Traveling to France for either a work trip or a family holiday necessitates seamless connectivity, and the choice of the right e-SIM card can make all the difference. In a world, where staying connected is pivotal, navigating through the myriad options to find the best eSIM cards in France is crucial for travelers.

From exploring the picturesque streets of Paris to venturing into the dreamy French countryside, having reliable and affordable mobile connectivity is paramount. This article will tell you everything you need to know about eSIM cards in France, unveiling the top contenders that offer optimal coverage and data plans tailored to diverse budgetary needs.

Read on and discover some of the best and most affordable e-SIMs for France along with reliable links to purchase on the go.

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Best Cheapest eSIM Cards in France

Below is a compilation of some of the best-performing and cost-effective eSIM cards in France. Find a comprehensive review for each connection along with specifications and updated costs.

  1. My European e-SIM by Bouygues Telecom

Cost: USD44.90


  • 30 GB data volume
  • Valid in France and all over Europe
  • 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Unlimited calls and texts all across Europe
  • 30 days validity
  • Comes down to USD1.5 per 1GB

My European e-SIM by Bouygues Telecom comes with a distinctive French phone number, prefixed with +33, and boasts compatibility across 39 European countries. It facilitates both incoming and outgoing calls, making it a versatile choice for communication needs when visiting France.

Additionally, this e-sim card includes complimentary EU data roaming, allowing seamless utilization of the allocated 30 GB of data across France and all over Europe.

This connection stands out as an excellent option for travelers visiting France. It’s budget-friendly, has attractive specifications, and a fairly reasonable price tag.

To Purchase, My European e-SIM card for France via SimOptions, click here.

  1. Nomad data-only e-SIM for France

Cost: USD19


  • 10 GB data volume
  • Valid only in France
  • 5G ready connection
  • 30 days validity
  • Does not support incoming and outgoing calls/text messages.
  • Comes down to USD1.9 per 1 GB

Another good choice for short-term mobile connectivity in France is Nomad e-SIM with 10 GB data volume. The e-sim card designed for use in France only is exclusively tailored for data services, omitting support for traditional calling and texting features. Not equipped with a designated phone number, this e-sim remains focused on data connectivity.

Its notable feature includes 5G readiness, ensuring users can experience high-speed internet capabilities. Priced at USD1.9 USD per GB, it offers a cost-effective solution for travelers who mainly require internet connectivity during their trip.

To purchase Nomad e-SIM for France, click here.

  1. SimOptions eSIM Cards in France

SimOptions has established itself as a trustworthy choice for e-SIM connections. For those planning to order a France e-sim card for their trip, SimOptions is selling the following data-only plans for 2024:

  • 1 GB data for 7 days at USD4.90
  • 5 GB data for 15 days at USD14.90

It’s important to note that these data-only e-sim cards by SimOptions are exclusively valid within France. The specific mobile network operator via which the SIM operates is not explicitly specified. The maximum data speed for these France e-SIM cards is 4G/LTE, with no 5G capability.

SimOptions eSIM cards in France do not have a phone number and do not support incoming/outgoing calls or SMS. The validity of these e-sim cards spans one year, and credit validity begins immediately upon e-sim card installation, regardless of the user’s location.

To purchase SimOptions eSIM Cards in France, click here

  1. Bouygues Telecom e-SIM for France by SimOptions

If you’re looking around for affordable data-only eSIM cards in France, SimOptions offers an exclusive option through the Bouygues Telecom e-SIM, extending its validity to 39 European countries. The plan includes 15 GB of data, valid for 15 days, at a cost of USD19.90. The connection can be bought online via the official website of SimOptions.

  1. International eSIM cards in France by SimOptions

SimOptions doesn’t just cater to France; it also provides international e-sim cards designed for seamless travel across Europe and beyond, with some now featuring 5G capabilities. Travelers planning to visit France and a couple of other European countries can consider buying international e-SIMs by SimOptions and say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing different SIMs for each country.

Prices and Plans for SimOptions International e-SIMs

Here is an updated list of prices for various data and call packages available at SimOptions

  • 15 GB data volume along with unlimited calls for 15 days at USD21.90
  • 10 GB data volume with 5G ready connectivity for 30 days at USD24.90
  • 12 GB data volume along with 30 free international minutes and unlimited calls/text messages for 14 days at USD29.90
  • 30 GB data volume along with unlimited calls and text messages for 30 days at USD44.90
  • 30 GB data volume along with 120 free international minutes and unlimited calls/text messages for 14 days at USD49.90
  • 50 GB data volume with 5G connectivity and unlimited calls/text messages for 28 days at USD59.90

Valid across France and Europe, these e-sim cards offer extensive coverage and come with the added advantage of free EU data roaming. What sets these eSIM cards in France apart is their inclusive calling and texting features, with select options boasting 5G readiness.

An appealing aspect of these international e-SIM cards is their one-year validity. Notably, the credit validity only begins upon the first connection to a supported network, allowing users to install the e-sim card even before arriving in Europe.

The international e-sim cards by SimOptions mentioned above cater to a range of data and communication needs, making SimOptions a comprehensive choice for travelers visiting France in 2024.

For further details and information, we recommend you visit SimOption’s official website and find a suitable e-SIM for traveling to France.

  1. Airalo eSIM Cards for Traveling to France

Airalo is a highly acclaimed e-sim card provider offering several e-SIM connections for various parts across the globe. The process of ordering your e-sim card for France through Airalo is not only swift but also remarkably easy.

The company has proven itself as a reliable choice for staying connected while traveling abroad. The service has consistently demonstrated reliability, with no reported issues, and often offers some of the most cost-effective e-SIM card deals.

Opting for Airalo can be particularly advantageous, as it offers competitively priced e-SIM card plans for France, showcasing affordability when compared to alternatives like SimOptions. Notably, Airalo’s e-SIM card plans are equipped with 5G readiness, making them a forward-looking choice for tech-savvy travelers.

Especially suitable for those who require a modest amount of data for activities like staying in touch through WhatsApp, checking emails, and navigating with Google Maps, Airalo stands out as an excellent e-sim card for traveling to France.

Prices for Airalo eSIM Plans

Here is an updated list of prices and plans available at Airalo for travelers visiting France

  • 1 GB data volume valid for 7 days at USD4.5
  • 2 GB data volume valid for 15 days at USD7.5
  • 3 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD10
  • 5 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD14
  • 10 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD23
  • 20 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD36

Airalo quite frequently rolls out enticing promotions, and recently, they are offering a remarkable 50% discount on their e-SIM card plans for France. You can keep an eye on their website to stay abridged with the latest discounts and avail of the best affordable deals.

The Airalo eSIM cards in France are powered by BonBon Mobile and operated via the Orange, Bouygues, and SFR 4G/LTE and 5G networks. Notably, as of 2024, Airalo’s eSIM cards in France boast 5G readiness, allowing users to experience high-speed connectivity.

Bonbon Mobile, the provider powering Airalo’s e-sim cards, is a data-only SIM card provider and lacks a designated phone number. Consequently, phone and SMS services are not supported on Airalo’s e-SIMs.

Also, it’s crucial to note that an Airalo e-sim card must be installed within one month of acquisition, and once activated, the credit validity begins from the time the SIM connects to a supported network in France.

To purchase Airalo’s eSIM cards in France, click here.

  1. Nomad eSIM Cards in France

Nomad is another top choice for affordable and reliable e-SIM connections for traveling to France. The company is known widely for its consistent mobile service and offers cost-effective eSIM cards for various parts of the world.

Prices for Nomad e-SIM Card Plans for France

Here is an updated list of prices for all available e-SIM card plans for France by Nomad.

  • 1 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD6
  • 3 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD8
  • 5 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD14
  • 10 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD19
  • 15 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD27
  • 20 GB data volume valid for 30 days at USD33

The eSIM cards in France by Nomad come in two variants. One is powered by Nomad Black and the other by eSIM Go. It’s important to distinguish between the two, as the e-sim card plans from Nomad Black exclusively support a maximum data speed of 4G/LTE.

On the other hand, opting for eSIM Go brings the advantage of 5G connectivity, providing users with enhanced speed and connectivity options.

To ensure optimal functionality, Nomad’s eSIM cards in France must be installed on your device within 30 days of purchase. Once installed, the validity period begins from the time the SIM connects to a supported network in France, typically upon landing.

To purchase Nomad France e-SIMs, click here.

What is the best and cheapest e-SIM card for France visitors?

For budget-conscious travelers, the most economical e-sim card option for France is by Airalo offering 1 GB of data for a duration of 7 days, priced at a wallet-friendly USD 4.5. It’s important to note that this particular e-sim card plan is exclusively valid within France only and does not support calling and texting services.

Why Order an e-SIM card for traveling to France?

Ordering an e-sim card for France offers a myriad of advantages for modern travelers. Firstly, the convenience of obtaining an e-sim eliminates the need for physical cards, providing a seamless and efficient process for connectivity.

With e-SIM cards, travelers can easily access local data plans, ensuring continuous internet access for communication, navigation, and staying connected on social platforms. Additionally, many e-SIM providers offer competitive pricing and exclusive data plans, catering to diverse needs.

The flexibility of choosing data-only or comprehensive plans allows travelers to customize their connectivity based on usage requirements. Overall, opting for an e-sim card for France ensures a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for staying connected while exploring historical landmarks and cultural wonders of the country.

Where to Buy an e-SIM for France?

To purchase an e-sim card for France, there are several reputable online platforms and e-sim providers that offer convenient and efficient services. One popular option is to explore dedicated websites of well-known e-sim card providers like Airalo, SimOptions, or Nomad.

These platforms typically allow users to browse through a variety of e-sim plans specifically designed for France, providing details on data allowances, validity periods, and pricing.

Surprisingly, none of the mobile internet providers in France currently offer e-SIM cards specifically tailored for tourists. Instead, the available option is limited to physical prepaid SIM cards, and acquiring an e-sim for seamless connectivity might require prior planning through online platforms or designated e-sim providers before arriving in France.

Travelers should check for updates or changes in the local market conditions and explore alternative options for securing connectivity during their stay. Overall, the only recommended way to purchase e-SIM cards for France is via the web as it offers flexibility and convenience for travelers seeking seamless connectivity during their stay.

What is the best time to purchase an e-SIM card when visiting France?

The optimal time to order and activate an e-sim card for France depends on various factors. While most e-sim cards typically need to be installed on a phone within one month of purchase, some offer a more extended timeframe of up to one year.

The critical consideration lies in the activation process – certain e-sim cards have credit validity that immediately begins after installation, while others start when they connect to a supported network for the first time.

It’s recommended to install the e-sim card on the day of departure to France for immediate use. Alternatively, for those aiming to maximize validity, activating the France e-sim card upon arrival after connecting to the free WiFi at the airport is advised, as all international airports in France offer complimentary public WiFi services.

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