Have you ever tried to refer a friend to your university? Being a student in present times is more exorbitant than it should be. With the recession at its peak, the cost of quality education seems to be skyrocketing. It gets quite strenuous to manage expenses let alone save money.

However, you can always save on your studies in Dubai or receive monetary rewards via refer a friend schemes. Student referral programs offered by renowned educational institutes in the emirate acknowledge students and parents by providing them with discounts and rewards. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Scroll down to learn more about referral programs and discounts offered by top universities and schools in the Emirate!

Refer a friend

What is a student referral program?

Refer a friend reward, educational referral scheme or student referral program are a marketing strategy employed by educational institutions to award the existing students or parent body. As part of the program, monetary incentives are awarded for recommending the school/university within the social circle. It’s another way to present an opportunity to financially challenged students and their families.

The rewards may include cashback, subscription discounts, gift cards, or tuition fee waivers for both referrer and referee. Taking part in such programs is a smart way to save money effortlessly and achieve your educational objectives faster.

How does it work?

All student referral programs have three essential components:

The Creator: University/College/School

The Referrer:  Any existing student or parent of the student who refers prospective candidates

The Friend: A prospective student who receives an offer from a referrer.

Every time a referee redeems a referral code or link, the referrer receives a reward from the creator in the form of cashback or a discount.

Student referral programs by Top Universities in Dubai

Now that you have a basic understanding of how things work, let’s have a look at some of the popular refer a friend programs offered by universities and schools in the emirate of Dubai.

Curtin University

What could be more fun than studying with your friends and earning rewards in return?

Curtin University Dubai is offering its existing student body an interesting opportunity to receive rewards every time they refer the institute to their friends.

The Reward

When a referee enrolls successfully at the campus, the referrer will be able to redeem a reward worth AED 3,000!

A student can make as many referrals as he/she can without any limit to the number of rewards to be earned.

How does it work?

Log on to the university’ website
Fill the given form with accurate details
The concerned department will get in touch with the referee to check if they are eligible for the application
The referee will then proceed with the proposed referral via the application form.
Now if the friend (the referee) can secure the seat, you will get a reward

For more information on eligibility criteria and terms and conditions, contact the university at: admissions@curtindubai.ac.ae
+971 4 245 2500

Gems’ Rewards

Gems group of schools has launched a new Reward program that is accessible via their “GEMS REWARDS APP”. The program lets students and parents earn points redeemable for flights, hotel bookings, tuition discount, and gift cards.

With this distinct scheme, the institute is acknowledging its students, parents, and staff by reducing the impact of tuition fees.

Gems Ambassador Program:

With the Ambassador Program, students and parents can introduce a friend or family member to the Institution and get 4% cashback of the referred student’s annual fee. The rewards are earned in the form of points that can be redeemed for school or transport fees.

The Reward:

4% cashback of the referee’s annual tuition fees

How does it work?

Log on to the Gems Rewards app or parents’ portal.
Follow the instructions and submit the referral.
The referred connection will receive an email with a link to the application form.
Once the prospective student is enrolled, you will receive points.
For further details and information, log on to: https://www.gemseducation.com/Our-Parents/GEMS-Ambassador

Rochester Institute of Technology

The RIT Dubai student referral program is a way to appreciate and reward the existing students and alumni who help promote the institute within their social circle. All registered students and alumni are eligible to take part in the program. However, the staff and employees who work at the campus cannot participate and are not entitled to rewards and benefits.

When a student refers a friend to the college, they can earn discounts and rewards if the potential candidate enrolls successfully as a full-time student.

The Reward:

AED 6,000 cash for each successful referral

How does it work?

The referrers are required to fill out forms available on the university’s website. The management will then assess the application before confirming if the proposed candidate is eligible for the seat. If a referee successfully enrolls at the campus, the referrer will receive a reward worth AED 6000.
Rewards, regulations, and eligibility criteria are subject to change at the institute’s discretion at any given time.

For updated policies and details, we advise you to contact the administration at https://www.rit.edu/dubai/student-referral-program

Middlesex university’s Student Referral Scheme

The student referral scheme offered by Middlesex University Dubai allows its student to recommend the institute within their friends’ circle and earn rewards up to AED 10,000.

All currently enrolled students and new students joining the campus are eligible to take part in the program.

The Reward

Upon successful enrollment of the referred students, the referee will receive a Student Referral Grant worth AED 1000 to be redeemed for annual tuition fees.
A student can make up to 10 referrals and earn a maximum of 10,000 AED per academic year.

How does it work?

Students registered at any one of the two campuses of Middlesex University in Dubai can participate in the program before the submission of an application for new admission.
When the referred candidate submit their application, they need to fill in the referee’s detail in the online application form
After the prospective student gets the admission upon referral, the referee will receive a grant worth AED 1000
The amount will be deducted from the referee’s annual tuition fees 60 days after the referred student starts their academic year at the campus.

For the latest updates and terms and conditions, we advise you to log on to the university’s official handle at https://www.mdx.ac.ae/refer-a-friend

Refer a Friend at the University of Dubai

Save up to 5% on your tuition fees or receive a grant worth 2500 AED via the Student referral program at the University of Dubai. The institution rewards its existing student body every time they recommend its friends and family members for admission to the campus.

As part of the program, referrers can even slash their annual tuition fees to half. For further information hop on to https://ud.ac.ae/admissions/scholarships-and-discounts/

Bring a Friend Program at Hult International Business School

Earn a USD 500 cash reward with a student referral program at Hult International Business School. If you are an existing student or alumni, the institution offers you a chance to earn rewards and discounts by referring prospective students.

Bring a Friend Program is a way to acknowledge the current student body by providing them a token of appreciation in form of monetary grants. The referrer can make recommendations within their social circle and once the referee enrolls at the campus, both can earn discounts as part of the scheme.

The Reward:

USD 500 cashback upon every referral

To check eligibility criteria and find more information on the topic, we recommend you to visit the University’s official website: https://www.hult.edu/landing/hult/recommend/

Refer a Friend Reward at Raffles World Academy

The Raffles World Academy in Dubai is recognizing the support of their parent body by providing them a chance to bag exciting offers and discounts with their “Refer a Friend Reward” program.

It’s a gesture to reward parents who refer the school to their family members and friends.

The Reward:

Parents can receive 3% of the referred student’s annual tuition fee as a grant. Referrers can even earn up to 100% of their child’s tuition fee by making referrals.

The enrollment can be made at any of the designated campuses managed by the Raffles World Academy.

How it works

To participate follow the link at the School’s website and your friend will receive the link to the application form in an email.
After the submission of the form, the concerned department will proceed with the enrolment procedures.
You will be notified when you earn a reward after the successful enrollment of the prospective candidate.
The reward will be redeemable only after the referred student completes 6 weeks at the campus.

Log on to https://www.rwadubai.com/parents/referral-reward to begin participating in the program

Repton Dubai’s Refer a Friend Programme

Bag a 4% discount on the annual tuition fees of your child by participating in the refer-a-friend program at Repton Dubai. Parents can either get a fee waiver or exchange the reward for an equivalent amount of cash.

To register and refer friends to the school, hover to https://www.reptondubai.org/refer-a-friend/

You can also email queries and questions to referafriend@reptondubai.org

Student Referral Programme at The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester Dubai has launched a student referral program to recognize and award monetary incentives to existing students and alumni who refer the institutions to their friends, family, and colleagues.

The Reward:

The rewards offered to the students upon successful referral include a £200 Amazon gift card, annual subscriptions for magazines, or a 2 nights staycation at a 4/5 stars hotel anywhere in Dubai.

How does it work?

The Programme is open for registration to all the existing students and alumni who study or have studied as a full-time or part-time candidate at the University.
Students who have studied with the university as distant learners can also participate and earn rewards.
The referred students must complete their enrollment and deposit the tuition fees to be considered successful referees.
The referrer will be able to receive the reward only after the referee completes the first semester at the campus.

For further details and information, visit the University’s website at https://www.manchester.ac.ae/study/student-referral-programme

While we make every effort possible in our capacity to provide legitimate information, there can be changes made to the programs, rewards, and eligibility criteria at the institution’s discretion. We always advise our readers to check with the vendor’s official handle for the latest updates.

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