With prices of essential commodities skyrocketing this year, grocery bills in UAE have been going quite up high. However, you can now save money on your weekly and monthly grocery bills and buy greens and other fresh produce at discounted rates.

Fruits and Vegetables on 50% off!

Ever wondered what happened to the fruits and vegetables that you decide not to buy because they look odd or in bad shape? Most of the time they end up being in landfills and garbage bins as most of us prefer buying pretty-looking fresh produce for our households.

To counter food wastage, those “ugly” looking veggies and fruits are now being sold at throw-away rates. Sounds a bit too interesting, isn’t it? UAE-based startup Herogo is selling discarded products from hypermarkets and stores across the country to people who prefer shopping on a budget. Also, eco-conscious residents can now play their part in a sustainable environment by choosing to buy an excessive stock of fruits and vegetables and save a good deal of money at the same time. Buy all your favorite fresh products at 50% off and enjoy the goodness of nature without having to spend a lot of money. These fruits and vegetables are equally healthy and nutritious and are as delectable as their prettier-looking peers.

How does it work?
Those not-so-good-looking fresh products are left to rot in the aisles till they are removed to be dumped in the garbage trucks. Most of the time, such food box does not even make it to the shelves and is discarded at sorting facility and farms.
Herogo simply reclaims the unusual-looking veggies and fruits and sells them at reduced rates to the masses. The company works with local farmers and importers to sell ugly products to people who subscribe to the service. The founder, Solomon, says he started the business in an attempt to control food wastage that is unfortunately very common now in UAE. Budget shoppers can now save money in UAE by choosing to buy the grocery box from Eroego and help minimize the wastage of edible goods.

How to place an order?

Herogo has a simple and straightforward interface. Sign up for their service and you are good to go. Consumers can choose the package that suits their budget and personal eating choices.
You can purchase a box full of fresh produce online at https://www.herogo.ae/
The products are packed and delivered professionally and hygienically. The grocery boxes are shipped every one or two weeks with each small box containing at least ten kinds of vegetables and up to 5 types of seasonal fruits.

Affordable Boxes

The small box of vegetables costs AED50, the bigger one is priced at AED 63, and a large container can be purchased for AED98.
The prices of fruits are a bit higher as compared to veggies. The small fruit box would cost you AED69, a medium box will cost AED100, and a large container will cost around AED177. Most of the items in the box are seasonal as the company focuses on providing seasonal goodness to the people at a fair price.
There are some other add-ons that you can include in your package including dairy and coffee.

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