Amidst the excitement of planning an international holiday trip, one crucial consideration often looms large: finding seamless connectivity throughout your travels. One affordable solution is to stay connected via e-SIMs, the latest technological advancement in the digital communication sector.

E-SIMs are the modern traveler’s passport to uninterrupted communication and data access. If you are thinking of visiting Thailand for a leisure trip, then an e-SIM can offer you an economical medium to go online and conveniently stay connected with the world around you.

In this informative article, we will discuss the top eSIM cards in Thailand. We have scoured the web and curated the latest e-SIM deals from renowned providers, presenting a detailed analysis of their features and benefits.

Whether you’re an avid explorer seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures or a savvy digital nomad in pursuit of remote work opportunities, our article promises to equip you with all the necessary information on Thailand e-SIMs.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of hassle-free connectivity as we look into the best e-SIM cards for Thailand, backed by credible sources for convenient online purchases.

Recommendations for the Best Tourist eSIM Cards in Thailand

  1. DTAC Happy Tourist e-SIM Card for Thailand (50GB)

The DTAC Happy Tourist 5G is perhaps the best value-for-money choice among various eSIM cards in Thailand available online.

The e-SIM has some pretty competitive features with 5G connectivity to accommodate a diverse tourist population

Cost: $9.90 (AED36.36)


  • 5G-ready connections
  • 50 GB data volume
  • 100 free minutes
  • 10 days validity
  1. DTAC Happy Tourist e-SIM with Unlimited Data & Calls

The DTAC e-SIM for Thailand is available in another version too where it offers unlimited data and calls for an attractive price tag. Here are the details:

Cost: $19.90 (AED 73.09)


  • Unlimited data volume
  • Unlimited calls and text messages
  • 15 days validity
  • 5G coverage

To purchase these eSIM cards in Thailand, click here.

Important Details:

  • High-speed 5G coverage

Setting itself apart, the DTAC e-SIM card for Thailand by SimOptions boasts 5G compatibility, providing lightning-fast connectivity across the country’s myriad tourist hotspots. This stands in stark contrast to many other e-SIM options that typically offer only 4G/LTE network speeds.

  • Generous Data Volume

The DTAC tourist e-SIM cards present travelers with the choice of unlimited data or a generous allocation of 50 GB for use within Thailand. What sets these offerings apart is the assurance that “unlimited” truly means limitless, with no speed throttling—ensuring that users enjoy optimal data speeds throughout their journey.

  • Unlimited Calls

The DTAC e-SIM cards also include added benefits such as 100 minutes of calling time or the convenience of unlimited local calls within Thailand. Moreover, travelers can take advantage of the complimentary 15 THB (AED 1.52) international calling credit.

  • Free Credit

For users needing to make additional calls or send SMS messages, the rates are competitively priced: 0.99 THB (USD0.027, AED 0.10)per minute for calls within Thailand, and 3 THB (USD0.083, AED 0.30) per SMS to a Thai phone number. Plus, unlimited calls to other DTAC numbers are bundled in as part of the package.

  • Local Registered Phone Number

The 50 GB DTAC e-SIM and Unlimited DTAC e-SIM cards both provide users with a Thailand phone number starting with +66, while incoming calls and SMS messages remain free of charge.

  • 1 Year Validity

Both DTAC eSIM cards in Thailand remain valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Credit validity of 10/15 days begins immediately upon installation irrespective of whether the user is currently in Thailand or not.

Point to Remember:

Travelers must be discerning. While some may be enticed by e-SIMs promoting unlimited data, it’s generally not recommended to opt for such offers without scrutiny.

After surpassing the 50 GB threshold, data speeds on most e-SIMs will be throttled to a mere 384 Kbps—that’s barely sufficient for basic messaging apps like WhatsApp, akin to an E signal.

It’s advised not to opt for e-SIM cards in Thailand that vouch for unlimited data unless they unequivocally guarantee unlimited high-speed data with no Fair Use Policy (FUP) restrictions.

All DTAC Happy Tourist eSIM cards in Thailand are available for purchase at SimOptions’ official website. You can log on to their online portal to have a detailed look at terms and conditions.

SimOptions Data-Only eSIM Cards in Thailand

Besides the eSIM cards in Thailand mentioned above, here are a few more e-SIM plans by SimOptions designed exclusively for tourists:

  • 1 GB data-only plan valid for 7 days: $4.90 (AED 17.98)
  • 10 GB data-only plan valid for 30 days: $29.90 (AED 109.78)
  • 20 GB data-only plan valid for 30 days: $54.90 (AED 201.67)

These plans cater to varying data needs, ensuring that travelers have access to reliable connectivity throughout their stay in Thailand. You can purchase any of these connections by logging into SimOption’s official website.

  1. Nomad Thailand Travel eSIMs

Nomad is another top e-SIM provider in the market selling attractive eSIM cards in Thailand. Their connections are highly reliable and operate on DTAC’s high-speed 5G network. If you are looking for generous data plans without having to spend a bit over the odds, then Nomad’s eSIM cards in Thailand can be a perfect choice.

Details for Nomad’s Regular DTAC e-SIM card for Thailand

Here are some essential details for Nomad’s regular DTAC eSIM cards in Thailand

  • 50 GB data volume valid for 10 days at the price of $8 (AED 29.38)
  • 15 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $26 (AED 95.53)
  • 10 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $20 (AED 73.59)
  • 5 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $14 (AED 51.51)
  • 3 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $11 (AED 40.47)
  • 1 GB data volume valid for 7 days at the price of $4 (AED 14.72)

The above-mentioned eSIM cards for Thailand by Nomad come with a phone number. You can make unlimited phone calls within Thailand and 30-minute calls to a few other countries. When you purchase the connection, it must be activated within 60 days.

The SIM is activated instantly upon installation and the credit validity also commences the moment the SIM is activated on the device.

To make the most of the data, it’s advised to activate the e-SIM upon landing in Thailand. A Wi-Fi or data connection is required for activating the e-SIM.

Details for Nomad’s Unlimited DTAC e-SIM Card for Thailand

Here are some essential details about the unlimited data plan e-SIM card for Thailand by Nomad:

  • Unlimited data for 1 day at the price of $7 (AED 25.71)
  • Unlimited data for 3 days at the price of $15 (AED 55.07)
  • Unlimited data for 5 days at the price of $20 (AED 73.59)
  • Unlimited data for 7 days at the price of $25 (AED 91.99)

The above-mentioned DTAC eSIM cards in Thailand are data-only connections and do not come with a phone number. This means you won’t be able to make calls and send SMS to any local or international mobile number.

The data pack will be activated as soon as the SIM is installed on your mobile device. To fully utilize the validity period, it’s recommended to activate the connection only after landing in Thailand.

A Fair Usage Policy is applicable on all unlimited data e-SIMs. You may log on to Nomad’s website for further details on terms and conditions.

To purchase any of the regular or unlimited e-SIM cards for Thailand by Nomad, you may click here.

  1. Airalo eSIM Cards in Thailand

Airalo’s e-SIM cards for Thailand come packed with a plethora of features designed to meet the diverse needs of modern travelers. From generous data allowances to comprehensive call and text options, these e-SIM cards provide the flexibility and freedom to stay connected on your own terms.

Whether you’re a digital nomad in need of high-speed data for remote work or a leisure traveler seeking to share your experiences with loved ones back home, Airalo has the perfect e-SIM solution for you.

What sets Airalo apart is not just the convenience of its e-SIM cards, but also its commitment to affordability and transparency. With competitive pricing and no hidden fees, travelers can rest assured that they’re getting the best value for their money.

Plus, with Airalo’s user-friendly platform, purchasing and activating your e-SIM card is a breeze, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—making the most of your time in Thailand.

Details for Airalo’s eSIM Cards for Thailand

Airalo has a wide variety of e-SIM plans for travelers heading to Thailand. They have data-only SIMs as well as SIMs offering both data and calls.

Here are the details for their Data-Only e-SIMs for Thailand

  • 1 GB data volume valid for 7 days at the price of $4.50 (AED 16.53)
  • 2 GB data volume valid for 14 days at the price of $6 (AED 22.04)
  • 3 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $8 (AED 29.38)
  • 5 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $10.50 (AED 38.59)
  • 10 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $16 (AED 58.76)
  • 20 GB data volume valid for 30 days at the price of $22 (AED 80.95)

If you are looking for e-SIMs that offer calls and data then here are two plans by Airalo that you might like:

  • 50 GB data + 100 minutes for 10 days: $9.90 (AED 36.35)
  • Unlimited data + unlimited calls + unlimited texts for 15 days: $19.95 (AED 73.24)

To purchase any of the above-mentioned e-SIM cards for Thailand by Airalo, you may click here.

For more details and information on Airalo’s e-SIMs for other parts of the world, click here

What is the Cheapest Tourist e-SIM Card for Thailand?

If you’re on the hunt for the most economical e-SIM card option for your Thailand travels, look no further than the Nomad 1 GB data-only e-SIM card. Priced starting from a mere $4 (AED14.69), this option stands out as the most budget-friendly choice available.

The Nomad 1 GB data-only e-SIM card offers a cost-effective solution for staying connected while exploring Thailand’s vibrant landscapes and bustling cities. However, it’s important to note that this e-SIM card only provides data services; incoming and outgoing calls and SMS are not supported.

With a data allowance of 1 GB, this e-SIM card can be a perfect solution for light internet usage, such as checking emails, staying in touch via WhatsApp, and navigating with Google Maps.

Another similar connection plan is offered by Airalo. Their 1 GB data-only e-SIM card for Thailand is available for purchase at the cost of $4.5 (AED16.53) with a 7-day validity. Both Nomad and Airalo e-SIM cards for Thailand seem to be the best possible choice for savvy travelers.

Why buy an e-SIM when traveling to Thailand?

Ordering an e-SIM for Thailand in 2024 offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for staying connected during your travels. Gone are the days of visiting a physical SIM card shop and dealing with the hassle of swapping cards in your phone. With e-SIMs, the entire process is streamlined and can be completed online in just a few minutes.

The primary reason for ordering an e-SIM is simple: to ensure you remain connected throughout your journey in Thailand. In today’s digital age, our smartphones serve as essential tools for navigating and enjoying our surroundings.

Whether it’s ordering a taxi through an app like Grab, finding nearby attractions or restaurants, or staying in touch with loved ones back home, a reliable data connection is indispensable. With an e-SIM, you can effortlessly access essential apps like Google Maps, social media platforms, and banking apps, enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of your trip.

Moreover, opting for an e-SIM helps you avoid exorbitant roaming charges that may accompany traditional SIM cards. By utilizing a local e-SIM, you can enjoy cost-effective data and communication services without worrying about unexpected fees draining your budget.

In essence, choosing an e-SIM for your travels to Thailand not only simplifies the process of staying connected but also enhances the overall convenience and affordability of your journey. Whether you’re exploring bustling city streets, tranquil beaches, or vibrant markets, having reliable connectivity at your fingertips ensures a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

Where to Buy a Tourist e-SIM for Thailand?

When it comes to purchasing an e-SIM for Thailand, the most recommended and convenient method is to buy online. Trusted providers like SimOptions, Nomad, and Airalo offer a wide range of e-SIM options tailored specifically for travelers visiting Thailand. These providers ensure a seamless purchasing process and offer ample choices to suit various data and call needs.

It’s essential to purchase your e-SIM from a trusted mobile service provider to ensure reliability and quality service. With online purchases, you can conveniently arrange everything from the comfort of your home or while on the go, eliminating the need to visit physical stores and deal with cumbersome paperwork.

However, if you prefer to purchase your e-SIM after arriving in Thailand, unfortunately, this option is not available. In such cases, your only option would be to purchase a physical tourist prepaid SIM card. While this may provide an economical alternative to paying roaming charges, it’s worth noting that physical SIM cards may not be as cost-effective as e-SIMs and may come with limitations in terms of data allowances and coverage.

Important Things to Consider When Buying e-SIM Cards for Thailand

When purchasing an e-SIM for Thailand, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience:


Verify that your device is compatible with e-SIM technology. Most modern smartphones support e-SIM functionality, but it’s essential to double-check compatibility before making a purchase.

Provider Reliability

Choose a reputable e-SIM provider with a track record of reliability and quality service. Research customer reviews and ratings to gauge the provider’s reputation and reliability.

Data and Call Plans

Evaluate the data and call plans offered by different e-SIM providers to find one that best suits your needs. Consider factors such as data allowances, call minutes, and validity periods to ensure the plan aligns with your usage requirements.


Check the coverage area provided by the e-SIM provider to ensure reliable connectivity throughout your travels in Thailand. Opt for a provider with extensive coverage in urban areas as well as remote regions if you plan to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Activation Process

Familiarize yourself with the activation process for the e-SIM card you intend to purchase. Make sure that the activation process is straightforward and user-friendly, preferably involving minimal steps for seamless connectivity.

Validity Period

Take note of the validity period of the e-SIM plan to ensure it aligns with the duration of your stay in Thailand. Opt for a plan with a validity period that matches your travel itinerary to avoid interruptions in connectivity.

Price Transparency

Verify the total cost of the e-SIM plan, including any additional fees or charges, to avoid unexpected expenses. Look for providers that offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Customer Support

Choose an e-SIM provider that offers reliable customer support to assist with any queries or issues that may arise during the purchasing process or while using the e-SIM card in Thailand.

By keeping these essential factors in mind when buying an e-SIM for Thailand, you can ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to stay connected and make the most of your holiday trip.

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