Say goodbye to the hefty amount of DEWA bills while leaving extra lights or air-conditioning on for long hours. Knowing how to save is essential when the energy usage isn’t cheap. This shall be more concerning after an increase in DEWA rates this year. With that in mind, an average person in Dubai pays over AED 600 a month for DEWA. Therefore, a major portion of a person’s income is used up every month clearing household bills which leaves behind a little saving amount.

Here is a list of 6 effective ways to make your home energy efficient by lowering DEWA bills and increasing your year-round savings. These are very simple steps that can be followed with ease without sacrificing your comfort.

Avoid Leaving Devices Plugged

You might be surprised but forgetting to unplug electronics can allow them to consume 75% of household electricity. Devices like home appliances left on standby or even turned off are simply a major source of drawing the power. This is called power load. It can be minimized by adding a power strip that automatically shuts down the device upon a single press.

Install Programmable Thermostat

The thermostat is considered as the heart of the home as it needs personalized settings from time to time in the day. It is a wise choice to install a programmable thermostat that keeps the temperature optimized and can be turned off when not needed. The ideal temperature is 21-25 degrees for the thermostat. Also, each degree increase can save up to 5% of energy consumption. It is suggested to turn on ceiling fans the control the room temperature if you are feeling hot.

Upgrade Old Appliances

It is recommended to consider changing the appliances if they are 8 to 10 years old. The devices lose their efficiency with time and start consuming extra power. This is a great idea to choose appliances according to their efficiency rating with A being the most efficient. It will not be that easy to buy expensive modern devices like a washing machine but it will help you to save on DEWA.

Switch To LED Lights

The simplest way to save energy is to replace bulbs with LED lights. This will make a huge difference in your DEWA bill just as LED works more efficiently by saving 80% of the power used and also lasts longer than a regular bulb. This means you will start saving energy immediately. 

Adjust The Refrigerator Temperature

Setting your refrigerator at a higher temperature can save you a generous amount on the bill. The food section of the fridge is supposed to be around 38 degrees or a little less but not more than that to maintain the freshness of food. The other compartment containing the freezer needs to be at -5 degrees. These are the most suitable temperature for the better working of the refrigerator.

Save Water to Reduce DEWA Bills

If you have been wasting water while brushing your teeth or showering. This is important for you to understand how crucial that can be for the environment. Not only limited to that for each shower 16 gallons of water are used which is also simply added to the DEWA bill. These little increments result in a bigger amount. It is ideal to minimize water usage by turning off the tap and limiting your showers. 

Bottom Line

These minor changes can easily make you smart enough to cut off that extra energy consumption of electricity and water. The best part is you will be able to save hundreds of dirhams from the monthly expenditure which can be used for an emergency or a trip. No matter the way you have been using it earlier, just start following the simple steps from today to make a difference. 

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