Educational expenses in the UAE cost a fortune with parents and students both overwhelmed with finances. However, you can get entitlement to a lot of student discounts and benefits and can save up a good deal of money on leisure activities. ISIC card lets students get their hands on exclusive price drops and perks to make the most out of their academic life.

From gym memberships to retail therapy, travel to dining out, students and teachers in UAE can now enjoy special treatments across a wide selection of entertainment spots in the country.

In UAE, the majority of the students do not work during their course of study. For parents, sometimes managing expenses get quite hard as they have to juggle between priorities and leisure activities. ISIC card somewhat takes the burden off the parent’s shoulders by letting their kids get waive-offs at food, retail, and academics.

What is an ISIC Card?

International student identity card ISIC is a product of the ISIC Association which is a non-profit organization working to facilitate students and academic staff across the globe.

Launched in the year 1953, ISIC is one of its kid’s internationally acclaimed proof of student status. The card is acknowledged by UNSECO and is approved by more than 150 governmental organizations, education ministries, student organizations, and universities.

ISIC Card is valid in over 135 countries across the globe providing students and teachers with more than 150,000 discounts and exclusive offers.

The card aims to support improvement in intercultural compassion, provide increased academic opportunities, and facilitate the life of students and teachers through internationally recognized status.
The ISIC organization has partnered with more than 1500 educational institutions and offers an international platform to benefit students socially and economically.

The international student identity card is the proof of an internationally acknowledged proof of student status. The product allows you to prove your status as a student globally and avail of several benefits and discounts.

Types of ISIC Cards Available for Purchase

1. International Student Identity Card
All eligible students over 12 years of age
Registration price: AED120 (for the virtual card), AED150 (for the physical card)
Validity: 12 months
Documents required
• ID card, Passport
• Photograph
• Student Status Proof (school id, enrollment letter)

2. International Teacher Identity Card
All teachers and academic staff in UAE are eligible to purchase the ITIC card. Full-time teachers, professors, and teaching assistants can register and get access to the same benefits and offers as the ISIC card for students.
Registration Price: AED120 (for the virtual card), AED150 (for the physical card)
Validity: 12 months
Documents required:
• Photograph
• ID, Passport
• Teacher Status Proof (valid Teacher ID, Employment letter)

3. International Youth Travel Card (below 30 years)
The IYTC card can be purchased by anyone in UAE who is under the age of 30. This card is designed for people who are not registered as full-time students in the country. The IYTC card offers the same discounts and benefits as the ISIC card and is a beneficial tool, especially for those who want to travel abroad.
Registration Price: 120 AED for the virtual card, AED150 for hardcopy
Required Documents:
• Photograph
• ID, Passport
Validity: 12 months

Why do I need an ISIC card?

The ISIC card has innumerable benefits not in UAE only but across the globe. Teachers and students can purchase the card for getting access to massive discounts on utility bills, traveling, hoteling, products, and academics.

• The card can help you save on tuition fees when studying abroad at internationally recognized colleges and universities.

• The card can be loaded with any currency and be used across any country. Load your card with either Dirham, USD, GBP, or euros and start saving on the go.

• Pay your bills, withdraw cash from ATMs, or shop at any retail store inside or outside UAE.

• ISIC card helps you cut the cost of the total bill when eating, shopping, and traveling abroad. Students who study abroad can save on books, stationary, and other essentials

• The card has a broad reach and is valid in more than 135 countries. Use the card in your desired country, make transactions, and save money in an instant.
• Top up the card from the comfort of your home. No need to visit a bank or facility to load cash into your card. Fill up the credit online and you are good to go.

• To top it all off, the card allows you to enjoy an international student status and avail of hundreds and thousands of discounts and offers internationally. Nonetheless, it’s by far the most powerful financial tool that you can use as a student to save up big on your daily expenses.

Discount for UAE Residents

The ISIC offers massive discounts exclusively to UAE residents who are registered as full-time students in private or governmental schools, colleges, and universities.
There are more than 800 discounts and offers available across UAE that both the students and academic staff can avail of.
Popular partners in UAE include:
• Domino
• Hard Rock Café Dubai
• Shein
• Voga Closet
• Emirates Airlines
• Roxy
• NOVO Cinemas
• Yas Water world
• Sun and Sands Sports
• Rituals Cosmetics
• Red Tag
• Jumbo
• Tr88house

As a student in UAE, you can save money on your flight ticket, transportation fare, food, accommodation, leisure, and a lot more.
UAE students can access academic services and facilities locally and internationally. The card is considered a legal and valid ID in more than 1400 universities across the globe.

How to apply for the Card?

Online Application:
You can register for the card online by visiting the ISIC website. Fill in the details on the available application form. Upload all the required documents. Pay the cost and receive your card by e-mail.
Use available discount code or coupons to cut the card cost down at the time of checkout.

Apply Personally:
Those who do not wish to apply online can visit any of the ISIC agents in UAE at designated locations. Check for available locations in your area on the website. Bring all the required documents and cash or a credit card for payment.
Contact Information:
Send your emails to or call +971526721924 for further details and queries.

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