While Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour with all things grand and premium, there is another side to the city that you will love to discover. The emirate is widely known for its street food and local eateries that offer fulfilling meals at affordable rates. From falafels to sandwiches, manakish to hot dogs, there is a variety of food that you can devour for less than AED 10. Finish off your food with some Karak tea and there will still be some Fils left in your wallet. No, it’s not a joke. We take our food quite seriously.

Let’s move on to the details to explore meals and snacks that you can fill up your plate with only a few dirhams.

Things to eat for less than AED 10

Here is the rundown of the best street foods in Dubai that you can eat for under AED 10.

  1. Rigag at Labeeb Grocery

    Well, as the name implies, this grocery store in Jumeirah serves up some really nice food besides pantry items. Rigag is their specialty which is a very crisp and thin crepe-like bread topped up with cheesy goodness and fluffy egg. This tantalizing snack is priced at just AED 5. Pair it up with a warm drink of your choice and you are sorted with your lunch for less than AED 10.

  2. Hot dog from Ikea

    How can we talk about cheap food in Dubai and not mention the classic eats at Ikea? The insanely popular hot dog from Ikea is a must-try budget snack. The brand is not only popular for its first-class furniture but also for the food that it serves to customers in a nicely built café. Finish off your shopping spree with some lip-smacking eatable goodies. Their hotdog is the most ordered item from the menu and costs just AED 5. Order a croissant or a cup of tea for a nice light lunch that wouldn’t cost you more than AED 10.

  3. Muharamara from the Man’oushe Street

    Take your taste buds on bursting with flavors journey with a unique meal from Man’oushe Street, the popular Lebanese eatery located in Dubai. Get yourself a Muharamara which is actually a bread roll filled with red pepper, tomato, and onion. Priced at only AED 8.25, this delectable snack is sure to make your meal a memorable affair.

  4. Turkey and Chicken Sandwich from Spinneys

    Spinney’s is undoubtedly the most preferred option for peeps in Dubai for quick meals on the go. With no compromise on the quality of food, the supermarket offers a wide range of affordable ready-to-eat meals including sandwiches, salads, cooked meats, deli items, sushi, and wraps. Their turkey cheese sandwich and chicken mayo sandwich are perfect lunchtime options in a budget. Priced at AED 8.25 each, the sandwiches are huge and can fill up your tummy for a good amount of time.

  5. Hummus with Falafel and Chicken from Al Damyati and Iskandaron

    Craving for traditional local food? you can definitely be sorted with a quick meal from Al Damyati and Iskandaron. Order a falafel with a chicken or meat side for less than AED 10 (falafel for AED4 and chicken or meat add-on for AED 5). Their hummus is worth a try and is undoubtedly one of the bests the city has to offer in that price bracket. You can also order some really affordable Arabic food from the restaurant for a nice hearty lunch or dinner with your family without burning a hole in your pocket.

  6. Aloo Wada (Potato Sandwich) from Farsian Restaurant

    Those of you who are a fan of authentic Indian street food can now satisfy the urge with some lip-smacking aloo Wada from Farsian restaurant located in Meena Bazar. The eatery serves an appetizing potato sandwich with lots of veggies stuffed inside alongside spicy mint sauce. The cost of the meal is AED 3 only and for a total of AED 9, you can fill up your plate with 3 sandwiches. Pop over to the venue with a friend and devour classic Asian delicacies under AED10 only. it just cannot get cheaper than this.

  7. Beef/Chicken Shawarma from Grandiose

    The Grandiose Supermarket serves up nice shawarmas made fresh over their live cooking station. The bread is wrapped around a generous filling of shredded grilled chicken or beef with delicious white sauce. The total cost for large-size shawarma is AED 9 only. There are lots of fresh and affordable meals available at the café to grab for a quick bite including piping hot pizza, rice and meat bowls, sandwiches, and pasta.

  8. Falafel Sandwich from Foul W Hummus

    This hidden gem located in Al Barsha is getting popular for all the right reasons. The Foul W Hummus restaurant makes one of the best falafel sandwiches in town priced at only AED 7. The generous serving includes crispy falafel wrapped in flavorful pita bread with delicious tahini salad. This is a must-try Middle Eastern delicacy in Dubai.

  9. Karak Tea from Project Chaiwala

    This chic cafeteria brews soul-satisfying Karak tea along with other Asian treats for quite affordable rates. Located in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Media City, and Cinema Akil, the restaurant is famous among south Asians for light snacks and hot milk tea. Priced at AED 10 only, the Karak tea is sure to give a boost to your dull day. Pair it with a sandwich and you are well-sorted for an evening snack.

  10. Veg Samosa, Vada Pav, and Tea at Filli Café

    Well, this food joint in Dubai needs no introduction. The insanely popular Filli Café whips up the best Karak tea in town with appetizing snacks and meals for everyone. Try their Punjabi veg samosa for AED 8, Vada Pav for AED 8, Bun Maska for AED 10, and Masala Chai for AED 9 and experience the best of South East Asian street food.

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