Besides being home to hundreds of exotic resorts, upscale beach clubs, and mesmerizing public beaches, there is still a lot more secret beaches across the UAE’s coastline. Lacking in luxury but packed with natural scenic views, these hidden gems will take you on a break from crowded city life. Whether summers or winters, you can pop over to these public spaces open to everyone to replenish, rejoice, and rejuvenate from the tiring daily life routine without tearing up the pocket!

secret beaches

Here we bring your way a rundown of the most stunning and secret beaches situated along UAE’s coastline that most of the public is not familiar with!

Soul Beach

Located in Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Soul Beach is accessible to the general public for the price of AED 50 on weekdays and AED 75 on weekends. It’s a new entry to Abu Dhabi’s exotic range of sandy beaches. Stretched over a shoreline of almost 1km, the beach has a 400m swimming section and around 400 sun loungers put up along the coast. All sunbeds include a table and food, snacks, and beverages can be ordered right on the spot.

The beach is open to the public 7 days a week from 7am till sunset.

Shuweihat Island

Located near the KSA border along the E11 route on the western side, Shuweihat Island is one of the faraway beaches the country has in store. It would take a strong will and planning to head over to the spot especially when you are traveling from the center of the city.
The place is worth the hassle and is an ideal destination for a long getaway. Either camp or spend a day, the Island has a lot to offer.
It is advised to use a 4-wheeler to drive smoothly on the rocky roads heading to the destination.
Crystal clear waters with the low-lying Rocky Mountains, the place is something you must haven’t experienced before in UAE.

Mirfa Beach

Mirfa Beach is one of its kind shoreline situated in the western region of Abu Dhabi in Al Gharbia
The place is popular for the Al Dhafra Watersport Festival held annually in April. If you are willing to go on a very long drive, the place would be an ideal destination to relax and unwind with little or no crowd to be seen around.
There are facilities for camping if you wish to stay a little longer. There is also a small town nearby to stock up on essential everyday supplies. There is nothing much to do around but if you are in for secluded and quiet spots, this is the one for you!
Mirfa beach comes along the way to Sir Bani Yas Island when going by road. Stop by this stunning spot to soak the sun for a day or two in a calm, serene, and quiet atmosphere.

Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach offers enthralling views of the gigantic Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Also known as Black Palace Beach or Secret Beach, is considered one of the most stunning beaches around the world. It’s UAE’s best-kept secret and is in a true sense a Hidden Gem.
If you fancy world-class views across the sea with Dubai’s iconic landmarks in the background, this is the perfect spot to soothe your aesthetic appetite.
Clubbed between the royal palaces, the entry to the place is anonymous without any luxury facilities. There are no restaurants around and practically nothing much to do except for unwinding and stretching on the shoreline.
Despite being point-blank to the center of the city, Al Sufouh is all about serenity, peace, and tranquility.

Khor Fakkan

Situated along the east coastline of UAE and overlooking the border of Oman, the Khor Fakkan is a much-loved place for a weekend getaway. Technically in Sharjah, but geographically situated along the Fujairah Border, the place has a stunning shoreline and scenic views of the Hajar Mountains in the background. The region has a tranquil bay known as Heart Beach, a touristy spot for all those sick-of-the-city-life people. The Khor Fakkan resort and spa is the nearest attraction for a layover. It takes about fifteen minutes of trekking from the resort to reach Heart Beach. You can say the area is one of the finest spots UAE has in store for the masses.

Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Beach is a calm and quiet spot away from the hustles of the town. Not very far from Dubai, but far enough to help you relax and replenish from the chaos of everyday life.
The public beach is open to the general public and is a great spot to spend time with loved ones. Next to the JA The Resort, this scenic shoreline is as natural as it can be. Not loaded with upscale facilities, the place still boasts an undying charm that most of you will love.
The place does not get crowded at all and can be an ideal place for a secluded weekend getaway.

Dibba Open Beach

Located on the eastern coast of UAE in Fujairah, the Dibba Open Beach is a popular attraction among residents and tourists alike.
There is a dedicated area for camping allowing visitors to spend a night or two under the stars. There are plenty of food trucks around to satisfy your taste buds with Emirati and contemporary cuisine.
The place is popular for boat rides, swimming, and fishing. Free parking is available for motorists visiting the site.
There are toilets and a shower area to facilitate the visitors.
It can be a perfect family picnic spot, especially during the cooler months of the year. Fire the grill for some BBQ, soak up the sun on the sandy beach, do fishing, and collect some seashells from the shore to make the most of your time at the impeccable Dibba Beach.

Saadiyat Beach

Saadiyat beach is open to the general public for a price of DHS 25. Children aged 6 and above would have to pay DHS 15 at the entrance and all children under 6 go free. The turquoise waters, luxury loungers, towels, sunshades, and changing rooms make the beach a perfect site for families and small children.
The shoreline of Saadiyat Island is filled mostly with resorts and luxury beach clubs. But there is still ample shore for people to relish the natural beauty of the exotic seaside.
The region is also home to native wildlife creatures including Hawksbill tortoises. The administration has put some restrictions in place to safeguard the natural habitat of the rarely seen animals.

Al Maya Secret Beaches

Maya Island is one of Abu Dhabi’s best-kept secrets. Not many people are familiar with the spot which makes it a perfectly secluded attraction for beachgoers. This intimate has a laid-back vibe and features crystal clear waters, white sandy shores, and a luxury beach resort with ultra-modern amenities. The island is accessible via a small boat that takes visitors from the main city to the island in around 10 minutes. Al Maya Beach resort has spacious swimming pools, sun loungers, bars, beach volleyball, and a jacuzzi. You can spot many gazelles roaming around the attraction on lush green grass amidst stunning natural backgrounds. It costs around AED 150 per person for a day pass with AED100 to be paid pack on food and drinks. The beach is open to the public throughout the week from noon to sunset.

The Kite Beach

Not exactly a secret beach but a local attraction, Kite Beach in Umm Al Quwain is a pet-friendly and family-oriented place for a restful beach day. This place should not be mistaken for the public Kite Beach in Dubai. This one located in the Umm Al Quwain is fully equipped with a contemporary café, shingled roof huts, aquatic sports, and wood loungers with huge bean bags to lay down under the sun. The secret beach is accessible to the general public at the price of AED 25 on weekdays and AED 50 on weekends. The ticket price for children costs AED 15 on weekdays and AED 25 on weekends.

The Kalba Beach

Located nearby Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve and nearby Fujairah City on the gulf of Oman, Kalba Beach is one of Sharjah’s hidden gems. The secret beach is home to rare animal species and is a favorite site to rest for Hawksbill Turtles. The beach is named the only place for the endangered Kingfisher’s breeding. Stretched over a coastline of around 7 kilometers, the Kalba beach features shimmery beige sand and crystal clear waters. The amenities are limited but the natural displays, scenic backgrounds, and calmness around make this place a must-visit spot for family picnics.

Children and adults can indulge in boat rides, fishing, and scuba diving. It’s a perfect spot for those warm winter afternoons that call for gatherings, BBQs, and fun activities with family.

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