Have you recently relocated and looking around to make friends in UAE? Feeling homesick and need to meet new like-minded people? Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else, making friends can be challenging especially when you have moved to a new country as an expat.

Also, a lot of time people keep moving out of the country and you are left with no friends to hang out with. The good news is there are a lot of free options that you may utilize to make friends in UAE.

You can always get out of your nutshell and use these options to meet new people and expand your social circle to keep that gloomy homesickness at bay.

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Tips to Meet New People and Make Friends in UAE

Having a good circle of friends makes life more fulfilling and rewarding. Being far off from families, having a shoulder to cry on and someone you can share your happiness with makes a big difference. This article will explore ways and tips to help you connect with other expats and socialize for free.

Here is a round-up of some interesting options to meet new people and make friends in the UAE.

    1. Join Social Media Groups and Online Communities

      Find new friends on social media like FacebookIf you have recently relocated and feel homesick all the time, the first thing you can do to ward off that loneliness is to join online groups and communities. Facebook groups and online communities can be of great help when it comes to finding new friends. Such platforms can connect you with other expats and even people from your home country.

      Most of the Facebook groups for expats arrange and host occasional meetups and events. You can participate in gatherings and intermingle with people from the international community to make friends in UAE.

      The good thing is, there are no costs involved. You can join these groups and communities for free. Share your views, engage in healthy discussions, and comment on other group members’ posts to lend a helping hand and contribute to the community.

      Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and Meetup are some of the most popular platforms to find new people with similar interests.

      “In the vibrant landscape of social groups, you’ll discover a plethora of options tailored to your interests and background. Whether you’re seeking a supportive community for women or a network of compatriots from places like the UK or France, you’ll find the perfect match.

      Find the right group and open the door to new friendships. You might also end up meeting a long-lost friend or a colleague from your home country. After all, it’s a small world.

    2. Sign up for Social Apps and Websites

      Social apps to make friendsInstead of looking around to meet and interact with new people, you can download and sign up for apps that do the job for you. A lot of innovative social apps can help you find new people to hang out with based on your preferred age and interests.

      MeetUp, Bumble BFF, Advenurati, Toastmasters, and InterNations are popular platforms that you can use to make friends in UAE. These social apps and communities connect you with people near your location, expats from your home country, and international expats residing in UAE.

      This unique platform also organizes meetups, adventure trips, social events, gatherings, and events where you can spend some quality time meeting and interact with other people from the community.

    3. Attend Free Festivals, and Public Events

      UAE is known for arranging and hosting tons of free public events and meetups throughout the year. Be it a cultural festival or a music concert, a farmer’s market, or a family fair, there is always something for everyone.

      Global Village is one such popular family-friendly event where people come together to eat, socialize, and celebrate. The multicultural festival pops up in the heart of Dubai every year for 6 months. The ticket price is reasonable with tons of activities for every age group. It can be a good platform to meet new people and interact with expats from other nationalities.

      Also, keep a check on the latest local events and happenings around your city to never miss a chance to meet and meet new friends in UAE. You can also plan a meetup with your Facebook group buddies and meet them in person at events and public gatherings.

      Attending free public events, concerts, and festivals is a good way to socialize within your community.

    4. Volunteer for a Cause

      Giving back to your community and volunteering for a cause can be an excellent way to meet like-minded people. Besides helping humanity, you can interact with other volunteers and work together to bring change for the good.

      Find an organization or community that aligns with your interests and values. Sign up to volunteer to help those in need. You will not only get the chance to meet new people and make friends in UAE but also gain a sense of fulfillment and contentment by contributing to a worthy cause.

      Want to volunteer in UAE? Here are the 8 Communities You Can Support.

    5. Join a Fitness Group or Sign Up At a Sports Club

      make friends and train in DubaiIf you are a fitness freak, then joining a fitness group or signing up at a sports club can be a good way to make friends in UAE. Be it a cardio drill, cycling, running, yoga, or hiking, there are plenty of sports clubs and fitness groups that you may choose to be a part of.

      You can join a club that aligns with your interests and personal preferences. Attend the sessions regularly, participate in events, and get to know fellow members. You can also workout in outdoors and meet new people who visit the site for the same purpose.

      Trekking, camping, cycling, and trekking can be good options to stay fit and fresh while bonding with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Form groups and plan fitness activities where you can bond with other like-minded sports enthusiasts.

      Here is a roundup of the best free workout places in Dubai to help you get sorted with your outdoor fitness drills.

    6. Attend Free Workshops, Classes, and Seminars

      Workshops in Dubai to make friendsUAE hosts many free seminars, workshops, and classes now and then. Most of these free events include culinary classes, cake-baking and decorating workshops, Information and Technology seminars, personal development classes, Social Media Management courses, and entrepreneurship seminars.

      Meeting someone while learning a skill not only helps you uncover your hidden talent but also lets you see the side of a person that is usually not known to others. The best workshops where you can meet new people and form friendships are those that involve learning a new skill or something that requires mutual participation and collaboration. Teamwork is dream work!

      Attending and participating in such workshops and classes provide an interesting platform to intermingle with people who have similar interests. You can interact with attendees and get to know new people while learning something productive.

      You never know you might end up making some long-lasting friendships with people who share your passion and likes.

    7. Visit Cafes and Restaurants

      Visit restaurants in UAE and make friendsMany times, we bump into some people at bars, cafes, and restaurants who later turn out to be pretty good friends. So, if you are looking to make friends and meet new people who can accompany you over drinks and food, the best option is to visit popular eateries and cafes regularly.

      Sip into delicious bubbly drinks and cocktails and look around for people who you can interact with.

      Here is a list of popular Dubai cafes offering exciting Happy Hour deals. Who knows you might click with someone having similar interests as you?

    8. Join Gaming Clubs

      gaming clubs in Dubai UAEAre you looking to make friends in Dubai who are as interested in gaming as you? Well, you might find some really good partners to bond with over gaming sessions. UAE is home to some of the world’s most exciting gaming arcades, VR arenas, and lounges where all gaming enthusiasts gather to have the time of their life.

      If you love playing games and want to make friends who you can partner with, then your best bet would be to become a member of popular gaming centers in your city.

      Not only it would help you kill time doing the thing you love but it would also present you with an exciting opportunity to meet fellow gamers who share the same passion and interest.

      Participate in gaming tournaments, socialize with other members, and participate in gaming events to find and meet new people in your community.

So, what is the best way to make friends in UAE?

There is no single platform that you can choose to make friends in UAE. Some options that work for some people might not be suitable for you. However, no matter what option you choose to interact with new people, making friends should not have to be an expensive affair.

By participating in social media groups, attending free public events, signing up for fitness clubs, and volunteering for a cause, you can hopefully connect with like-minded people and build meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

Always remember to be open-minded, accepting, friendly, and approachable. Do not let your fears hold you back from socializing. Making friends requires time, effort, and patience. But, it would all be worth it in the end.


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