Onpassive Metro Station, previously known as Al Safa Metro Station, not only serves as a vital transport hub on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro but also offers an array of free activities and attractions for visitors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the station’s facilities, nearby attractions, and highlight the enjoyable and cost-free experiences available within the station’s vicinity. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant and dynamic offerings that Onpassive Metro Station and its surroundings have in store!

Onpassive Metro Station Facilities and Nearby Attractions

Onpassive Metro Station provides a convenient gateway to various attractions and activities in the surrounding area. While there are no specific free attractions within walking distance, the station’s accessibility makes it easier to reach several key landmarks without incurring additional transportation costs. Visitors can kick back and relax at Kite Beach, offering stunning views, opportunities for leisure, and popular water sports. For skateboarding enthusiasts, the nearby XDubai Skatepark is an excellent destination that provides a thrilling environment to showcase their skills and enjoy the vibrant community atmosphere.

Exploring Free Experiences

While there may not be free activities directly at Onpassive Metro Station, the station’s location opens up opportunities to discover cost-free experiences within a short distance. One such experience is taking a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Jumeirah Beach, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Burj Al Arab. Witnessing the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain show, located near the Dubai Mall, is another popular free activity that provides a delightful spectacle of music, water, and lights.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Dubai Design District, known as d3, which is easily accessible from Onpassive Metro Station. This vibrant area showcases a plethora of contemporary art installations, unique sculptures, and creative exhibitions that can be enjoyed without any admission fees. Additionally, Al Quoz, a neighboring community, houses several art galleries and installations, providing art lovers with a rich and diverse experience.

Hotels and Shopping Opportunities

For convenience and accessibility, Onpassive Metro Station is surrounded by various hotels that cater to different budget ranges. URBAN Al Khoory Hotel and Beach Walk Hotel, both situated 1.4 miles away, provide comfortable accommodation options within close proximity to the station. Metropolitan Hotel Dubai, located 1.8 miles away, offers another convenient option for visitors. Lemon Tree Hotel Dubai, situated 2 miles away, and Park Regis Boutique Hotel, located 2.2 miles away, provide additional accommodation choices for guests.

For those looking to indulge in some shopping, Onpassive Metro Station is conveniently located near various shopping centers. Times Square Center, situated 1.2 miles away, offers a diverse range of retail outlets, while Oasis Mall, located 1.3 miles away, caters to the local community’s shopping needs. Sunset Mall, situated 2 miles away in Jumeirah, is another shopping destination known for its beachfront location and unique stores.

While Onpassive Metro Station may not have specific free activities within its immediate vicinity, it serves as a convenient starting point to access a variety of cost-free attractions and experiences. From the idyllic Kite Beach to the exhilarating XDubai Skatepark, visitors can partake in outdoor activities without spending a dime. The station’s proximity to Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Fountain, and creative hubs like d3 and Al Quoz further enriches the range of free experiences available to explore. Start your budget-friendly adventures today at Onpassive Metro Station and its surrounding areas!


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