Are you interested in earning some extra money through affiliate marketing? Or are you worried about monetization for your blog and want to try your luck? Well, you might be wondering about the best affiliate networks to get started with. We have the answer to all your queries in this blog. Perhaps, generating an incredible amount of revenue with little effort is worth investing your time in. You may wake up to a commission of AED 2500 in the bank with the generation of one sale.

How do affiliate networks work?

Numerous affiliate platforms are available to sign up, no matter the niche your blog is working on. You always have a variety of programs within easy reach for the blog. Affiliate marketing is a partnership program in which you are supposed to drive sales to the brand, and in return, they reward you with a certain percentage of commission on each sale.

This way, you get an opportunity to earn extra money with your regular content. The more traffic you have, the more you will make. You are supposed to create the blog in such a way to attract more buyers, and they can buy through the affiliate link.

Best affiliate networks to promote brands

Whether you are at an advanced level or a beginner who just started affiliate marketing in UAE, here are the best affiliate networks to check out to increase your income. So, let’s dig into it.

  1. ArabClicks

    ArabClicks is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms for the GCC countries – throughout the Middle East, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. With having an experience over 20 years, they deal with a wide range of affiliate networks. The network is robust over the Arab that you get access to high revenue products for big brands.

  2. Amazon Associates

    Amazon is a great platform to start off your affiliate marketing journey. The vast affiliates program offers you a huge range of products to pitch, with more than 3 million making it easier for beginners. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your revenue as Amazon works based on conversion rate. You will receive a commission on each sale made by users you referred. You can generate a valuable income from this type of revenue stream.

  3. DCM Network

    If you are looking for a premium affiliate platform, you won’t go wrong with DCM Networks. With considerable traffic with over 400,000 clicks per month, the network is loved by marketers. They set up the best possible deals between you and the advertiser to have a win-win situation. The network provides assets that helps you to shape the content and attract big brands at a higher commission is a way to go.

  4. CJ Affiliate

    If you want to connect with potential advertisers in the US, CJ is one of the world’s most recognized networks. They have been in the market for two decades, so they are incredibly trusted by advertisers. You are offered innovative tools and consultation to help your content grow and reach out to a larger audience.

  5. Optimise

    Optimise Media offers a thriving platform for affiliates and publishers to partner with brands and earn high commissions with frequent payouts. The global affiliate network run by the company helps affiliates in the UAE with tools and insights to set up ad campaigns effectively and make the best out of their website/blog traffic. Working with Optimise Media will help you get exposure to some of the biggest brands and popular products available in the UAE. The company partners with around 1,000 international brands who put their trust in them to convert clicks into potential sales and generate greater returns on revenue. Partnering with Optimise Media will ultimately help you as an affiliate to monetize your blog and get access to exclusive advertising campaigns, generous commission rates, recurrent payouts, and unique tools to help accelerate conversion rates. Sign up today and pave the path to generate a reasonable passive income.

There are many affiliate networks available but the platforms mentioned here are to give you an idea about the leading affiliate marketing platforms. You may choose any network depending on the market you target.

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