Imagine a place where you can walk through a magical rain shower without getting wet. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s real, standing in all its glory in the heart of Sharjah. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the Sharjah Rain Room!

This incredible budget-friendly space is not just an ordinary exhibition; it’s a mix of art and technology that lets you experience rain like never before. In this article, we’re diving into the wonder of the Sharjah Rain Room – how it works, why it’s so cool, and why people can’t stop talking about it.

Get ready to step into a world where you can dance with raindrops without getting wet!

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Sharjah Rain Room: A Quick Overview

The Sharjah Rain Room, a captivating installation in Al Mujarrah, is a testament to the fusion of art and technology. Carefully developed by the Sharjah Art Foundation, this innovative space offers a unique experience—walking through a simulated rain shower without contact with the water! How incredible is that?

Established in 2018, this rain room in the emirate of Sharjah has been a constant source of wonder and joy for visitors from across the country, inviting them into a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Sharjah Rain Room offers an accessible and affordable escape into the magical world of art and technology. You can delve into the wonder of this innovative installation and experience things extraordinaire without breaking the bank. It is a must-visit attraction for those seeking both thrills and savings.

How does it Work?

The inner workings of the Sharjah Rain Room are nothing short of a technological marvel. Fuelled by 2,500 liters of self-cleaning recycled water, this controlled environment meticulously mimics the soothing rhythm of rainfall within indoor confines.

This installation’s interactive nature sets it apart—powered by state-of-the-art 3D tracking cameras and advanced sensors. As visitors traverse the space, these high-tech sensors detect their presence, orchestrating a seamless dance of precipitation.

Remarkably, the showers gracefully pause, ensuring that each person can navigate through the exhibit without a single raindrop making contact. It’s a symphony of innovation and artistry, redefining the boundaries of our interaction with the elements.

Now, let’s delve into the enchanting experience that awaits when you step into the Rain Room in Sharjah.

What to Expect during a visit to Sharjah Rain Room?

A visit to the Sharjah Rain Room promises a curated and immersive experience. Each adventure begins with a reserved time slot, typically 15 minutes, allowing visitors to explore the installation and capture captivating moments.

Upon entering the Rain Room at your appointed time, a friendly volunteer will guide you through the intricacies of the room, providing insights into the unique interactive elements and demonstrating the ideal space for a perfect experience.

For those arriving early, the nearby snack bar offers a cozy retreat near the reception area. Once briefed, you have a precious 10-minute window to navigate the rain-simulating space, perfectly illuminated to create a striking silhouette effect.

Whether you come with a companion or a group of friends, the Sharjah Rain Room ensures an enchanting and visually stunning experience, inviting you to capture the magic of rain indoors.

Though brief, the entire encounter is undeniably rewarding in the end.

Things to remember when visiting the Rain Room

Take It Slow: To fully enjoy the Rain Room experience, slowly move through the simulated rain showers. The sensors might not capture fast and abrupt movements. A slow and careful walk ensures you stay dry and enjoy a beautiful display of refreshing rain.

Keep Electronics Safe: There’s a chance of getting in contact with the water, so it’s wise to keep phones and electronic devices secure to avoid any risks. Consider leaving them in a waterproof bag or designated area.

Mind Your Attire: Dark, shiny, or reflective clothing may impact the sensors in the room. Opt for muted colors to enhance the accuracy of the Rain Room’s interactive features.

Choose Appropriate Footwear: Ditch the high heels or pointed shoes for safety. The floor may be slippery, and comfortable, flat shoes are recommended for a hazard-free stroll.

No Commercial Photography: While the Rain Room provides an incredible backdrop, filming for music videos, photoshoots, and any promotional activities is strictly prohibited. Focus on the immersive experience and leave the cameras aside.

While you can photograph and record your personal experience, capturing pictures and recording videos for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. For professional photography, prior permission from the officials at the venue is required.

How to Book Tickets for the Sharjah Rain Room?

The Sharjah Rain Room ticket prices are as follows:

AED 25 for adults, AED 15 for students (up to 22 years with ID), and AED 15 for teachers (ID required). Good news for the little ones under five and People of Determination—entry is free.

To streamline your experience, tickets can be conveniently purchased online through the official portal or directly at the venue. Payment is a breeze with credit cards accepted.

Our pro tip: Opt for online reservation as it is more convenient and saves you from waiting in lines.

Where to find the Sharjah Rain Room? Location and Timings!

Discover the Rain Room within the Sharjah Art Foundation installation in Al Mujarrah, conveniently near Al Mujarrah Park. Look for a striking white warehouse/building; you can’t miss it!

For those driving, note that while there isn’t a dedicated Sharjah Rain Room parking area, ample paid parking spaces surround the vicinity.

Making online appointments is pretty simple. For any additional details or inquiries, feel free to contact the Sharjah Rain Room team at +971-6-561-0095 or drop them an email at

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