GCC Visa for UAE Residents: In present times, the world has become more interconnected than ever. The majority of those residing in UAE prefer holidaying abroad considering the ideal geographical location of the country. UAE residents have the privilege to travel visa-free to a lot of countries, especially those in the Middle Eastern region.

Easy travel has become a crucial consideration. For UAE residents looking for convenient, budget-friendly trips and straightforward visa processes, the cities in the GCC region are an excellent choice.

If you’re a UAE resident with plans to explore the Gulf countries, this article has all the vital information you need to secure your GCC visas.

In this comprehensive guide to GCC visa for UAE residents, we’ll take you on a journey beyond the skyscrapers and golden dunes. Whether you’re an expat looking to explore neighboring GCC countries, a business professional seeking new opportunities, or a wanderer craving a taste of the wider Arabian Peninsula, this article has got you covered.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the scoop? Well, not only does a GCC visa open doors to incredible travel experiences, but it also does so without breaking the bank, without the headache of complex requirements, and with travel times shorter than a catnap.

So, let’s get going and jump straight to the details to ease your curiosity.

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Latest Updates on GCC Visa for UAE Residents

Saudi Arabia and Oman are teaming up to create a cool new tourist visa and work together on exciting tourism projects. The aim is to attract visitors from around the world, as well as people from both countries and those living in other GCC nations.

The plan includes launching a single tourist visa that’s easy to use, special seasonal flights, and a well-coordinated line-up of events to promote tourism in the region. The sole aim behind these initiatives is to make it easy for people to travel between both countries and boost regional investment opportunities.

This plan got the thumbs up from the GCC leaders in December 2022. The leadership wants to help people in the tourism sector and train professionals to enhance productivity and create new business opportunities.

GCC Visa for UAE Residents: Rules for UAE Nationals and GCC Citizens

The GCC aims to enhance the connections between six prominent Middle Eastern nations: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. The straightforward visa rules for GCC citizens testify to the robust relationships and collaborations among these member countries.

Enabling GCC citizens to travel visa-free within member states will fuel domestic tourism and streamline trade and business, fostering closer regional ties.

Given GCC nations’ shared cultural and historical heritage, the unrestricted movement of people within these states catalyzes cultural exchanges and nurtures social connections. This, in turn, makes it easier for families to connect with their loved ones in neighbouring member states.

Saudi Visa for UAE Residents

For UAE citizens, the doors to Saudi Arabia are always wide open. All UAE nationals can use their National ID cards to cross the UAE-Saudi border without needing prior visas.

However, the process is a tad bit different for UAE expats and residents who hold passports from non-GCC countries. These residents must secure a tourist visa through the Saudi embassy or their user-friendly online visa portal.

Obtaining the Saudi e-visa comes with a price tag of SAR 300 (equivalent to AED 293), and it’s essential to factor in additional costs for comprehensive health insurance.

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Qatar Visa for UAE Residents

All UAE nationals can travel visa-free to Qatar. Qatari government has made it easier for UAE locals to travel to the country, scrapping all kinds of visa requirements.

But the journey takes a different turn for UAE residents with non-Emirati passports. Their entry into Qatar hinges on whether they must apply for an e-visa in advance or can opt for a visa waiver upon arrival, contingent on their nationality.

If you need to apply for an e-visa to Qatar, you must spend AED 100 to obtain the visa.

Bahrain Visa for UAE Residents

The enchanting Kingdom of Bahrain is a visa-free destination for UAE residents carrying Emirati passports. However, the process takes a different route for UAE residents who are non-Emirati passport holders. Their journey into Bahrain depends on their nationality, which may require them to apply for a Bahrain e-visa in advance or opt for a visa upon arrival.

The costs for a Bahrain visit visa can vary, starting at approximately AED 87 for a two-week single-entry visa, and going up to AED 428 for a one-year multiple-entry visa, making it a flexible choice for travelers with diverse needs.

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Kuwait Visa for UAE residents

If you’re a UAE citizen, you’re in luck when visiting Kuwait. All UAE nationals can use their national ID card instead of a visa to enter Kuwait. But if you’re a foreign resident living in the UAE, you may need to get a visa in advance through the Kuwait e-Visa portal.

The cost for a Kuwait e-visa is KWD 3 (about AED 36) for each person, plus an extra KWD 1 (about AED 11) as a service fee.

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Oman Visa for UAE Residents

Those with Emirati passports can travel to Oman visa-free if they have a valid national ID, a confirmed hotel booking, health insurance, and a return ticket.

UAE Expats, on the other hand, have to obtain a tourist visa for Oman priced at AED 48.

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GCC countries offer an incredible travel experience for those residing in the UAE. Expats and locals both can fly to prominent countries in the Middle Eastern region without any strict visa requirements and regulations.

From the ease of travel to Saudi Arabia and Oman to the simplicity of exploring Qatar and Bahrain, the simple visa rules open doors to unforgettable experiences. And let’s not forget the beauty of Kuwait and the charm of Oman, all within reach.

So, whether you’re an Emirati citizen or a foreign national residing in the UAE, the GCC nations have made it easier to travel to member states. A GCC Visa for UAE residents makes it all the more convenient for UAE locals and expats to embark on international holiday trips without breaking the bank.

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