Save Money with Yusuf Bhai

A perfume is an endearing way to show yourself or your loved ones your affection. It is one of the top choices for gifts for occasions like weddings, birthdays, and even anniversaries. However, it is very important to choose a good quality perfume to make the gift extra special. And often, quality comes with a high price tag. Not for Yusuf Bhai.

When you wander to Dubai, you will find a market dedicated to fragrances. It is located at Gold Souq – a popular tourist destination and a go-to for locals. Yusuf Bhai is a perfumer who creates perfumes that smell as good as leading scents in the market. He is an expert in mixing different oils and essences to create unique scents or mimic popular ones.

Save Money for Your Personal Perfume Collection

There could be many reasons we collect fragrances, but the scent and the beautiful packaging are the top two.

You will never go wrong with getting any from Yusuf Bhai’s perfume offerings. They are much like typical scents you’re probably familiar with only with a lower price tag. They’re very affordable compared to top perfume brands but without compromising quality. And with little cost, you can also have him create an entirely new scent just for you.

Save Money by Avoiding the Luxury Price Tag through Artisanal Perfumes

How much does your favorite perfume cost per 100ml bottle? The most popular ones today like Chanel No. 5 or Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana cost about a hundred dollars. If you’re into the luxurious ones like Jardin d’Amalfi or Amorem Rose, they will set you back up to thousands of dollars. What if you can have all of these scents for under a hundred dollars a bottle?

We’re not talking about cheap counterfeit here. The perfumes made by Yusuf Bhai are carefully handcrafted using the same ingredients and scents. As a master perfumer, he can recreate perfumes using the best oils and extracts. This means you will get an almost exact copy of the same scent you would’ve had to dish several hundred dollars for. Isn’t that a steal?

Thought About Having a Perfume Business?

With so many high-quality fragrances in the market, it can be difficult to compete. What if there is someone who can replicate any scent out there but for a lower cost?

Yusuf Bhai is a talented perfumer in UAE with an extensive collection of world-class fragrances. Running a perfume business is easy if you have a good product at hand. With Bhai’s scent collection, it’s easy to find willing clients. They’re a more affordable copy of luxury perfumes but very similar in quality and scent. You can also easily order products you want online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Save on Yusuf Bhai Perfume Purchases with Coupon Codes

You can get discounts by using coupon codes when you order online. There are specific codes offered for each period and you can easily search for them online or visit sites like or Take note of the validity date. Yusuf Bhai’s website only accepts one code for each transaction, so be sure to plan your purchases.

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