Work-from-home jobs in the current economic market offer tons of high-paying and genuine work opportunities for remote employees. It’s pretty frustrating to waste your precious time stuck in traffic. And you can well imagine the conditions of roads during prime hours in Dubai. Plus fuel costs also take up a huge portion of the total monthly expense.

Luckily, technology has come to help save the day. The Covid lockdown had been a blessing in disguise. A large number of the UAE population is now able to work as digital nomads and can continue making a valuable contribution to their workplace from the comfort of their homes. While many organizations have urged employees to return to the office, many companies have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of working from home. Many private organizations’ employees now work remotely and get paid handsome amounts.

A plethora of work-from-home jobs is now available in UAE allowing residents to work from anywhere in the world. Plus freelance visas have opened a new world of employment opportunities for people eager to live in the UAE without actually being employed in the country. In this article, we will discuss some of the best work-from-home jobs that you may consider to earn a stable income. Let’s dive right into the details.

Top High-Paying Work-from-Home Jobs That You Can Do in 2023

Before you start sending applications to every work-from-home job that you see popping up on Google’s search results, there are some important factors that you must consider including educational criteria and potential pay scale.

So let’s move further into the details and explore several factors that may help you land a good remote job and some of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs that you may consider applying to.

    1. Dropshipping

      Complexity Level (1-5): 4

      Average Yearly Salary: Around USD 42,000

      Experience Required: None

      Dropshipping can be a great remote job opportunity and also an attractive source for generating passive income. The job involves finding products on third-party websites like Amazon and Ali Express and selling them on Facebook Marketplace and different online retail stores.

      The manufacturer takes the responsibility of delivering the products straight to the customer so you don’t have to be actively involved in handling the inventory.

      Here’s how it works:

      To get things started, you are advised to consult a legal practitioner as you might need to earn different types of licenses including a seller’s permit, business license, and trade license.

      Keep in mind that indulging in any sort of trade and business online in UAE without a valid permit is strictly prohibited. Also, research dropshipping in detail to get familiar with current industry practices and different terms and concepts that might sound novel. Find out the top products to sell and how to leverage branding to be able to earn a good income. If this is not your cup of tea, you can choose to promote a brand’s goods and services as an affiliate.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

      Complexity Level (1-5): 4

      Average Yearly Income: Around USD 78,000

      Experience Required: None

      Affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive work-from-home jobs that anyone can opt for without even having prior experience.

      Affiliate marketers are responsible for advertising a brand’s products to their audience on a blog, website, or social media channel. They promote goods and services in conjunction with affiliate networks and earn commissions from the brands in return.

      To be able to promote products via your blog or social media handle, you need to earn a license from UAE Government and get the required permit to perform your services as an affiliate.

      To start your career as an affiliate marketer, study important affiliate marketing topics including social media marketing, digital marketing, branding, and networking.

      Here is a list of the best affiliate programs that you may sign up for to earn a handsome income online.

      If you are looking around for more technical work and not interested in doing marketing, you may turn towards website development.

  1. Web Development

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: Around USD 57,000

    Experience Required: Basic understanding of programming and website portfolio.

    Website development is all about creating and managing a website as a full-time employee or a freelancer. You can specialize in graphic designing because it may help you build a website from scratch without coding.

    However, coders have the potential to earn more by assisting web developers with custom coding and advanced plugins.

    To get started, you can register yourself for a basic web development course at Coursera or Udemy.

    Start working on creating a portfolio to attract potential clients. You may find some high-paying web development jobs on Upwork and Fiverr.

    If you are much into coding, you may also consider programming jobs to work remotely.

  2. Programming

    Complexity Level: 4

    Average Yearly Income: USD 82,000

    Experience Required: A course or certification along with a portfolio.

    Programmers make use of coding language to build computer programs and software. They work with different coding methods and utilize different resources to identify problems and debug codes.

    You can learn programming online from websites like Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube.

    But first, you have to choose a programming language to work with. Also, work to build a strong portfolio and a sound network by working on freelance projects and open-source tasks.

    You may find some lucrative programming jobs on sites like Remotive, Arc, and Remotely.

    If you are more into some basic work-from-home jobs and have a good command of the English language, you may consider becoming an editor or proofreader.

  3. Proofreading/Editing

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: USD 56,000 – USD 71,000

    Experience Required: A college degree, course or certification, and strong proofreading and editing skills.

    Proofreaders are responsible for identifying errors and grammatical mistakes in the content published online on websites and blogs. A proofreader makes sure the content a brand or organization publishes is free from errors.

    Editors on the other hand help in organizing and refining the write-ups.

    If you are interested to work as a remote proofreader or editor, try to develop the habit of reading. Practice writing as much as possible and consider signing up for an English language certification.

    Take up small remote jobs online to build your portfolio and fine-tune your language skills.

    Proofed, Smart Blogger, and American Copy Editors Society are some websites that you may look into for some high-paying work-home jobs related to the niche.

    If you are an avid writer, you may opt to create content online and be a content writer.

  4. Content Writer/Blogger

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Salary: USD 48,000

    Experience Required: A strong writing portfolio and a basic college degree.

    Content creation and blogging are one of the most popular work-from-home jobs that people prefer at present times. You can create or write compelling content for your blog or website, a media agency, or a brand to educate your audience and help them grow their business.

    Besides reading and writing blogs and articles, sign up for courses and online classes to learn more about SEO and professional content writing to land a high-paying writing job.

    Create a portfolio and make sure to add up the best of your write-up to demonstrate your abilities to prospective clients.

    Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer can be good platforms to find remote content-writing jobs

    Another great work-from-home job related to the writing niche that you may like to consider is copywriting.

  5. Copywriting

    Complexity Level: 4

    Average Yearly Income: USD 54,000

    Experience Required: A strong portfolio and college degree

    Copywriters make use of content to influence people and mold their decisions such as persuading them to make a purchase or click on a link.

    Beginners in the field can refine their skills by promoting products as an affiliate. As an aspiring copywriter, you can also work on small paid jobs online to get exposure to the current market trends.

    If copywriting is not what you intend of doing to make money online, you may think of working as a social media expert.

  6. Social Media Management

    Complexity Level: 2

    Average Yearly Income: USD 54,000

    Experience Required: Some employers may demand a college degree or a certification along with a good portfolio.

    Social media managers help brands build their position on the internet. They are typically involved with activities like planning a social media content strategy, designing images and videos, writing posts, answering queries under the posts, responding to inbox messages, managing product promotions, and tracking metrics.

    You can perhaps register for a social media marketing course to learn more about the key topics. It would just take some courses and a little bit of practice to become an expert in the field.

    If you love working on social media and social events, you can also think of opting for an event planning remote job.

  7. Event Planning

    Complexity Level (1-5): 4

    Average Yearly Income: USD 49,000

    Experience Required: College degree, a certification, or sufficient experience in the event management niche.

    The role of an event planner is putting together a plan, promoting, and managing different sorts of social events including wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, public events, and fundraisers.

    Besides having sound expertise in sales and customer service, an event planner should have good networking skills and knowledge of utilizing different management tools. If you think you have got the right skills, you may check with popular international hotel chains, and event planning firms to get a good work-from-home job in the event planning niche.

    Another exciting remote job that you can do if you have got appropriate networking skills, is that of a consultant.

  8. Consultancy

    Complexity Level: 4

    Average Yearly Income: 85, 000 USD

    Experience Required: Varies depending on the employer

    Consultants offer expert suggestions and advice to help their clients take appropriate life decisions. These professionals work in various industries including medicine and health, science and technology, law and politics, and family and marriage.

    No matter what field they work in, offering credible suggestions that bring in effective results speaks of a consultant’s proficiency.

    While you may require years of expertise in a specific field and a relevant professional degree to work as an associate consultant, this remote job does not necessarily require a college degree.

    Since consultants take on the role of an instructor or teacher, you might also consider becoming an online teacher to educate a specific audience about a specialized field or subject.

    You may also click here to find out the 3 best ways to make money online in Dubai.

  9. Online Teaching/Tutoring

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: USD 57,000 to USD 48,000

    Experience Required: To work as a teacher, you may be required to have a college degree and a valid teaching license. To work as a tutor, a certificate or course may be sufficient.

    Online teachers educate a certain segment of the population about a specific subject to help them pass exams and achieve academic excellence. These professionals create lesson plans and informative content, make reports, grade assessments, take tests, and interact with pupils over a video or text chat.

    Becoming a professional online teacher may require years of expertise in the field. However, you can tutor students online by taking some relevant courses online.

    It’s one of the most popular work-from-home jobs in the present times where a huge population is inclined towards learning online.

    If you are good at tutoring and have a solid command over a language, then you may consider taking up the role of a translator.

  10. Translation/Language Interpretation

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: USD 56,000 to USD 49,000.

    Experience Required: Bachelor’s degree, a certificate that demonstrates proficiency in a specific language

    A translator is responsible for translating text documents while a language interpreter helps people in understanding spoken language. The fees that these professionals charge depends greatly on the type of language they are fluent in and the type of industry they work with.

    For instance, data from Upwork shows that legal translators charge the highest fees.

    However, you can always enhance your earning potential and become an expert by learning and expanding your knowledge with the help of courses and certifications.

    You do not essentially have to learn multiple languages to make money as a translator. You just need to be fluent in one single language and be confident enough to educate others.

  11. Transcriptionist/Transcriber

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: USD 43,000

    Experience Required: A basic college degree and one or two years of experience in the relevant field

    Transcriptionists can earn a good amount of income online by offering services to potential clients in different industries. These professionals make use of speech recognition software for turning audio files into text documents.

    As a transcriptionist, you can work in different sectors including medicine, health, wellness, and law enforcement. You just need to be familiar with key terminologies to accurately interpret the audio notes.

    For working as a remote transcriber, you may need to have one or two years of experience in the relevant field and have a bachelor’s degree that demonstrates your academic ability to perform the job.

  12. Data Entry

    Complexity Level: 2

    Average Yearly Income: USD 36,000

    Experience Required: High school degree and sufficient experience working with Microsoft Office.

    Perhaps one of the popular work-from-home jobs is that of a data entry specialist.

    In simple words, data entry is all about putting the data into a computer. Your typing speed and accuracy of entering date determine how much you will earn online.

    Data Entry Specialists can work in several different fields including finance, IT, healthcare, Law, and Marketing.

  13. Bookkeeping

    Complexity Level: 3

    Average Yearly Income: USD 40,000

    Experience Required: Appropriate training and proficiency in accounting software.

    Bookkeeping is another lucrative work-from-home job that you can undertake to earn a decent income online. Bookkeepers make use of accounting software to create financial reports, manage payrolls, and keep a record of transactions.

    As a beginner, you may be required to have a basic understanding of accounting principles and terminologies. You also should learn to use accounting software to demonstrate your skills as an expert bookkeeper.

  14. Virtual Assistant

    Complexity Level (1-5): 2

    Average Yearly Income: 34,000 USD

    Experience Required: High school degree or diploma along with one or two years experience in the relevant field.

    The last remote job that made it to our list of best work-from-home jobs is a virtual assistant.

    With most businesses going online, the demand for virtual assistants is soaring. These professionals perform various duties including data entry, social media management, event planning, and customer care.

    Virtual assistants can sometimes also take the role of web designers and offer their services as website developers. The roles and responsibilities may vary depending on your experience and the industry you want to work with.


    Which One of the Above Work From Home Jobs is Suitable For You?

    Whether you continue working in your current niche or switch to a new field, you have plenty of options available to work from home in the UAE.

    First things first. Choose a job that matches your skill set, interest, and expected pay scale. After narrowing down the list, get the required education and gain relevant experience. Working as a freelancer and taking up small paid jobs is a good way to enhance your skills and abilities and gain expertise in the field.

    Look around for potential jobs by keeping an eye on online job boards and individual business websites.

    If you have the determination and the right skill set, you would soon be working on your dream job that too from the comfort of your home.

    So pull up your socks and start hunting for the best work from jobs to realize your dream and accomplish your career goals.

    Here is an interesting article on the most in-demand skills of 2023 that may help you in finding a high-paying remote job.


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