Being the hub of never-ending opportunities, Dubai is the dream destination of many who want to crawl high up in their career. Favorable temperatures, tax-free income, attractive salaries, upscale landmarks, and stunning beaches may be a few of the many factors that compel people from across the globe to get a job in Dubai.

The job market in the Emirate is being diversified. That means a wide range of fields and industries are now looking for new employees and are more inclined to hire the workforce from abroad. However, the market is still dominated by the IT ad tech industry with the highest salaries being offered to positions like software engineers, data scientists, customer success specialists, and full stack engineers.

If you belong to the IT sector, luck might be on your side. But how exactly should one start the job hunt in Dubai? This article will provide you with valuable insights and information to help you understand what it takes to get hired in the city.

How to Get a Job in Dubai? Helpful tips and Tricks

The job hunt can be more strenuous than it may sound. You can perhaps look for a job by signing up at online job portals, participating in job fairs, riffling through classifies, and registering with recruitment agencies. If you are looking for a job in Dubai, be glad as the job market is back on its feet after some instability caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Most of the ex-pats employed in industries across the country have reached this point after years of struggle and unsuccessful job hunts. Getting a false start and being stuck in the wrong kind of job can be more frustrating than fruitless employment searches. Now without any further delay, let’s dive straight into the details.

  1. Stay focused on one position

    The common belief is that the more applications you submit, the more the chances of being called for an interview. Contrary to this popular belief, applying for a lot of jobs in Dubai for different roles may cause more harm than good.

    HR departments and recruitment companies look for specific skill sets for specific job roles. If a recruiter is seeking to hire a sales professional for an automobile company, it’s very unlikely that they will ask for an interview with a sales professional who belongs to the textile industry. The skillset of both professionals may be similar but companies prefer hiring people who have hands-on expertise and an understanding of a specific niche.You need to show the employer that you have got all that they are looking for. You simply cannot be an appropriate choice for different job roles. Apply for jobs that are relevant to you.

  2. Be clear about what job role you want to get into

    To land a decent job in Dubai, you need to be very specific about what job you actually want. This means that you should apply for positions for which you are qualified. If you are unable to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for a job role, it’s better not to apply.

    Pay special attention to the degree qualifications, language requirements, and specific geographical experience required for the job post. If a job asks for an Arabic Speaker, then do not apply if you do not speak Arabic.

    When you apply for jobs for which you are not a preferred choice, you are likely to get irritated and will feel rejected. To avoid frustration, stay focused and apply only to specific job roles. Plan and figure out the companies you need to target. There will obviously be many companies who would be looking for the skillset and talent you possess. Set out on a targeted job hunt and you will most probably land an interview soon.

  3. Optimize your CV

    It may sound like a lot of work but it will be worth the time and effort. Making changes in your CV when applying for different job roles may actually help in landing an interview. You are obviously not applying to hundreds of positions and may be considering a few options that seem suitable. Create a separate CV for each specific job application and adapt it in such a way that it highlights your skills and potential for the job role in question.

    Take some time out and start working on your CV to make it more adaptable for different job positions and roles. You need to make sure your resume is up to the mark. You just cannot take any chance here.Your CV is the first demonstration of your skills, expertise, qualification, and knowledge. Recruiters judge applicants from their CVs and pick out those that match the skills and talent they are on the lookout for

    Optimize your CV for the budding Dubai job market. You can use free templates and formats to design and update your resume. Be straightforward. Avoid unnecessary details and keep it short. Incorporate relevant information, highlight your academic achievements, chalk down your experience in the field, and mention the skills you possess that make you the right fit for the job.

  4. Sign up on Job Portals

    You can sign up on job portals and create profiles for free. Some platforms may ask you to pay fees for premium add-on features but most online job portals work for free. After successful registration, keep searching for vacancies and apply to relevant job roles. If you get hired through the platform, you are not supposed to pay any fee or commission. Popular Government Job Portals operating in Dubai include:

    Private Job Portals in Dubai:

  5. Search through Classifieds

    Job vacancies are often advertised in the classified section of print and online news media. The majority of all newspapers have classified sections where job vacancies are posted regularly. Keep checking the newspapers online for vacancies when looking for a job in Dubai.
    Popular publications and platforms with classified sections that you may be interested to visit include:

  6. Visit Dubai Government’s websites

    A lot of jobs are posted by the government of Dubai on its websites and social media handles. Various government departments advertise job vacancies online to fill in the available positions. You can search for jobs on these websites and apply directly on the platform. Keep checking the local and federal government’s websites for jobs that are relevant to your experience, skills, and field of work.

  7. Register with a Recruitment Agency

    The majority of organizations hire recruitment agencies to help them find the right candidate for the available job positions. Recruiters will most likely help you get into the best companies in Dubai. Most successful recruitment companies operating in the emirate have years of experience and have strong ties with HR departments and hiring teams of top organizations.

    Registering with the right recruiter can pave the path toward potential employment opportunities. A recruiter not only helps in finding a job but also assists in securing salary raises, bonuses, promotions, and increments. Sign up with a company today to start your search for finding the right job in Dubai. Look for recruiters who work with renowned organizations and celebrated companies and have a widespread network. Make sure the agency you are signing up with specializes in your field of interest and understands your skillset.

  8. Visit Dubai and be present physically if possible

    Recruiters in Dubai prefer hiring candidates who reside in the country. It’s cheaper for the company as they wouldn’t need to provide the ticket and make arrangements for the interview. Secondly, local candidates appear sooner for the interviews. Organizations that need to fill in vacant positions immediately cannot wait for someone to get a visa and travel to Dubai for a mere interview.

    Local candidates are also familiar with the workplace culture and possess regional experience. Such candidates are also less likely to refuse a potential job proposal and are willing to relocate easily according to the nature and location of the job. That’s the reason most people find it easy to get hired for the second time in Dubai with a better salary package and benefits. Being physically present in Dubai is an added benefit when looking to get hired. Having a local UAE number on your resume, online profiles and job boards will most likely increase your chances of being called out for an interview.

    If you are on a visit visa, you can still get a prepaid SIM in any of the mobile network carrier’s stores or dedicated kiosks in shopping malls. Make sure to bring your passport and visit visa proof when visiting a store to get yourself a SIM. If you are not present in Dubai and do not have any intentions to visit the city for the job hunt, then you may skip out on this trick.

  9. Join LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the most significant tool to look for a job in Dubai. A huge number of HR managers and recruitment companies use LinkedIn for professional networking and seeking new talent to fill in potential job in Dubai. Around half of the employed population in the city use the platform for personal and business goals.

    Usually, when an organization or a recruiter needs to find candidates for a job in Dubai, they use LinkedIn. So if you are looking for employment opportunities in Dubai, you better set up a LinkedIn profile to connect with well-established recruiters and industries in the Emirate.
    Complete your profile and make sure you add all relevant details. Add your experiences, qualifications, skills, and expertise that you have acquired over the years. It’s a kind of digital CV that you showcase to others on the platform. Recruiters and HR professionals commonly use specific keywords to search for talent on LinkedIn. So it’s recommended to use popular keywords and relevant terms related to your profession in the about section and headline. Don’t stuff your profile with trending keywords. Make sure your details make sense to the reader and that the details you write convey meaningful information.

  10. If you have moved to Dubai recently, update your location in your LinkedIn profile. Add updated address and contact details so that you can be called seamlessly when an opportunity arises. It’s advised to upload a professional kind of photograph as your profile picture. Refrain from uploading selfies and random photographs. Get yourself a good headshot and upload a banner that coordinates well with your profile.
    Getting a job in Dubai is all about building relationships. Use LinkedIn to expand your network and connect and interact with professionals in your field. Your connections may prove to be a potential reference for a good job in Dubai.


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