Would you like to save an extra AED 4,400 a year and get yourself that favourite thing you had been waiting for? Who wouldn’t, right? Well, the good news is, we have got the perfect food deals for you with MUNCH ON. If you have been ordering lunch at work every day or just getting dinner delivered to your place. This food delivering app is easily within your reach.

Considering the fact, people spend an average of AED 140 per day on food from out. According to a survey by Gulf News, collectively, the residents of UAE spend 14.2% of their income on food – that’s a considerable amount. That’s fine if you prefer your lunch meal from Ichiban, but if your budget is tight, it could be worth saving on meals every day. It’s time to break those food deals and subscribe to another food delivering the app to help you out. Here is the best app to enjoy your meals at great discounts.


MUNCH ON is one of the largest food delivering platforms working in the UAE. It helps the user search for nearby restaurants and get the food ordered online and delivered to your doorsteps. Everyone has different taste buds from others and preference of food from any restaurant or café. MUNCH:ON has a range of restaurants containing a variety of cuisines starting from Japanese, Middle-East to Italian; all are found at one digital app.

You can quickly scroll all the restaurants and chose your favourite one with one click. It saves a lot of time and the energy you would have spent searching for various places and then taking out their menu. This seems to be a lot of work. Moreover, you are provided with ratings and reviews of each restaurant. You can enjoy the scrumptious food delivered anywhere you ordered.

Best discount subscription for your meals

Get your food delivered through great discount vouchers at MUNCH ON. If you pay a subscription, all meals will be available from AED 15 to AED 29. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to the MUNCH ON Pro membership that offers you a meal a day for just AED 25 with free delivery. Isn’t this offer a nice grab on? It indeed is – getting your flavoured food from a top-notch restaurant at such an economical cost. We offer you a guarantee of the immense saving to avail the MUNCH ON Pro-voucher at AED 40.

You can only avail the 50% off your meal when you subscribe to the Munch:ON Pro, and the prices will show automatically with the off, without entering any code. There is a specific delivery window for dinner from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The facility of preorder is always available. Don’t miss your chance to avail these offers any further. Just imagine the things you would be able to do by saving AED 4,400 a year. There would be many thoughts crossing your mind, but don’t waste your time and subscribe to the membership right now!

Download MUNCH ON for free – available on iOS and Android

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