new Premier customer
          Earn AED500 by referring a new Advance Customer

        The referred customer will also receive benefits and perks as part of the bank referral program. A referred customer can be entitled to:

          Personal loans at the best affordable rates
          Premier Credit Card, Air Miles Rewards, free annual subscription, and a free HSBC Entertainer App
          Free ATM cash withdrawals
          Advance Credit Card

        It’s a limited-time offer that will expire on 31st December 2022.

        Find more details here.

      2. Standard Chartered Bank

        Standard Chartered Bank’s Member get Member program allows existing customers to refer their friends, family members, and colleagues for Priority Banking and earn up to AED5000 as cashback.

          Refer a friend through the Priority banking relationship manager or apply online
          The referred customer has to open an account and deposit a minimum amount to meet the set criteria.
          After the new customer has successfully deposited the amount, you and the referred customer both will receive cashback and rewards.
          You and the referred friend can earn up to AED5000 as cashback plus other benefits as part of the program.
          The funds deposited should be maintained for at least 3 months to receive the reward.

        Submit your applications here.

      3. Emirates Islamic Bank

        Invite your friends and family members to join Emirates Islamic Bank to earn some exciting cash prizes. You and your referred friends can both earn up to AED 3000 each. There is no cap on the maximum amount to be earned, the more you refer, the more you will earn.

          The process is quite simple. You just need to fill in some details online and you are good to go. As soon as your friend opens an account you both will be entitled to receive the bonus.
          The cash prize will be deposited to your Emirates Islamic Bank account within 2 months from the registration date.
          To be eligible for the bonus, add correct details with the right spellings and accurate dates.

        Apply online here.

    1. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

      Spread the word and earn rewards with ADCB’s refer-a-friend program. Refer your friends to join the ADCB bank and earn some exciting cash prizes and bonuses.

        Earn up to 350,000 Touchpoints and 50,000 Etihad Guest Miles for every referral.
        The referred friend will also receive Touchpoints and Etihad Guest Miles upon successful opening of the account
        The application for the refer-a-friend reward can be made online through easy and simple steps.
        Fill in your details at the form available on the website and wait for confirmation from the bank.
        You can also visit the bank in person to request an application for referring your friend to join the bank.

      Visit the website for more details and terms and conditions.

    2. Mashreq Bank

      Refer your family and friends to Mashreq bank and get rewarded. Share your experience with loved ones and refer them to open an account in Mashreq bank to earn up to AED10, 000 as a cash prize.

        The process is quite simple.
        Log on to the website and hover over the refer a friend program
        Enter your details in the form available.
        A representative from the bank will contact your friend for confirmation and further details.
        Upon successful account opening, you will receive the cash reward
        You can submit multiple referral applications. Refresh the page after submitting each application for seamless processing.

      For terms and conditions, visit the Mashreq Bank website.

    3. Mashreq Neo

      Refer your friend to open a Mashreq Neo account and earn up to AED2,000 cash.

        Earn a guaranteed AED100 upon every successful referral and submit as many referral applications as you want
        The referred friend will receive a welcome bonus of AED 2,850 upon opening an account.
        Make referrals using your Mashreq Neo app. Refer and earn rewards on the go

      Find more details here.

    4. Emirates NBD

      The Member Get Member Reward Program at Emirates NBD is offering cash prizes worth up to AED 5,000.  The more you refer, the more the rewards.

      The offer is valid till 31st December 2022

      Referrals can be made online seamlessly through an application form available at the official website.

      Complete the details in the form, let your friend open an account in the bank, and once a deposit is made in the account, you and your friend both will be eligible for the cash reward of AED 5,000.

      For more details, visit the Emirates NBD website.

    5. Citi Bank

      Share the joy of banking with Citi Bank and earn incredible rewards and cashback. Earn up to AED 2,000 as cashback upon every successful referral.

        Log on to the website
        Create a unique link using the referral tool available on the website.
        Share the link with your friend
        Your friend can fill in the details using the link and the bank will contact him/her for further processing of the application
        Once the referred friend signs up for the credit card, the prize amount will be deposited into your Citi bank account within 45 days.
        The referred friend will also receive AED 2,000 as a joining bonus statement credit.

      Visit the website and start referring to earn exciting rewards.

    6. LIV

      Add your friends and loved ones to LIV and earn rewards and bonuses upon successful referrals.

        You can invite your friends to open a LIV account, sign up for a credit card, or register for both simultaneously.
        You and the friend will earn a guaranteed prize of AED 50 after the successful registration for an account.
        The minimum amount to be deposited into the account to be eligible for the prize is AED2500.
        Earn up to AED 200 when your friend signs up for a LIV credit card. The amount will be deposited into your account within 45 days.
        Anyone who currently has a LIV bank account or credit card is eligible to make a referral request.

      Visit the LIV website for further details.

    7. Al Hilal Bank

      Make referrals for Al Hilal Bank and earn TouchPoints up to 10,000 (worth AED60) upon every successful account opening.

        Make referrals easily using the dedicated banking app.
        Currently, the bank referral program is open for selected customers with plans to expand the program to other categories in near future.

      Visit the website or log in to your App to check if you are eligible to participate in the bank referral program.

    8. Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

      Earn up to AED 10,000 every month by referring friends to the Commercial Bank of Dubai. Spread the word and earn exciting prizes and incentives.

      Referrals can be made via the app in simple and easy steps:

        Tap Invite Friends in the app
        Share the unique code generated with your friend
        Using the code, your friend can request an account opening
        Upon successful registration, you will receive a cash reward depending on the amount deposited in the account.
        The reward is capped at AED 10, 000 for a month. Get AED 25 for every new account, AED 500 for each new credit card, and AED 500 for each new Quick Loan.
        The reward amount will be deposited into your bank account within 90 days.

      Visit the website for further details. Terms and Conditions applies.

      The information shared in the blog post is for informative purposes only. The author or the website is in no way persuading the readers to sign up for bank accounts and credit cards. While every attempt is made to present credible and up-to-date content, the terms and conditions are subject to change at the vendor’s discretion at any time without prior notice.

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