If you ever feel stuck on your journey as an affiliate, recurring affiliate programs are here to help save the day. These programs differ from conventional affiliate schemes in that you earn multiple commissions over time for one referral.

What is a Recurring Commission Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate when you influence a person to purchase a product or join some kind of membership that requires them to pay monthly payments, you earn a specific amount of commission each time they pay their bill or renew their subscription. Every month that a person you referred to as a customer continues to be part of the program, you receive a commission from the payment they make.

Some businesses offer recurring payments for a certain time while others pay fixed commissions for a lifetime. It entirely depends on the brand policy and marketing principles.

It’s a highly profitable way as your revenue starts to accumulate even when you put in no effort. However, not all recurring programs offer lifetime commissions, and many stops paying the share after 3 to 6 months.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra cash as a side hustle. But to make the most out of the business, you need to figure out programs that pay high recurring revenues. You must be well aware of how an affiliate program works. You earn a commission when someone makes a purchase upon your referral using an affiliate link.

The most attractive part of affiliate programs is the recurring money that you earn even when you do not bring new referrals every month. There are scores of programs that offer recurring payments and this article will help you make money by making the most out of such schemes.

To help you down in your quest, we have compiled a list of the best recurring affiliate programs that you can be a part of to make a good passive income.

Let’s peek into the details without any further delay.

Jasper AI Affiliate Partner Program

Today’s era is all about AI chatbots and writing assistants. Jasper has been making headlines over the internet for its advanced technology artificial intelligence that helps people complete their writing tasks and assignments within seconds.

The website runs a super bankable recurring commission affiliate scheme and offers a 30% commission rate to its affiliates for every referral they make.

It’s a relatively newer program as compared to others mentioned in the article and thus your chances of earning commissions through conversion can be quite high.

Commission Rate:

  • 10,000 bonus word credits
  • 30% commission for a lifetime when a customer renews their subscription

Submit your applications here.

Binance Affiliate Program

Although cryptocurrencies have been experiencing a downfall for previous many months, the hype to invest in digital currencies is at an all-time high. When the market is stable, the conversion rate for most currencies is quite high. It would be wise to participate in a recurring affiliate program related to the trade of cryptocurrencies.

Binance is a widely acclaimed crypto exchange platform in UAE and offers a multitude of solutions for trading and buying or selling digital currencies. The company has been running one of the most profitable affiliate schemes in the market that you can register for making a consistent passive income.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for the affiliate program at Binance’s official website.
  • Submit an application using the form available on the website.
  • The application will be reviewed and if you meet their criterion you will be made part of their affiliate program.
  • After becoming an affiliate, you will be assigned a URL that you can use to make referrals.
  • You can track and manage the performance of your referrals through your Binance account online.

Commission Rate:

With the Binance affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% commissions. Every time a customer makes a trade using Binance, you can earn up to 50% of recurring profits for a lifetime. You just shouldn’t miss out on this.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

If you have got a hand in digital marketing, Convertkit can be a good choice for starting your journey as an affiliate marketer. It’s a popular platform for email marketing and a preferred tool employed by content creators, influencers, and bloggers for monetizing their blogs and sites.

There is a lucrative affiliate scheme being run by the Company that actively promote inviting new affiliate to be part of the program.

Commission Rate:

30% recurring commissions for two years

The program is open to all and you can sign up for an account for free. The more you promote the greater your chances of earning high revenue.

Sign up for an affiliate account at Covertkit here.

SocialPilot Affiliate Program

SocialPilot is a renowned social media marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and the amount of traffic to a website. The popular social media automation platform is popular among bloggers and small-scale business owners for automating updates and auto-publishing content on social media channels. The website is running an affiliate program inviting all social media enthusiasts.

Commission Rate:

  • 20% recurring commission for a lifetime
  • Minimum 25 USD payout
  • Payments made straight to the PayPal account

SocialPilot has both free and paid services which makes it very easy for the affiliates to convert. You can also earn a commission if your referred customer upgrades to a paid account.

Learn more about their lucrative recurring commission program here.


It sometimes gets very difficult to find a suitable recurring affiliate program in the hosting industry. Kinsta is offering a noteworthy commission of up to 500 USD along with a 10% commission for a lifetime.

This recurring commission scheme is one of the most popular ones among the affiliate programs in the web hosting sector and is worth a try.

It can be a great source of passive income for an infinite period as the churn rate at the firm is just 4%. That means customers rarely leave after they join the company for their web hosting tasks.

For those who have been in the field of promoting web hosting platforms, Kinsta can prove to be a profitable source of making money passively.

Get your commission deposited straight into your PayPal account every month. Managing and tracking the affiliate links is also quite seamless with 60 days of cookie tracking.

Commission Rate:

  • 500 USD for the referral
  • 10% recurring commission for a lifetime

Sign up for the Kinsta Affiliate Program here.

LiveChat Affiliate Program

As all businesses are now going online, the need for efficient live support has become a necessity of the time. Live Chat is a well-celebrated live chat support platform that also offers a quite profitable recurring commission scheme for affiliate marketers.

Turn clicks into revenue and earn a decent amount of cash every month. The program is open for all with free membership. Become an affiliate to get an affiliate link for referring potential customers to Live Chat. Manage and track your referral links with a dedicated app that is simple to use and operate.

Commission Rate:

  • Up to 22% commission of the total profit

Find more details here.

Aweber Customer Referral Program

If you have been into email marketing for some time, you must be well familiar with Aweber. The platform is a famous email marketing tool used by digital marketers and bloggers from around the globe. They have also embedded the segmentation feature just recently for better conversion rates.

The affiliate program being run by Aweber offers a generous 50% recurring lifetime commission to their partner affiliates. Influencing users to join the platform is easy as they offer attractive services with a customer-centered approach. The 30 days free trial of the tool is a major feature that compels the user to give it a try.

Commission Rate:

  • Up to 50% recurring lifetime commissions

Become a member and start promoting Aweber to earn a lifetime of recurring income.

For more details and information on the affiliate program by Aweber, click here.

Lead Pages Recurring Affiliate Program

Leadpages is a popular tool utilized by digital marketers for creating high-conversion landing pages for websites within minutes. The smartly done landing pages are then used for boosting leads and sales online. Not only the platform is a great investment for businesses and brands, but it also offers affiliate marketers to earn a handsome amount of income per month for promoting their products.

Affiliates can market the platform to their audience and every time a user pays their monthly subscription, the affiliate will receive a commission. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50% recurring commissions for a lifetime.

The program is quite responsive and helps marketers manage and track things on the go. The Affiliate Program however is only available for LeadPages customers at the moment.

Commission Rate:

  • Up to 50% recurring commissions for the lifetime

Find more details on the LeadPages affiliate program here.

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

The affiliate program managed by Elegant Themes is a bit different from conventional recurring commission schemes as it offers generous commissions to all its affiliates. The platform is known widely for its quality WordPress themes and premium plugins. They are offering a whooping 50% commission for sending visitors to their website.

Commission Rate:

  • 50% recurring lifetime commissions when a client renews their subscription.

Elegant Themes is offering the highest commissions percentage in the market and can be a great source of earning a passive income for a lifetime.

To participate in this super bankable affiliate program, you can click here.

Get Response Affiliate Program

Get Response is another online marketing platform that offers its users a range of tools to promote their brand or business and increase leads and sales revenues. Get Response however takes the cake over other affiliate programs in the marketing niche by offering huge commissions and profits to its affiliates for promoting the platform.

Commission Rate:

  • 100 USD as an upfront commission for a single sale
  • 33% recurring commission every month for the lifetime
  • Minimum payout 50 USD
  • Get commissions straight into your PayPal account

To become a part of the Get Response lucrative affiliate program, click here.

Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Thrive Themes has a wide selection of products and tools for online marketers and bloggers who make use of WordPress websites. Their quality themes and premium plugins are designed for higher conversion rates and elevated sales generation.

Thrive Themes Affiliate Program is another notable recurring commission scheme that provides a lucrative opportunity to earn a decent amount of passive income for years.

You just have to promote their products, tools, and services to potential clients and be eligible for earning generous commissions per sale along with recurring revenues.

Commission Rate:

  • 35% commission for all the new sales
  • 25% recurring lifetime commission as long as the customer keeps the subscription active
  • 25% off every time a subscription is renewed.
  • 20 USD minimum payout per month

Thrive Themes affiliate program can be a good opportunity for maximizing your income without having to put much effort. They promise to make payments on time along with a 2-year cookie duration and no caps on maximum commissions. Promote as much as you can and stand the chance to earn limitless recurring commissions.

There is no excuse why you wouldn’t want to give it a shot. Click here for more details and information on the program.

Final Word

Recurring commissions are a good source for making money passively and accumulating wealth. However, to make reasonable profits, you need to choose a niche. You simply cannot jump in and expect the cash to flow into your wallet.

Take into consideration your interests and figure out the audience you aspire to target. You need to have a platform where you would promote and market the products and services of a particular brand. Do your homework, choose a suitable program, bring in sales and be ready to get your share


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