You must have come across the term “Udemy” quite a few times when searching the web for online learning options. It’s a globally acclaimed learning platform with millions of users on board actively searching and registering for short and affordable online courses. With a huge customer base, Udemy can be a lucrative source of earning a good deal of money by creating and selling in-demand courses

If you have got skills that you think you can teach and help others to learn, you can perhaps design a course and sell it on the website to generate revenue. It’s an attractive platform for anyone who has expertise in a niche that they want to turn into a profitable business. Not only this, you can help fellow instructors in selling their courses to earn a decent income.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a renowned online learning platform offering enthusiastic learners from around the globe thousands of lessons, classes, and short courses priced at cost-effective rates. With over 40 million registered users, the website is by far the largest remote learning interface. Teachers and instructors approach the platform to educate their audience about what they are skilled at to earn money and build a loyal following.

Thousands of students register on the website to learn, fill in gaps in their knowledge, brush up on their skills, and upgrade their abilities without having to attend a formal school or college.

There is a wide and versatile selection of topics available on Udemy for which you can sign up and learn virtually from qualified professionals in the field.

As an instructor, you will have a broader audience reach to target and make some extra money online from the comfort of your home. If utilized appropriately, the platform can be an attractive source of generating passive income and growing your savings.

Generating Income through Udemy

To put it in simpler terms, Udemy is the Amazon for online learning. You can put in as much effort as you want and be creative in several different ways. The most popular courses available on the website have been designed by people who have turned their knowledge into engaging and interesting content.

If you have been lately thinking of teaching online to generate some extra cash flow, then there wouldn’t be an any better option than Udemy. A lot of entrepreneurs have also jumped on the bandwagon to educate their customers about their philosophy, and brand concept, and how they do it to influence and help others to do the same.

Below are some helpful ways with the help of which you can earn money as a side hustle.

How much can I make online from Udemy?

Registered instructors and teachers make thousands and millions of dollars per year. The good news is, you can join from anywhere in the world and start selling your courses to generate a consistent cash stream.

There is no limit on how much you can earn. The more courses you teach, the more income you can generate. Teaching online can be a highly profitable niche and the numbers and success stories have proved it right.

Udemy is also quite transparent when it comes to sharing revenue from the profits earned. The platform provides valuable insights that can help instructors design and target their content accordingly to make more revenue.

Anyone can create a course and publish a course for free. If it sells, the author will receive half of the royalties.

    1. Create the content on high-in-demand and low-competition course topics

      Explore topics and see what course topics are trending on the web. It will give you an idea of the most sought-after categories and courses that are high in demand.

      The marketplace tool on Udemy will help you discover the most searched keywords that people use on the site. Also, before you begin to design your course, do some research to see which topics are highly saturated to choose course topics accordingly.

      For example, the affiliate marketing topic is quite competitive. The topic is high in demand and a lot of courses are being offered on the subject. This indicates the course topic is highly saturated. The potential of earning attractive income through Udemy is pretty high with top-rated teachers earning thousands of dollars every month.

Tips to Make Money on Udemy

To help you get started, we have penned down some helpful tips and tricks to generate a decent income stream from Udemy

  1. Do your Homework on the Topic you wish to Teach

    After making up your mind to teach on Udemy to make money, the first and foremost step that you need to take to progress is to research the course topics. It’s all about doing homework to decide what type of online course you will create on the website.

  2. Utilize the Resources available on Udemy

    Udemy has scores of tools to help you research course topics. The easy-to-use features embedded in the platform allow instructors to pick out the right topic that would help them attract an audience and earn money.

    Following are some of the helpful research tools available on the website that you can use to figure out what topic to teach online

    • Marketplace Insights
    • Free Feedback from Online Community
    • Udemy Teaching Center
    • The Udemy Teaching Center

    The Udemy Teaching Center has everything you would possibly need to help you with the process of course creation. From selecting a topic to creating content, from publishing the course to promoting it on the platform, the teaching center has relevant guidelines to help you along the way.

    You will learn to define the audience, script videos, improvise video quality, edit, market, and much more to create a compelling and interesting online course.

    Marketplace Insights

    Marketplace Insights will provide you with valuable information regarding the worth of your course and the potential income it can generate.

    Free Community Feedback

    Free video back is another helpful tool to help instructors improve the quality and content of their videos through free and positive critique.

    Utilize these resources to design catchy course titles and informative content to build a loyal audience.

  3. Consider your Expertise and Skillset

    When creating and planning the content of your course, think of the skills and expertise you possess. Pen down your strengths, capabilities, knowledge, and expertise to figure out which niche you excel in.

    This will help you in planning and creating quality content for your course. If you have a good hand in affiliate marketing and you have lots of points, tips, and knowledge to share with the audience, then try focusing your content around these lines.

    You can perhaps utilize your marketing and influencing skills for promoting your courses once they are ready to be advertised.

    You do not have to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Focus on a niche and build your course on Udemy after you are sure you have mastered the content.

  4. Make use of Quality Tools

    Making use of high-quality tools and equipment is crucial when recording content for your course. It’s something often passed over by instructors but it makes a big difference when it comes to the evaluation of your course’s worth.

    Some simple editing and free-to-use tools can enhance the quality of your audio files and video films to a great extent.

  5. Create an Outline for your Online Course

    It’s better to create a course outline before starting to create content for the course. Pen down areas and steps that you feel are essential to convey the essence of the topic in the right way. Course outline also helps the process of content creation a lot simpler.

    You can utilize Udemy’s Free Course Outline Template for a quick job or create an outline manually.

  6. Put Value in your Course and Make it Informative

    You shouldn’t just create a course on Udemy to make money. Nothing works without a positive intention. Make sure you create a course that is valuable enough to educate and help students improve their skills and enhance their current knowledge on a given topic.

    Make your course informative and increase its worth by putting in all your knowledge and know-how you possess on the topic.

    Valuable lectures with a higher number of downloads can be a lucrative source of making passive income.

  7. Make use of a Script

    Utilizing a script when creating content for your course is helpful as:

    • You will be equipped with relevant and useful information
    • Your videos and audio will have a professional touch and will look more organized
    • Your lecture delivery will more likely be seamless
  8. Create High Quality and Scripted Videos

    A lot of times people get nervous and a slip of tongues occurs when the camera turns on. Many a time confident and professional instructors feel nervous and their voice shakes.

    To cover up all the errors and bloopers, work with a script. Scripts help instructors deliver smooth lectures as they know when and what to speak to keep the audience engaged. There will be fewer gaps while you talk and your lecture will flow in a well-organized and seamless way.

    When filming videos, keep these simple tips in mind to create quality lectures

    • Keep the content simple
    • Include definitions and acronyms for difficult terminologies.
    • Inform the audience what you will be talking about, then deliver what you just mentioned, and end the lecture by summarizing the content you shared in the course.
    • Enrich your course by including relevant examples and stories to keep the audience engaged
    • Practice talking in a professional tone. Make sure you sound friendly and approachable.
    • Be energetic and demonstrate enthusiasm when opening the lecture. This will build the level of interest in the audience and they will more likely to be hooked till the end.
  9. Publish and Promote Your Course with the Audience

    This step is all about marketing the content you created. If you already have a following on your blog, website, or social media account, you can promote your Udemy course easily by sharing the link in your posts.

    • Create a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly post to get a high ranking on the search engines
    • Announce the creation of your post on your social media handles
    • Share your content by sending emails to the subscriber in your mailing list.

    You can promote your course before publishing, during the creation process, and after your course is published over the Udemy Marketplace to increase engagement.

    Most of the time, Udemy Instructors overlook the importance of promotion and lose potential students as their content fails to reach the target audience.

  10. Sign up for Udemy Affiliate Program

    Besides offering the masses an interactive platform to teach online, Udemy also runs a lucrative affiliate program that you may sign up for to earn commissions. By choosing to become an affiliate, you would have to promote and advertise Udemy products and services to help create possible learning opportunities for people around the globe.

    The Udemy Affiliate Program runs in Linkshare and other notable affiliate networks. You can earn commissions by sharing useful and relevant content on the website with your audience.

    As an Udemy affiliate, you can:

    • Spread the word about thousands of online courses and special programs
    • Promote the content on the website with tracking assets including course links, site-wide links, and custom URLs.
    • Help generate sales by making use of promotional assets and tools available on Udemy
    • Get tracking links and creative assets for adding to your blog, site, or social media channel.
    • Influencing your audience to make a purchase on Udemy using your referral link and earn commissions
    • Review your sales and track performance in your network account

Commission Rate
Udemy offers competitive commission rates. You are free to make as many promotions as you want to earn more money. As an affiliate, you would have multiple options to make promotions using links or banners as per your choice.

All Udemy affiliates are also provided with access to special discounts, exclusive promotions, and unique content.

Final Word
Creating and selling online courses, tutorials, workshops, and lectures is a lucrative passive income source to make money online. However, this won’t always work for some people. Not all people can teach and educate an audience. But if you do have a passion that you think you can teach to other interested learners, then you can turn your hobby into a profitable business.


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